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Totally agreed – he has struggled in the last couple of years – with some niggling injuries – and right now should not be seen as an absolute ‘lock’ even for the test side.

Fro Jan 18 to Jan 19 in tests he’s taken 28 for 970 at 34.64. His record before that was 136 at 25.60 which has now gone to 164 at 27.14.

During that time his ODI avg is 8 wkts at 35.5 (and 4.98 an over).

His form post 2015 WC and prior to Jan 18 was 45 wkts at 24.044 and RR of 4.83.

So – I think we have to accept that he is only human; he’s not a robot; he’s been struggling with injury and not up to his required standard.

Theoretically – great – have him in the squad……but…..if he’s not fit and ready then as the selectors have shown – – he’s not there. I think we need to accept that.

Australia made a massive mistake not picking Hazlewood for the World Cup

You perhaps had an argument forming……until you brought Gaff into it and then ….. pop …. the bubble that you were forming burst entirely.

Security guard attempts to break up fight between two players


Tongue was planted in cheek…..

…..wish I had time to watch Jason Day…..and Marcus Fraser with his minor celeb caddy…..

….wanted to sit up for Ash Barty last week but we had too big a weekend of painting to get done so I couldn’t afford that luxury…..

…..and now I’ve come down with a cold and instead of going to the footy as a neutral tonight….I’ll be wallowing in self pity on the couch instead of having a beer in the Medallion Club…..

……when life gets in the way of diversity……

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

And certainly last night the LHB/RHB combinations were crucial in upsetting the line of the Pakis.

Winning the toss and bowling was what both camps wanted on that track and for Australia to go 0-146 was astounding. The Pakis weren’t permitted to settle – Amir was their standout by a mile. The openers for Australia – to contribute 189 between them – was really, really amazing.

The Pakis fielding also let them down – both batters gave chances but – there were some devils in the pitch that they just had to try to ignore and crack on with it – which they did very well.

Lacklustre Aussies need to start taking risks and so do the selectors


Remember…I’m diversified….I’ve got WC cricket to watch…..

… that what you mean by World Cup??

Or were you watching the 13-0 farce……. #makingUpTheNumbers

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


Ah – okay – so not you. The FFA. And that’s your point of concern – that they jumped at shadows.

Correct me if I’m wrong: I’m saying the shadows barely existed if at all. You’re saying that even so – the FFA got spooked.

Fair ’nuff!!!

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


SO…….let me get this right……your complaining – as a representative of the biggest game in the world – – -that some kids in the kindi playground “aren’t playing fair”???

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

Had Carey snaffled Pandya first ball then it might all have been very different,

and NCN would look a reasonable bowling option.

And Australia may have comfortably chased down perhaps 320-330 instead of stretching for 353.

Certainly Warner failed in relation to accelerating as was required and that’s a concern.

Starc was handled too easily and ironically for a while there Maxwell was the best of the bowlers (Finch I thought gambled on ‘just one more over’ from both Zampa and Maxwell).

What the heck has happened to David Warner?


That’s it???

So – a fear that maybe 83yr old Ron Barassi might be asked his opinion about the RBB and flares at a WSW home match…….

…..yeah – nah!!

Or that Graham Cornes on radio in Adelaide – on a ‘sports’ program – might pass a comment on the topic should it come up (perhaps if WSW were hosting the Reds)……..

…..yean – nah!!

And Mike Sheehan – he’s retired. Yep – they have a chat with him now and then on radio SEN – but he’s retired from the print press.

…… yeah – nah!!

Neil Mitchell……he’s not AFL media – he’s right wing mornings talk back and he couldn’t even get the Libs voted back in in the Vic state election……he’s left to focus on African youth in gangs while ignoring white Aussies killing their wives and partners……

…..yeah – nah!!

btw – The Giants got a massively hostile reception from the Daily Telegraph in particular and also Roy Masters (SMH). Some of it was headlines grabbing attention with examples such as ‘Footy wars on western front’ worse than the article itself while others set up Phil Gould or former mayors to fly the flag for Rugby League in the west of Sydney in defence of the AFL invasion.

No one had a sense of humour….Kevin Sheedy found that out!!!

And certainly the AFL via ‘poaching’ K.Hunt and I.Folau set the cat among the pigeons. I’m not saying for a minute that the AFL was a victim in this.

The point in some respects is – if you want to play with the ‘big boys’ then wear a mouthguard…..

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


I suggest you’ll find plenty of content from 10 years ago……2009……example here of an article by a Michael D??

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


Mate – what are you trying to say. You’ve twisted yourself.

As I said – the WSW/RBB and FFA vs Active Supporters gets next to no coverage in Melbourne – – it’s not an issue driven by a Melbourne based media frenzy.

IF you can try to lay blame on media for driving the public narrative on this issue (of A-League active support) – – you seriously can’t be blaming Melbourne and or AFL related media. It was a non-issue in Melbourne. Are you suggesting the absence of coverage in Melbourne of what was a big story in Sydney is somehow to blame???

I’m confused – seriously confused.

It must become tiring weighed down by such a giant chip on the shoulder???

btw – NRL dominated media in Sydney ran plenty of hatchet jobs on the AFL and GWS Giants……but back then…..the NSW media owned half the league and a couple of clubs……it was hardly a welcoming “room for everyone” environment.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


Mate – she was a Queenslander; and media manager for Super League and pivotal to news coverage of Sydney Olympics and Rugby Union World Cup for News Ltd etc etc……

……and because she had an ambassadorial commission from the Sydney Swans you’re suggesting she was a 100% AFL person deliberately knocking other codes????


Sometimes fans – who care – can be passionately critical. It does happen.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

I reckon there’s some early innings strategy – – playing by numbers. Try to have a freeish swing first ball of a new over as a premeditated – – wouldn’t surprise me.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

The BBL itself is not the culprit – however – the scheduling is and that’s a challenge for Australian cricket to not kill the golden goose.

The season already appears too long when generally any internationals on the books are finished a week before the finals start. That says something!!!

Certainly agree with Bilbo – the test selection is compromised massively.

That said – as Renegades follower – it was pretty cool being at Docklands stadium as the ‘Gades won the Melb derby final and my sports made son sitting down in the sea of red with a mate alongside……it was a super cool moment in time when the ‘Gades went from the poor cross town cousin to the top of the tree. That had nothing to do with putting buckets on heads.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


“But the Media, led by the AFL mafia down in Melbourne”

When you say this….I think you’re missing something.

The primary issues around safety at A-League was driven out of the NRL friendly Sydney media in particular relating to WSW and the RBB.

The late Bec Wilson and others reported/commented fairly heavily up in Sydney and in the main the flow through to Melbourne was via for example Bec Wilson speaking to the Melb radio SEN crew once a week.

This notion of the evil cartel of the AFL media as some form of unified group of co-conspirators….heck, there’s nowadays about 1300 accredited AFL media folk….so that leaves a lot of scope that one or two might make a comment but in the main, 99.95% will only comment on the soccer if they went to see Liverpool at the MCG!!!

The FFA and Active support really was a very very minor story in Melbourne circles.

Australian media is driven primarily from Sydney and has been for a fair while.

I really think you need to refocus your targeting on this.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

If he was in the AFL he’d be out for 3 weeks due to concussion.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

His last hit was a quick fire 66 that set up a win and allowed a scratchy D.Warner to pace himself to an 89*.

Finch gets a pretty good nut in the third over here and you’re writing him off?

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

Certainly after the practice game vs WI and this one too – they smell a weakness.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

It’s the time of year – marked on the calendar – for the discussion to be had.

As it is – I’d love to see AFL SoO on a 3 or 4 yearly cycle. That way it’s not done to death (I still can’t handle the NRL annual 3 match series…..give it a rest!!! but, it is bigger than the NRL Grand Final and that game still seems to live in a culture time capsule based somewhere around 1981…..good luck to them; I can see the allure.).

If I were to design an AFL SoO every 3 years (perhaps aligned with the AFL International Cup) – I’d make that season an abridged AFL season. And one idea is to run the SoO as a 2 division with P&R impacts – but with Vic Country and Vic Metro – as per the under age structure.

The time is right for an AFL State of Origin revival

In his first couple of overs out there he looked all at sea……could so easily have been caught by one of those that popped up…….then he’d easily end up dropped never to be seen again…….

Funny game that.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies


“Some of your comments here seem sane”

aw shucks….. that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me on here.


Take your mind back about 10-12 years ago on theRoar……there most certainly were some big hopes expressed.

Frank was going to part the red sea of sporting/media opposition in this country……

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

His average in England is 36 from 17 matches; and Warner 37.77 from 12. Currently Khawaja is on 14 from 2 matches.

You’ll generally bank on losing an opener early. Finch was the one top order batter undone by a corker delivery. Warner, Khawaja and Maxwell all made shot selection/execution errors.

The irony of course is that Coulter-Nile looked hopeless when he first came to the wicket and was popping up balls all over the place – so easily could’ve been out – but cricket can be a fickle friend – he was the batter who got the ‘luck’ quota today.

btw – the LBW decision making was horrid in the WI innings. Makes you think that umpires should be able to refer every LBW because it’s clearly a tough ask. That and missing that a fast bowler has put his foot 5 inches past the crease……very ordinary.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies


“But if anyone said that the A-League would be getting 10k+ average across the season when it started the owners and administrators would have gladly taken it.”

Depending on the model.

There were big hopes for the A-League, and big hopes to leverage off a potential home hosted FIFA WC leading into 2022.

Right now would’ve been hoped to be the sweet spot – a couple of years out – new stadia coming on line and the A-League a dominant player across late Spring to early Autumn where in it would be a dominant sport on TV.

A couple of things happened along the way.

I’m not sure which dinosaurs you mean – I’d suggest any outsiders who felt threatened are far more at ease now than ever before.

And still… soccer remains a huge competitor to the A-League.

And re the MLS – there’s a massive Hispanic audience outside of traditional white-bread store-bought middle America. That’s been a deliberate and successful strategy to market to the Latinos.

And that brings me back to my comment elsewhere a couple of weeks ago – about playing to the strengths rather than trying to take on the AFL and or the NRL toe to toe. Go well where they can’t or don’t.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?


Perhaps….however I’d suggest if you can get 7,000ish to GWS hosting the Suns then there’s every chance of getting 10K out of 15K in a game v Ess, supporting the Giants.

Because – the peripheral Giants fans are more likely to go to the ‘bigger’ games.

So – I don’t think it’s a given that ‘at least half’ would be supporting the big Melb clubs – – I reckon you’d be more likely to drag some neutrals along too.

Why the AFL's China venture misses the point

Tarrant takes the player…….in the case of Lynch he played deeper back on him.

It’s not like the days of the full back taking the kick ins so it’s less obvious who is who.

Effectively what you have is who as a forward attracts the ‘best defender’…..or….who as a defender goes to the ‘best forward’.

Richmond were clearly hoping for Astbury to be able to work as an intercept merchant……that’s all well and good, but, normally that’s Rance playing that role whilst being physically too strong for Brown body to body and still able to push off him for ‘intercept marks’.

But on Friday Richmond just looked disorganised down back. So……for me….not very impressed at all!!! Not sure how they would have manned up had Essendon had Daniher/McKernan/Stringer against them??

My All Australian side after Round 11