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If you want something you've never had, then you'd better be prepared to do something you've never done Follow my Ig :letsrunawaytoyesterday___



Sell andy keogh as well

Why the Glory need to sell Chris Ikonomidis

Really good prose but kinda overblown at times imo

It's time the FFA reconsidered its 'metrics'

Mentioned that in the article. Maybe read before commenting?

The Roar should aim high to replace Aloisi

Wenger in!

Aloisi quits Brisbane Roar

Epl players should always be a step up from the a league. Would rather have tomi juric back though if thats the kind of striker we need, costs less in wages and is more versatile

Three A-Leaguers way too good for their clubs

Noo isaias and petratos shouldve been in

'Tis the season for giving, and the Socceroos' Asian Cup squad is giving us hope

new england jets? sounds a little like the revolution in mls

Why the Newcastle Jets should change their name to New England FC

our professional league in singapore has crowds in the hundreds but still chugs along

Why have so many people stopped watching the A-League?

Nah atkinson and wales are workmanlike players. Mcgree was better at jets too

Four A-League superstars in waiting

Oops formatting:P

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 8

Victory over roar
Phoenix over mariners
Sydney derby draw
Glory over jets
Adelaide over city

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 8

Should have had south melbournein as an olive branch to old soccer

More A-League teams for Sydney and Melbourne: Did the FFA get their A-League expansion decision right?

Nah perth vs victory

Six talking points from A-League Round 7

Hey alex, dont think the fullbacks of the league are that bad though. Zullo is a brilliant crosser of the ball for example. Davidskn is good as well. Its just that there is a tendency for coaches to play centre backs in fullback positions, dont understand it. E.g. elrich in yesterdays match

Tactics, vol.1 : New-castle, old failings

His technique was awesome:(

Tactics, vol.1 : New-castle, old failings

Another thing is the loss of patty rodriguez, brilliant technical player that the jets should have kept. While there are rumours that he was too casual in training, i think the pros outweigh the cons overall. A la melb city with their joyce/fornaroli battle rn

Tactics, vol.1 : New-castle, old failings

Thanks for the positive feedback:D

Tactics, vol.1 : New-castle, old failings


Where did all Adelaide's big names go?

Yeah but balance must be struck mate, its not a 1 way street. Whats that old saying again, do unto other what you would others do unto you? 🙂

Six talking points from A-League Round 6

Slick writing mate. Ignore the hate:)

Six talking points from A-League Round 6

Wrote this during the half time break:(

VAR: Very Awesome Revamp

Besart berisha n chris ikonomidis says hi. Also pirlo played in the champs league till 35, age isnt everything

Bolting out of the A-League: Usain's Central Coast sojourn comes to an end

‘High standard german referees’..youve got to be kidding

There are ten A-League managers - and eight of them are fed up

It stops Fornaroli from spending half the match rolling on the turf

VAR: Very appalling results

Always felt that its not the system itself but the poor inplementation by the officials thats the problem:(

VAR: Very appalling results