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Great read as usual.

Analysing Australia’s Test cricket winners: The best of the best

Great read. Enjoyed it.

Batting in Australia: Horses for courses, hoodoo venues and home-town heroes

Disappointed. but I don’t think they had much choice.

Australia-Afghanistan Test postponed

RIP Deano.

Aussie cricket great Dean Jones dies aged 59

great read Paul. I think every sports need some characters.
Was late in the reading the article. Bit busy watching EPL games.

Cricket desperately needs its characters

Aus batting isn’t clicking.

Buttler does it: Aussies lose T20 series

The comeback that never was. Tushar Imran played 5 tests for Bangladesh between 2002 and 2007 averaging 8.90. But he is a prolific run getter in the domestic cricket and holds the record for highest total runs in local cricket by some distance. I expected him to get a recall against the Aus in 2017 and produce a Chris Rogers type story.
It didn’t happen. He is still scoring freely but at the age of 37 his chances of a recall seems quite remote.

A Test team of comeback heroes

Yes, rogers is another of my favorite comeback stories.I didn’t include it partly becasuem sot people here remembers his story very well. It was pretty recent. Certainly deserves a mention.

A Test team of comeback heroes

It seems the Eng selectors are pretty good in recalling players from oblivion. I have heard that after the Washbrook recall, the other selectors used to keep their playing shoes with then while coming to selection meetings just in case.

A Test team of comeback heroes

I can’t watch international cricket regularly, but from what I have seen, Zampa seems to struggle a lot in England. has he gone off the boil a bit? seemed such a great talent.

Australia snatch T20 defeat from the jaws of victory

For a long period it looked that Ryan Sidebottom would join his father in the list of one test wonders; but then he was recalled in 2007 after a six year gap.

A Test team of comeback heroes

I thought about including Chetan Chauhan here. He played 3 tests in 1969-70, two more in 1972-73 before finally coming good in late 1977. But then I thought that the Washbrook story is more interesting.
Regarding Chauhan, some fans might enjoy this article.
It was in SCG in 1977-78 where Chauhan exchanged some words with thommo.
Gavaskar played the side role here. I do remember Sunny talking about this incident in a TV show some three decades ago; here it is described in details.

A Test team of comeback heroes

Oh yes bad mistake regarding Rhodes, thanks for correcting it.

A Test team of comeback heroes

No, that was a good one. Interestingly his son chris returned for one test after a gap of more than three years to lead England.

A Test team of comeback heroes

Small correction. Bob Simpson returned in 1977, not in 1976. Bad typo.

A Test team of comeback heroes

recently I was reading a lot about the Indian tour to Eng in the summer of 1946. While the cricket in the middle mattered; everyone was mostly happy just to see cricket back in the field. I find Eng 2020 summer and the early autumn time somewhat similar.

Australia’s UK tour takes on importance of a different kind

ooh. Great to see the baggy greens back. eagerly looking forward to the match.

Australia’s UK tour takes on importance of a different kind

I don’t think it will be too difficult to form a Queensland XI of imports. A tour match between the England imports and Queensland imports at the gabba would be a fascinating contest.

NSW's Test XI of the 21st century

I found this following piece very interesting.

Chetan Chauhan: A born fighter

Was Bill his uncle or Cousin? I am not sure myself.

Remembering John Edrich's masterpiece

I watch IPL and enjoy it pretty much the way I enjoy WWE. The skills are definitely there but I feel there are lots of set ups. Occasionally I see events occurring that seems planned to raise public interest and make social media pages full of arguments and counter arguments.
I think that Ashwin-Buttler incident was one of those.

Without the Mankad there would be anarchy

Good points. If they do see him as the spearhead of their future attack then they got to pick him for India.

India could hold the keys to the next Ashes series

Back in the 1970 and 80s England had a policy of going for horses for courses. David Steele batted bravely against Lillee, Thommo, Roberts and Holding only to be dumped before the tour to India. I think they should drop Archer from the india tour. I don’t see him doing anything significant there if selected.

India could hold the keys to the next Ashes series

Nice read.

One hit wondering: The close defeats we celebrate

In that 1982 team Suru Nayek from Bombay and Rakesh Shukla from Delhi were on the brink of test section. Suru, a medium pacer all rounder had already played ODI cricket. Both got their
chance in test matches alter in the year. but failed to take their chances.
Shukla, a legie with an excellent Googley bowled long spells at Dhaka and tormented all the batsmen. But in his only test at Madras against SL in September, Roy Dias and Duleep Mendis scored freely against him. This didn’t plz the selectors and he never played for India again. He was a useful hard hitting batsman and should have played a few ODIs for India.

Chetan Chauhan: A born fighter