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Stuart is a sport and media fanatic who has been on both ends of the phone, spending many years as a sports media manager before going freelance and writing for sporting sites, newspapers and magazines. Growing up catching trains and buses to Leichhardt, North Sydney and Redfern Ovals he developed a lifelong love of rugby league that included playing, watching, coaching and writing about the sport. Stuart currently lives in Athens Greece where he coaches a local rugby league club while keeping a sharp eye on all things NRL.



He would be a great addition Adam.

Wests Tigers will need more than Madge’s tough love to break the drought

The heart always gives hope Paul. My next sentence is the reality

Wests Tigers will need more than Madge’s tough love to break the drought

We disagree Rakshop but I will certainly enjoy watching over the next couple of years to learn the outcome. I believe he is in the cusp of being a genuine superstar.

2019 will be the year of Ponga

The Knights have a very good look about them in 2019. If Brown can’t get then into the finals with the roster he has at his disposal he may be looking for a new job.

2019 will be the year of Ponga

I think he will not only do a good job of replacing those Queenslanders he will go down as one of the greatest.

2019 will be the year of Ponga

Yes Radley is also very impressive. Ponga is a once in a generation talent.

2019 will be the year of Ponga

Unless they change their name to Furner

Integrity on the line as Cleary faced with ultimate dilemma

Very interesting data Tim. Thanks for putting this together.

I like many other Tigers supporters would have pointed to Gavin Badger for our highest percentage of losses. He seems to penalise the hell out of us!

Facts dispel this gut feeling and we can point the finger at Henry! Haha.

Other interesting stats might be penalty counts according to position on the ladder, most penalising refs and second half penalty turnarounds that provide a balanced count at the end of the game?

You think the referee hates your side? Check the stats first

World championships are the pinnacle for a number of sports and need to be included when talking funding alongside Olympic and Commonwealth games.

Are Commonwealth Games medals worth the taxpayer money?

Not sure that the West’s Tigers do have much connection with Balmain these days.

It'll be a big week in the NRL for...

I think Twal will emerge as a very good 1st Grader. Let’s see.

A set of six Wests Tigers rookies that give fans hope for the future

At least adds much need depth in my opinion. Has been solid in defence for the most part. Not something you can always say about Tigers edge.

A set of six Wests Tigers rookies that give fans hope for the future

Happy that you have us avoiding the spoon Tim. A sad reality for a Tigers fan currently.

The NRL ladder prediction: Where your club is actually going to finish

Love what Newtown have done to retain an identity and how they engage the community. It saddens me to think what could have been for Balmain.

Newtown Jets: The coolest club in rugby league

Interesting insight Robert. So much being done by volunteers to get RL established in countries such as Mexico. Would love to see more resources provided by wealthier governing bodies to domestic development and lower tier international competition,

Meet the men making rugby league happen in Mexico

I just wish Woods had been honest and said. I decided to leave the club some time back and thanked Wests Tigers for development and career.

I have lost some respect there. Reynolds handled it so much better at the Bulldogs.

Woods hit out at Wests Tigers with scathing assessment

Not getting too excited Peeeko but as a Tigers fan it is nice to see some optimism around the place. I think we will see improvement.

It helps to be likeable when you're an NRL coach

Nice Charlie. Still on the bus with you.

Being a Tigers fan makes no sense, and that's perfectly fine

For a women’s competition to be successful the NRL needs to own it and put a large amount of resources behind it as the AFL did.

Also the Sometimes hostile mainstream media in the northern states should be worked AFL style to ensure the competition is highlighted and promoted.

Women's sport weekly wrap: Women's rugby league gets a major boost

Cheers Geoff. Yes my own work and buckleys for a raise.

I can see Cleary now but I'm not sure the rain has gone

Cleary needs 100% control. Board and administrators have shown they that are not competent when it comes to squad/contract management.

I can see Cleary now but I'm not sure the rain has gone

I have a feeling that Moses may go elsewhere now that Brooks has signed. They have never looked the perfect halves,partners. It does leave us with a 5/8 to find. Te Marie Martin? Blake Austin?

I can see Cleary now but I'm not sure the rain has gone

Yeah it’s not always the case but I think the off field position influences the on field performance and vice versa. There is a much used saying from Jack Gibson about getting the front office right.

I can see Cleary now but I'm not sure the rain has gone

Kerry Hensley, Brian Lockwood , Neil Pringle are some Balmain faves. Herman Hamilton at Norths?

The most entertaining league team of all time

Disagree Tim. In this case it is general comment. As Matt said is fair cop in this instance. No one is revealing secrets. We all get told things.

Angst, teeth-gnashing, and Machiavellian malarkey: The Wests Tigers story