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Who is the best team in AFL history?

27 Mar 2014

Last week I decided to collaborate the entire history of the AFL from 1990 to the end of last season, to get a feel for who deserves to be considered the best AFL team in history.

Why isn't lawn bowls your favourite sport?

12 Sep 2013

Now I know some of you may laugh at this article. Fair enough too. Bowls, for years, has been the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Australia's batting lineup for first Test

22 Oct 2012

Oh the joy of cricket season! Nothing’s more Australian to me than seeing our cricketers battle the rest of the world in our own backyard, and this year we come up again the best.

Do Adelaide have what it takes to win the flag?

3 Sep 2012

If you had asked anyone this six months ago, you would’ve been laughed at. But Adelaide have lost the least amount of games over the entire year, that is the pre season and the full home and away season thus far.

Where has it all gone wrong for the Dons?

21 Aug 2012

It pains me to say this, but from my perspective this has been our worst year since 2006. After starting the year with a great chance to make top four and even challenge for the premiership, my beloved Bombers have stumbled.

Tanking, is it real or not?

19 Aug 2012

Come on, does tanking exist? If you asked AFL fans, coaches and the media, the consensus would be yes, most certainly.