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Gfinity Elite Series

Gfinity Elite Series club logos. (Photo: Gfinity Australia)

The Gfinity Elite Series is a six-team esports competition and the first city-based esports competition in Australia.

The six teams participating in the Gfinity Elite Series are the; Brisbane Deceptors, Melbourne Avant, Melbourne Order, Perth Ground Zero, Sydney Chiefs and Sydney Roar.

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Each team plays each other once across the five weeks of league play, before the top four clubs in each of the three esports participates in a two-week finals series. Two seasons of competition are run each year.

Much like the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, the six teams field separate teams in three esports; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

While individual championships are awarded to the clubs who emerge victors in each esport, an overall club championship is awarded to the franchise that performs the best across all three.

The Elite Series features one of the largest prize pools in Australian esports history – $225,000 per season.

Gfinity Elite Series prize pool

Comptetition Prize Money
CS:GO $80,000
Rocket League $42,500
Street Fighter V $27,500
Club Championship $75,000
Total Prizemoney: $225,000

CS:GO Explained

Countr-Strike: Global Offensive – almost universally referred to as CS:GO – is a first-person shooter released in 2012. The fourth game in the long-running Counter-Strike series, CS:GO has been one of the most popularly played (on Steam) and viewed (on Twitch) games since release.

The game pits two teams of five players against one another on various maps, with the objective simply for one team to kill the other before being killed themselves.

The incredible strategy, mechanical ability, reflexes and accuracy exhibited by CS:GO professionals has made it one of the most popular esports titles on the planet.

In early May, the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney was packed for three days for the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney – a professional CS:GO tournament.

Street Fighter V Explained


Street Fighter V is the fifth entry in the wildly popular Street Fighter series – released in 2016.

What once started as an arcade sensation has made its way to the esports scene, with the current iteration recovering from a buggy launch to cement its place as one of the most popular titles in the fighting game scene.

With a roster of more than 30 characters – all boasting countless move combinations – Street Fighter fans are constantly impressed with the raw ability and flawless combo execution displayed by the pros.

Rocket League Explained

The actual game of Rocket League is simple to understand – it’s soccer with cars. Hit an opponent’s car with enough force and they’ll explode, while you can also drive up the walls to move the ball past the defence, but otherwise, the game functions just as you’d expect it to.

Rocket League exploded onto the gaming scene in mid-2015, after a delayed release saw it serendipitously included in the PlayStation Plus subscribers’ free games for that month.

From there, the game’s appeal exploded to the point where it is available on every major gaming platform and boasts a vibrant community – both casual and professional.