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sooooo…..effectively revert back to an NSL structure??

How the FFA can expand successfully

All depends where this imaginary squad is going to play. For me – I’d agree to include Alderman for matches in England. Or….pink ball games in Adelaide!!! (I reckon he would’ve excelled there too.)

Help us pick the greatest Ashes XI of all time

It was a ‘dog’ act……hmmmm…..say no more.

Bulldogs duo sacked for schoolgirl scandal

Just a shame for the ICC that they’d finally got the international test cricket championship schedule in place and the games were underway……..and it’s all ground to a halt.

The future of Australian sport Part 1: Bigger isn’t better


Exactly – and so for the AFL the ‘gamble’ (hopefully at very low interest rates) – is that the asset that is Marvel Stadium can as promptly as possible be generating revenue. The longer it drags on the less ideal as more of that line of credit might be used.

Certainly it’s not ideal for the AFL to effectively buy the venue over again (if it drags on way too long) – however at least operating it themselves is a big difference to previously. The AFL has given itself a reasonable level of self control in the short term.

And that’s where the NRL doesn’t have a bargaining chip like that.

Now – if the AFL and NRL can access the Govt jobkeeper payments then that potentially shaves a portion off.

The future of Australian sport Part 1: Bigger isn’t better

Regarding the number of teams for the AFL and NRL in particular – the fact that the AFL has a strong home bastion (Melbourne) is super, super critical. It’s the heart and soul of the code as the historic home. So – it’s a bit of a special case.

The NRL by contrast has it’s Australian roots in Sydney and Sydney/NSW is it’s home territory – although – Sydney and Nrth-NSW is also the home of soccer in this country. And Sydney is arguably the home of Rugby Union in this country. The NRL ‘bastion’ isn’t quite as defendable.

The AFL also 100% owns Marvel Stadium, the venue, the management rights and the land. That’s huge. The NRL doesn’t have anything quite like that.

re the Gold Coast Suns have a $1.59 million loan that was due April 30 2020, but last year they’d negotiated that out to 2022… not to have that maturing in a months time. The Suns are actually the venue manager at Metricon – so that’s a positive in the forward projections. As it has been though – the Suns have received additional AFL grants because of the set up of Metricon, and over the last 12 months regarding the set up of their AFLW team. It’s not great timing obviously. As it is – the Suns have got the foundations in place and good participation in the region. The AFL won’t want to walk away from that.

The future of Australian sport Part 1: Bigger isn’t better

Ironic that Quick is a slow.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letters Q, U, X and Z

I share the thoughts of Clipper on this one.

The author of the original article has completely ignored the 100% owned Marvel stadium; which the AFL has leveraged for a loan to underpin the competition moving forward. The AFL will be far, far more able to avoid 2 steps back.

Make no mistake – if the finances are such that the NRL lose a couple of clubs – then it will be a long, long way back.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs


Unfortunately we’re heading into late Autumn and then winter. That’s our peak ‘flu’ type virus transmission season. That’s why the best thing the Govt has finally done is take over the 14 day quarantining of international arrivals.

There’s probably still too much not known about the virus – such that even if we stopped international arrivals entirely – and so no new ‘imported’ cases would be coming in – project forward 14 days – and we might think it’s all good. However – there’s the concern that there might be asymptomatic carriers/spreaders; there might be those with such mild symptoms that they don’t bother getting tested….it would take very little for it to blow up again. That’s why the rhetoric currently is 6 months – – it’s setting that expectation.

Yeah – perhaps if they then open up at the end of August then everyone will be so overjoyed that they will be satisfied to return the Morrison administration for another term…….

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs


Main thing I was pointing out with North was that were this a year earlier…..they’d finished 2018 with $2 mill in cash. So yep – they’re far, far more vulnerable now than 12 months earlier.

Certainly in the Current assets vs Current liabilities that the liabilities win pretty easily. That’s not good.

Do you see us moving towards a US style chapter 11 system?

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall

As far as research goes – check out the 2019 Annual reports.

A club like North had on the balance sheet net assets of 11.57million, with ‘only’ 650K in non-current liabilities in the form of interest bearing loans (hopefully at a very low rate).

The end of year ‘cash’ was below 50K, but that’s fair enough – and as for most clubs the main issue is that memberships have been sold, and many like mine are direct debit, so potentially there is on going cash flow from that source. Ironically after a very healthy 2018 North had invested in 2019 and had less cash to show at the end of the year.

Without the cash flow from match receipts and presumably the reduced AFL distributions related to reductions in broadcast revenue – and a massive cut in costs by standing down staff – all clubs go on a shoestring budget and hope to be in a position to kick off again when the time comes.

Probably the most crucial thing is to return in some shape or form for season 2020 and hope to get the foundations in place for season 2021.

However……is the spectre of COVID-19 a 2020 phenomena only? Or…..will it still be an issue next year (autumn/winter)? Will the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2020/21 be a resumption of normal ‘transmission’ or not?

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall


AFL in NZ includes the regional leagues (eg AFL Auckland, AFL Canterbury, AFL Wellington) and then generally across Feb-March they have a ‘super league’, something like a 9 round super league between 4 teams and via a draft with a base group of retained players from year to year. This year included the first womens version.
Vietnam, I have a mate involved with the Vietnam Swans. Asian footy was often characterised by expat and beer but has become more and more about game development with locals.
AFL Canada is pretty big and the Ontario AFL is a very strong league. Mens and womens – Canada men have been to all 6 AFL International cups and the women to the 3 (2011/14/17) womens events and have made the GF each time (womens) vs Ireland for 1 win and 2 losses.
Over the last 15 years in particular footy has grown – in Europe new nations have been coming in such as Poland, Croatia, France and generally gain international rep experience via the Euro 9s tournaments and then graduate (Croatia, France, Germany) to the 18 a-side and make their way to Aust for the International Cup.
It’s grown organically – I recall about a dozen years ago when the Denmark AFL had their first domestic league game without expat Aussies playing/coaching/officiating.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth

Newcastle is NRL heartland surely?

Plonking a side in WA to create a ‘national comp’ is interesting. You’re still advocating a comp that has 10 of 12 sides in NSW(ACT) & QLD. That’s aeven worse than when the A-League started out with 6 NSW-QLD, 3 Vic/SA/WA and 1 NZ and called it a national comp.

The reality is – it’s not about the pins on maps to determine that it’s a national comp – – it’s simply that it is the peak national comp of that sport. The NRL is the peak national comp of RL even if it seriously is a 2 state proposition.

Gus can’t see NRL clubs surviving


The NRL and for that matter the AFL are not ‘normal’ businesses.

Amalgamation of 4 might look okay in theory on an accountants spreadsheet – however – that would likely be a medium term greater negative than doing all possible to ensure the survival across the board.

First step is chapter 11 conditions to allow for clubs (as businesses) to hold on through what is a known reason for lack of cash flow rather than being a poor on going business model.

Gus can’t see NRL clubs surviving

Need Chapter 11 provisions for Australian sporting ‘clubs’ to survive. The AFL has challenges. The NRL have potential huge challenges.

The FFA – it will be interesting; private owners for some clubs.

AFL reeling from job cuts


Thanks – – I forgot to insert ‘ironic’ emoji (I’d decided against the out of fashion ‘NOT’).

Given Canada haven’t figured it out yet. (i.e. our ‘cultural cringe’ is rarely a solo experience).

Which gets back to now and then, looking at ourselves through the eyes of an outsider…..being a little more forgiving, and a little more appreciative.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth

Now he knows who Mason Cox is…..sad to say we now need the abridged AFL season to resume……Oct/Nov? and for Collingwood to win the first Boxing Day Grand Final and Mason Cox to star.

The American bloke who discovered AFL on the weekend is shattered it's shutting down


I think it’s a losing battle – the fellow just does not understand English.

Australian “cultural cringe” is when people would dismiss any Australian product (say…..a Holden Commodore vintage 1988, an AFL game or a movie such as ‘Phar Lap’) simply on the premise that we must be inferior to the rest of the world.

The Australian “cultural cringe” is regarding Australia as having NO worthwhile culture/heritage.

This sadly flies in the face of the comments of one Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) stated of Australia and it’s late 19th century ‘history’ to that point……“always picturesque; indeed, it is so curious and strange, that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer and so pushes the other novelties into second and third place. It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies; and all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones. It is full of surprises and adventures, and inconguities, and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened.” ‘

And yet – Australian’s have struggled with their own story. Still do. It’s sad. Cultural cringe plays out even now – that we struggle with how we would move forward as a Republic. Canada figured it out.

Me – I know our local footy code is a national treasure. Many in Sydney would deny this – for 2 reasons. One of general cultural cringe and the other simply the resistance to anything Victorian…..still haven’t gotten over allowing the colony independence only for it to suddenly find gold and become the cultural centre of Australia for the next 100 years.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth


When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth


Yes – a game full of punting however he was enraptured by the ‘catching’ of the punts and the volleyball style hand passing and the soccer style territorial movement. For him – his realisation being that AFL wasn’t just like Rugby.

The punting in general play and continuous play; only scoring goals from ‘punts’; a large expansive oval upon which to punt strategically. It’s a bit like someone having only played tennis by themselves hitting against a wall – – and suddenly see that you can play on a court, against others, doubles even…..a whole new world of possibilities opening up.

For him – I’d suggest seeing the NRL would a confirmation that THAT is just like Rugby.

I’m not sure many offensive/defensive players would see the NRL and have a light bulb sporting moment (if they are already familiar with Rugby).

Anyway – it’s just been a bit of fun hearing his sense of discovery and wonder and fascination – there’s a genuine innocence about it all which I’ve enjoyed listening to.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth


You’re taken a catastrophised view of this.

My main interest in this is the Mike Pyke type scenario. The AFL was richer for the presence of Jimmy Stynes, is richer for the presence of Mason Cox – – and likewise a Canadian RUWC rep in Mike Pyke who got recommended the game by his high school mate and turned an unlikely story into a premiership gilded footy fairy tale.

Ours is an institution – you’re very correct – that is often taken for granted. I see these sorts of stories as helping to remind some of what we have.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth

Exactly…..Mike Pyke also a great example who sought it out.

Mason Cox of course is now a great advocate and his two brothers play locally in the US.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth

It’s hardly a code war if we’ve simply pointing out that the AFL weren’t acting alone in playing games on the weekend just concluded.

The irony of course is that the AFL is thus far acting alone to call it – for the time being.

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

The AFL were hopeful of perhaps cramming 4 or 5 rounds into 3 weeks before the full shut down……but the full shut down has come upon us a bit quicker.

It wasn’t ‘pig headed’, it was optimistic.

The NRL certainly is now on the verge of astounding pig headedness.

Note the AFL HQ has stood down about 80% of staff. And around the clubs staff are being stood down and we’ve seen Brisbane standing down players.

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus


Mate – you’re a tad confused.

Given the definition of “cultural cringe”: “the view that one’s own national culture is inferior to the cultures of other countries.”

It’s actually YOUR comment that is the example of cultural cringe.

I have NO sentiment that our sporting culture or the game of Australian Football is in ANY way inferior to cultures from other countries.

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth