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On that action – were there to be a report – I’d rather it be for Selwood’s seriously very, very clumsy high contact on Birchall.

In ‘old school’ footy terms – Selwood absolutely deserved what he got in return.

A Selwood flop, or is Grant Birchall in strife for a gut punch?

There’s an awful lot that must be different both before and after Qatar…….

…..that awarding to Qatar is the single biggest and most astounding piece of sports corruption I think I’ll ever see in my lifetime.

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

In a 2 horse race with Columbia…….massive vote of confidence that one!!!

I reckon it was NZ that dragged it across the line.

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

and Channel 7…

….there was this email….

(it’s strange times).

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

Fly into Albury or Wagga….a fleet of SAABs ro Dash8s……

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

IN a season of a strange freedom to innovate, experiment etc…..

…..why not this year be the one season in a 1000 witha best of 3 Grand Final……

Match One in Perth, match two in Adelaide and Match 3 in Sydney.

Don’t miss out entirely on QLD – they host the two prelim finals. One at the Gabba the other at Metricon.

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?


There was a full round of AFL last weekend with 5 matches (9 Vic teams plus the Gold Coast who played down in Geelong) played in Melbourne including Melb v Richmond late Sunday afternoon.

The AFL seem to have managed to get that to all work.

The FFA aren’t even playing games so had none of those logistical headaches and time constraints. The FFA effectively had free rein to get it done.

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

It’s not ideal……must have been terribly frustrating.

It was kind of funny watching the AFL guys loading up gear onto big semi trailers that were I presume driving up to the ‘hubs’…….it looked a lot like taking the ‘band on the road’.

Perhaps the A-League guys should’ve been doing a ROAD TRIP instead!!!

A bus convoy just to get to Albury….perhaps stay at Holbrook for the night……as it is now their season might have been torpedoed. (see what I did there??).

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

One of the best – granted was limited in Australia and England but made mince meat of India, Pakistan and NZ both at home and away.

In that era – with uncovered pitches and the like – localised conditions were probably more stark than these days.

He only toured Australia the once (5 tests in 51/52)and fared better against the Australian’s in 1955 on his home tracks with 469 at over 58.

His first tour of England in 1950 was very good (338 at 57.6) with 1 100 and 3 50s. 7 years later he struggled.

So against each of Australia and England – he had displayed his mastery as well.

One of the greats. One of the 3Ws.

West Indies legend Sir Everton Weekes passes away


I know you’re taking the p!55…..but….

I wish – they never talk about the AFL International Cup and ironically the 7th instalment was due for this year which meant 2023 would’ve been the 8th instalment.

Alas – SEN can be a little ‘mainstream insular’ at times……

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!

That email… the 2005 article was it re a really grubby sports broadcasting scene…..

As well as holding the AFL rights at the time, Seven also held the rights to soccer matches.

The executive in charge of C7, Steven Wise, lamented in one email that the AFL was not giving Seven credit that “we have secured the soccer rights and suffocated the sport, much to the chagrin of its supporters (by giving AFL games preference)”.

—-is that what you’re still angry about? That a C7 exec acknowledged that they were putting AFL matches ahead of at the time the NSL?

Mate – you do realise the AFL broadcasting rights were crucial to the viability of C7……the NSL wasn’t.

It was a C7 executive and we don’t know to whom the email was directed. Heck – the Wikipedia page asserts it was the C7 intention once the rights had been secured. The giving preference to AFL games was completely in keeping with the business model. The NSL would have been ‘suffocated’ on Foxtel up against the NRL. As it was – it was suffocated on C7 up against the AFL.

It’s not hard to fathom. That you are still griping about it 20 years later……..good grief!!!

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!


If the FFA wanted to partner with the RAS then they could’ve……although the RAS might not have liked the ‘main arena’ design!!

The ‘bully AFL’ as you put it……

The stadium redevelopment (2011) was jointly funded by the New South Wales Government ($45 million), the Australian Football League ($12 million) and the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales ($7 million).

The venue is run by the RAS.

So…..your idea of a ‘bully’ but in $12 million compared to the operator – the RAS – who put in $7 million. And the RAS get to run the venue!!!

That’s not a bad bully-bullied relationship.

A bit better than how FIFA treats it’s World Cup hosts/stadiums!!!!

I quote from the Princess Bridge “You know that word you keep a using…..I do not think it means what you think it means”

(noun) a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.
(verb) seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

I think you could actually argue that the AFL was ‘bullied’ more than either the NSW Govt or RAS. Getting almost 20% of cost of your new City Showground arena covered by a not for profit sporting competition/code……that’s a pretty sweet deal!!!

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup


‘everyone knows’……

Perhaps in your suburb in Sydney??

In AFL states the upsurge in female participation has seen a lack of AFL ovals and requirement for facilities.

This happened for soccer in the 2000s (on the back of female participation….when male participation was largely flat lining even with the 2006 WC).

re Fudging numbers. They ALL do it. Painting their numbers in the best possible way.

I’ve just illustrated to you how obviously the FFA are faking what they present as amazing growth.

Both codes have healthy numbers for school competitions. We know that some kids play school comps AND play club as well…so….both ‘fudge’ via double dipping. In the case of soccer is there triple dipping via indoor/fusbal?

The AFL DO NOT count in their coaches/umpires/volunteers….the FFA do (as of 2018).
The AFL DO NOT count in their ‘promotional experiences’. The FFA as of 2018 do.
That the FFA previously counted in their ‘tournaments/events’ seemed a bit of a stretch as it was.

But no – – you live in your world were you believe everything the FFA tells you (God on your side) and believe the AFL to be the devil embodied.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

When umpiring – I try to pay frees that are deserved….rather than overly technical. i.e. does a player deserve to ‘win’ a free or deserve to ‘concede’ a free.

In general – the player with the ball needs to give us enough excuse to call play on……just try…make a proper effort. Give us an excuse to call ‘play on’.

But local footy is played differently to the AFL. The frustrating thing though is between the 3 onfield umpires they still can’t get their positioning right and miss way, way too many free kicks.

It’s interesting – every now and then I re-watch the 1977 GF’s (Go North). In BOTH games, there were 71 free kicks (each time, 39 Coll, 32 NM).

By 1984; 68 free kicks in the GF.
1991: 42 frees in the GF
1998: 33 frees
2005: just 25
2012: 31 (21 to Haw!!)
2019: 33 frees.

Note tackles…..1991 (52), ’98 (54), ’05 (121), ’12 (194), and ’19 (110).

We have a misguided idea that the umpires should let the game ‘flow’…..but if the game isn’t flowing then pay the frees…Sunday’s game saw 12-21 (33 frees). Ceglar the main offender gave away 6.

I know I’ve seen games where it was clear that Goldstein for example….or Ben Brown…..couldn’t be beaten legally. Do the umpires have the never to pay free kicks ALL day long??

For those of us who remember when Paul Salmon lined up at full forward for Essendon and no full back could go with him…….didn’t even have the no chopping the arms rule back then!!!

AFL coaches should learn the rules before complaining about them

I had a look at a couple of articles looking at Brazil-Russia (of course this is re the mens event……not sure at all of the economics of the womens and that’s the main challenge I lay upon your broad shoulders!!!).

This one has a salient point given the current Covid crisis. Extact below…….

Russia paying more – and hoping for tourism
While the 2018 is likely to be a money-printing machine for FIFA, Russia will be in the red, at least in the medium term. For Russian president Vladimir Putin, the most expensive World Cup of all time is an object of global political prestige. Officially, the record sum of ten billion euros has been spent on stadiums and infrastructure, but unofficially it’s probably significantly more.

Investments in the preparatory years since 2013 contributed one percent to Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP). Russian plans also assume that tourism will generate additional revenue of two to three billion euros over the next five years.

Well…….that is pretty well blow out the door for the foreseeable future.

The reality too – in Brazil the costs out of the public purse were massive. Reportedly $15 billion (USD) and they got a FIFA payment of about $453 mill and a legacy payment of $100 mill. Chicken feed compared to the expenditure out of the public purse.

The FIFA WC risks being the greatest con on Earth – for the host nation. FIFA controls broadcast rights, marketing/sponsorship and ticket sales. All venues are 100% clean for FIFA….that’s where there’s very little allure to ‘financial’ stadiums in Australia during their peak revenue generating season (AFL venues I’m thinking of here). The fact that FIFA seems to have similar requirements for the WWC explains why whilst there might be a WWC ‘bandwagon’…….there doesn’t appear to be a ‘gravy train’.

Anyway – I look forward to seeing what you dig up. Cheers, Mick.

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!

re Fake….as mentioned earlier – the FFA via the MiniRoos are faking it big time.

Is MiniRoos an introductory program (so compare only with AFL Auskick)? Let’s ask the FFA:

The MiniRoos format was launched nationally in 2015 and has become the largest introductory program in Australian sport.

But hang on – – the MiniRoos are the junior outdoor competition component of the game?

So it’s both. And it’s the largest……because it’s all bundled into one. In 2018 227,734.

More than AFL Auskick 205,755 and more than AFL juniors 140,414. So…..clearly the FFA is the winner…….isn’t it.

How gullable are you?? Just swallow any claim the FFA makes?

Ask yourself this – if the FFA numbers really are so much more real than the AFL number then wouldn’t you expect a few more eyeballs on tv, a few more bums on seats and a few more club memberships?? (all metrics the AFL ticks but the FFA doesn’t).

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

Fake participation stats…..

The FFA are the worst culprits. And it’s soooo easy to illustrate.

…..The FFA ‘grew’ participation from 1.18 million in 2016 to 1.85 million in 2018. (good job lads – you deserve a rise…..that’s an over 50% over 2 years… did that happen?).

Well…..firstly…..they included over 75,000 peripherals…..coaches, referees and volunteers chief amongst them.

And another almost 400,000 (registered??) ‘participants’ were in the “Community Events & Promotional Experiences” which boasted 550,495. That replaced the 2016 category titled “Tournaments & Events” which claimed 157,284.

So…..when the FFA go on about almost 2 million participants…….it’s a crock.

From 2016 to 2018 the outdoor registered participation grew 5.7% or 13,320.

So…….fake numbers…..the FFA is expert at that.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

It’s still 3 years away. There’s daily, weekly sports news cycles that mean that the announcement was great and then off to the backburner until something more tangible.

What do you expect or want?

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!

Spotless is the new Royal Ag Showgrounds. It was correctly co funded by State Govt and the RAS….and oddly perhaps by the AFL.

The RAS get first priority.

And Cricket has benefitted greatly.

There’s nothing at all wrong with this project. That you believe it to be so – I suspect – is either ignorance or envy.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

The Mens event is FIFA’s big cash cow on the 4 year revenue cycle. They control pretty well everything money generating – as I understand it. But i agree – it would be interesting to follow the trail…… that forecasting another article???

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!

Hi Stuart

You stated “Whilst some might call me cynical, the reality is that in excess of one billion viewers means there is some serious ‘moolah’ to be made by somebody somewhere.”

I assume that – like the Mens event – that FIFA controls everything and they will make the money from broadcast rights and sponsorships etc. Once again they have a crazed archaic demand for clean stadia several weeks out.

So – for Australia to make money on this – what’s got to happen? Is it totally reliant on international tourism having rebounded sufficiently by 2023?

Climb aboard the World Cup bandwagon, there is plenty of room!


This is a multi sport site…I believe in avoiding ambiguity…I’ll stick with the English own phrasing of ‘soccer’ rather than the disambiguated “Association Football”.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup


Remember – once FIFA get their share there’s a very small slice of the pie left. That slice tends to be made up of “feel good factor”, possible tourism boom (but often it offsets normal tourism for a minimal net sum gain) and perhaps useful new infrastructure.

In Australia – as we saw with the failed bid 10 years ago – the promises of infrastructure to lure the AFL on board were proven pretty vacuous. i.e. the AFL got those jobs done anyway and on a much quicker timeline. Could you imagine if Perth and Adelaide were still waiting for those stadiums to be completed……

You have this mythical pie.

It’s nice to refer to but you need to work out just exactly what comes to Australia. We’re a long way from anywhere……FIFA control the broadcast rights so the eyeballs on TV have zero benefit to Australia.

We’re a long way from anywhere and international travel and economics of travel are going to look very, very different over the next few years. I’d hate to be banking on this as a saviour.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup


The NRL venues have very, very different business models and the NRL has very, very much weaker holds on those venues.

The reality is I don’t have any idea who JJ is……no one you’ve had has done any good. I suspect JJ is a soccer person? Unlike John O’Neill, Ben Buckley or David Gallop before him…..and he’s not a Lowy… good luck. Can the WWC save the FFA and the A-League? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself.

The JJ comments about not being bothered dealing with the Vic Govt and AFL……

…the reality of the financial model for both the MCG and Docklands stadium is that they are built by and sustained by revenues from the AFL, year on year on year. There is no compelling reason to majorly disrupt that for a one off tournament.

So…..’dealing’…..the AFL and stadium operators would be fine to let FIFA come in and have the venue midweek……or even schedule around an evening across the weekend. That’s done all the time.

You do understand why handing over such venues for 6-8 weeks mid season is simply not possible and not worth asking.

It’s nice for Sydney that they get to run something they feel good about. The Olympics must seem a long time ago…….

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup


Starting from the bottom up – the AFLW has run for 4 seasons now. And perhaps you didn’t notice a week ago that the AFL confirmed support for the AFLW 2021 with player payments and the ‘soft caps’ for football departments maintained.

The AFL recognise the importance of the AFLW (even if many of the boofhead fans don’t).

The irony of your comment around juniors…..numbers please??

Right now everything is in a state of flux….no one has really got the grassroots numbers….and this sucks for everybody, all sports, so I’m not going to put any cart before horses as you appear to be doing.

However – what I do know is based on the various annual reports from early 2019 that were based on the registrations for 2018 – at that point in time the FFA (note – they bundle Juniors and ‘intro program’ into one bucket – the Aldi MiniRoos) quoted 227,734 (MiniRoos). The AFL quoted 205,755 Auskick. However the AFL also quoted 140,414 juniors. I know from my experience at Auskick that a very small proportion doubled up.

At the youth level – the FFA quoted 161,848 to AFL 122,811.

So through juniors & youth you get some rough number looking a bit like AFL 468K to FFA 389K. The AFL also were ahead in school comps.

The interesting thing from your mates pumping up soccer is that I’ve seen both assertions made. One being that the MiniRoos is the biggest introductory program in Australia (that total number that is ahead of Auskick). However – the FFA counts the MiniRoos entire program in it’s “Outdoor competition” category. So. For the age range it’s both juniors and introductory all bundled into one. That’s creative accountancy.

Anyway – the AFL increase in recent years has been on the back of female participation. Soccer had the same in this country 10 years earlier. The girls are hugely important and BOTH codes know it. The Rugby codes have a tougher sell although for the NRL they try to incorporate the ‘touch’ numbers.

re Revenue – yep – the AFL gets a big deal, with a lot of ‘contra’ components. The AFL vs the FFA. Yes – the FFA has tried to maintain a big international rep commitment. (living beyond their means but they get a lot of Govt assistance and that includes subsidised WADA/ASADA testing….by virtue of being an Olympic sport).
The AFL – has to pay its own way. So…..the FFA is like the ABC…..and the AFL is like private enterprise media.
The AFL has invested more heavily into community and elite level infrastructure than the other codes combined. The AFL has had to ‘grease the wheels’ so to speak, many of the stadium constructions are PPP. This is part of the reason why the AFL are NOT going to be overly generous in vacating stadia. If you’ve actually helped pay to build the venue and then paying ongoings via long term lease arrangements to play there…….you’re hardly going to just vacate and let some 3rd party waltz on in at your expense.

The sooner you understand this – the sooner your level of expectations will become more realistic.

It’s also why the NRL aren’t keen on investing their monies into rectangular stadia…..because it would be their expense that would benefit Rugby and Soccer too. As far as ovals go…..well, cricket has benefitted hugely from the AFL and all the other codes have happily played before big crowds at the MCG and other large oval stadia. (remember, many a FIFA WC Final has been played on an Olympic oval venue with running track around the field.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup