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Finteresting: Jeremy Finlayson's prospects at Alberton

In hindsight, this should have 100% been included in the options, absolutely plausible and getting more realistic by the day.

Only hitch would be, if Adelaide think they are a genuine chance to land Horne-Francis with that (at the moment) 4th overall pick.

The Dawson deal: The when, where and how


It came up as a separate comment on the phone app. 👍

The Dawson deal: The when, where and how

I didn’t put Pick 4 into calculations, I suggest Pick 23.

But thanks for letting me know you read the article properly 👍

The Dawson deal: The when, where and how

From all reports, Pick 4 isn’t on the table at all.

But I think Adelaide would take that in a heartbeat because that would be significant overs.

The Dawson deal: The when, where and how

Bloody oath Rod. AFL would be seething at Fitzpatrick’s decision to pacify the likes of Eddie McGuire who has a clear dislike for Sydney in any way, shape or form (not just the football club).

Sydney got absolutely crucified when they didn’t do anything illegal. If they put it down to bring the integrity of the game into a disrepute, some sort of fine is adequate, not a two-year trade ban. Ridiculous overkill.

Struggling Sydney Swans must evolve

A runner can run out and deliver a broad message, by yelling, to all players in the vicinity for someone to get on the goal line. Not just tell Mitch McGovern, he’s not the only Carlton player who has the capability of standing on the goal line.

Actually, I don’t think I mentioned Mitch McGovern once in my initial comment, so thanks for your response, but it’s out of context.

Feel free to comment your own responses and opinions on articles, instead of replying to others with different points of view.

Are the new rules frustrating footy lovers?

Firstly,Good read Jon.

Out of the 9 ‘newly’ introduced rules the changes that have resonated with me are the number 8 & ( in your list, as they are previous rule changes that have been scrapped. Abolishing the hands in the back rule and the ruck contest rule brings back some traditional values to the game.

I also couldn’t agree more with your statement regarding the runner rule. To use Carlton as an example again, in the dying stages of their loss to the Suns, the runner could have provided a message for players to get back on the goal line and potential save the game. With no timeouts in footy how are coaches expected to give timely messages to players without having to have them run off the ground. Unnecessary rule change.

Are the new rules frustrating footy lovers?

Fair points, MM.

While I have mentioned his Test selections, this is more focused on his one day selection. Like I said, Peter Siddle is a proven Test bowler, but in a transitional period it’s probably time for ‘next man up’. The Terry Alderman comparison is valid as well, and I think if healthy Chad Sayers would have been nearly a lock.

County form is warranted, no doubt especially on a conditions basis but if it’s horses for course then Matt Renshaw who had a great county stint as well, should have been playing Test cricket since the UAE.

But thanks for challenging my thought process mate!

The Peter puzzle: Why is Peter Siddle being picked for Australia?

I don’t disagree, he has definitely found a niche and had been valuable to Adelaide since making the move. But a maximum of 4 overs bowling against ageing cricketers in the twilight of their careers, youngsters just starting their professional careers and grade cricketers a lot of the time doesn’t warrant Test or ODI selection.

The Peter puzzle: Why is Peter Siddle being picked for Australia?

If guys who aren’t in the Test squad such as Patterson, Tremain and Boland perform, they should be included into the squad immediately to give the selectors more options (probably doesn’t matter a whole lot) but also to have more competition for spots in the team. Australia is in no position at the moment to have one option in all positions, batting, bowling and keeping.

Australia's batting future on show in Hobart today

I think your analysis is spot on.
While the Swans shouldn’t be looked upon as genuine threats to a top four finish, they still have a reasonable amount of top end talent (Franklin, Kennedy Parker, Rampe) and a decent veteran presence (McVeigh, Smith, Grundy, Jack), it’s the next crop of potential A-Graders (Heeney, Mills, Lloyd, Jones) that have to reach or break through that ceiling for Sydney to stay competitive in league:
a) to catch up with the contenders (Richmond, West Coast, Melbourne) &
b) to eleviate the workloads of the Franklin’s, Kennedy’s & Parker’s.
If these guys don’t take the next step, Swans could miss the 8.

Sydney 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

Nathan Lyon became a victim of the quicks not being able to apply pressure early in Melbourne and Sydney.

In Perth and Adelaide he was able to bowl a more attacking line as the quicks had either made breakthroughs, looked threatening or made scoring hard. But in Sydney & Melbourne this didn’t happen (see Agarwal and Pujara)

So Lyons role in the attack changed as a defensive bowler looking to tie down an end, while the quicks went on the attack looking for wickets.

Even though this series was really played in two halves, 21 wickets @ 30.42 is still a good return considering how many overs he bowls and who is bowling too, in this instance and Indian team who face some of the best spinners in the world in practice.

Nice article though mate!

The real reasons India won

This is a fantastic article with a great deal of reasearch, thought and time put into it. Very interesting squads but squads that produce very solid arguments.

Well Done.

Moneyball: Selecting the Australian Test team on stats only

Matt Renshaw’s county form (513 runs @ 51.30) and experience at Test level (636 @ 33.47) coupled with his age (22) should have him right at the top of the selection pile to open the batting. Should be selected for either Sri Lankan Test of CA XI tour match to stake a claim for Augusts Ashes.

You’re also giving Marnus Labuschagne a wide birth. His 38 was nothing special, nearly bowled first ball, especially on a flat deck and handy would not be how I would describe his wrist spin, it would be ‘developing’ to be nice.

Who really belongs in the next Test XI?

I completely agree with what you are saying DP, but this whole thing has been a complete schmozz. He was picked for his specific skill set, one Australia doesn’t have a need for at all times, it was a one-off.

None of it is Labuschagne’s fault as well.

I think the selectors need to be honest with him, tell him’ You were selected for your certain skill set for certain conditions, you’ve shown promise, so use these experiences to go back to the Shield and keep improving on the solid foundation you already have.’

Honest, fair and positive from the selectors.

Australia vs India: Five New Year's Test takeaways

Thank you for clearing this up for me Matt H.
And thank you Sheek for explaining your selection process on the Australian Test team that involves rowing, Freddy Mercury and Cambridge University studies.
While you may think the selectors are doing a fine job (2 wins in 9 Tests) many see that as below mediocre and most would think they would be ‘Under Pressure’.

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

In my opinion, the decline of the national team has had an impact on the interest on this domestic competition. At the worst time possible as well.

The new TV rights deal signed with Seven & Foxtel has a 59-game schedule up 17 games from BBL06. Both channels will expect 59 games worth of content for the duration of the rights deal.

However, I believe the Big Bash should be a 4-6 week gimmick tournament over the Xmas/New Year school holiday period, with somewhat exorbitant pay-days for international stars.

This would mean more:
a) more incentive for recently retired name Australian players to participate
b) more incentive for name international players to make their way down under for an Australian summer cash-grab
c) fewer games means points are more precious, making more games important.

A shorter season also means its here for a good time, not a long time. Something that if viewers don’t pay attention to, will be over before you know it.

It's time to refresh the BBL

Thanks for the kind words Big Baz

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

Thanks for the feedback.

Firstly, this is an article regarding the incompetence of the two chairman of selectors abilities to take responsibility for their actions in their job, which has recorded sub-par results.

Second question, I’m 27 years old.

Third, Didn’t say they had no idea, just want them to be held accountable for poor decisions made at their place employment, like both you and I am.

And finally, If they were picking proven Test or inform Shield players (M.Harris) they would probably make runs (leading run scorer for the series) and/or take wickets.

I hope this cleared it up.

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

Spot on Geoff, great article.

Another Test selection embarrassment after Australia's Melbourne meltdown

It’s a fair call Chris, Paine is 35 and Smith can’t be captain until at least April of 2020 so I’m guessing that Paine may have moved on since then with Alex Carey taking the gloves. But I 100 percent agree that he is doing a great job as captain.

Australia vs India: Five second-Test takeaways

Boyce plays before Holland, possibly both in the same team on the Marvel deck that is a slower wicket. But Boyce should be the first choice spinner. Cooper and Nabi to back him up.

The top order batting is the major concern with Finch and Harris likely to play the rest of the summer for Australia at the moment.

Ludeman and White to open??

BBL|08 season preview: Melbourne Renegades

I’m sorry that you have had to use the race card in your thinking, but this article is intended to showcase the fact that the number 1 batsman in the world has an Australian like mentality and passion towards the game at the moment while the Australians are having to be on their best behavior due to a few idiots who decided to take it too far.

It’s praising Kohli for the way he plays and encouraging the Australians to play with the same passion and intent he does. If Kohli was a New Zealander or Englishman it would be written exactly the same way.

It has zero to do with his nationality, religion or creed, only his mindset on the cricket field.

The double standard: If Virat Kohli can show passion, Australia can too

That is the reality of it, but I believe a little bit of encouragement all-around to get them back to showing the passion when they play, it will be easier to move on from.

The double standard: If Virat Kohli can show passion, Australia can too