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Very true, the problem is it depends on what Cricket Australia think about in terms of product and its quality to the punters and also it is very hard to change people minds when it comes to venues changes especially when it is the Boxing Day or new years test.

Is the 'West Test' going to fill seats in Perth this summer, or will Western Australians keep ignoring red ball cricket?

Very true , alot people who barely follow the f1 think it is boring and I think F1 is like cricket you can keep watching even though it is going to be dull sometimes you are going to get action and also who doesn’t like listening to Crofty and the boys couldn’t find any one else who could call the grand prix like them expect for the great Murray Walker.

Dig a little deeper before you criticise F1

yeah, he is a genuine player just has not been able to get noticed a lot due to playing with superstars.

Five players that are underrated in Europe right now

Sorry, that is a mistake on my behalf, I think I”ll will stay with the same verdict if you wondering.

Suns vs Tigers has all the hallmarks of an upset

nice work a great read mate

Izak Rankine is the small forward of the next generation