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Dane was named best and fairest in the 2004 Bathurst mixed indoor cricket competition. With nothing in the game left to achieve, he immediately retired at his peak to a reclusive life ensconced in the velvet of organised contests. Catch the man here: @eld2_0

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The national confidence guide for Australia’s weekend of doom

The national confidence guide for Australia's weekend of doom

7 hours ago

It’s been bad news out the wazoo around this place lately, with dodgy senators a-go-go, petroleum prices on the rise and Big Brother still surviving television’s axe. It’s fair to say that ‘Straya needs something positive, and it needs it right now. In the past, when national morale has hit all-time lows, we’ve naturally ignored […]

Hard yakkers: Australia’s greatest sledging XI

Hard yakkers: Australia's greatest sledging XI

4 days ago

As I’ve watched our boys struggle against Pakistan inside Dubai’s silent bowl of chairs, my mind has raced with the usual juvenile tactics that become attractive when your mob is copping a pasting. With the game slipping away and sound levels inside the arena at Chaplin movie lows, why the heck didn’t our boys take […]

Four Nations are a chance for Sheens to prove he’s no bludger

Four Nations are a chance for Sheens to prove he's no bludger

24 Oct 2014

Tim Sheens sure has packed a lot in to the last couple of years – light golfing, heavy litigation, a double income – but one thing he hasn’t done is a day of hard work as coach of Australia. Now I know this sounds like a rotten endorsement, but I’m not saying you’re going to […]

Windies cricket sinks to new levels

Windies cricket sinks to new levels

19 Oct 2014

I much preferred when my bodily reaction to West Indian cricket was a gut wrenched with fear and not a bleeding heart. They’ve hit a spectacular new low with their abandoned tour of India, tapping out with one ODI, one Twenty20 and a three match Test series to play due to another dally over the […]

Exclusive: Jarryd Hayne’s original farewell letter to rugby league

Exclusive: Jarryd Hayne's original farewell letter to rugby league

17 Oct 2014

In a pseudo-exclusive, operatives from The Roar have intercepted a genuine fake of the open letter from Jarryd Hayne that called an audible on his plans to be a career Eel. While a more thoughtful, heartfelt and heavily edited version was eventually posted on the Parramatta website by the departing fullback, there was an original […]

Souths can’t repeat the feat, but could they kill the wrestle?

Souths can't repeat the feat, but could they kill the wrestle?

11 Oct 2014

Onya Rabbitohs, you brained it. But as the temporary tattoos and 90-proof breath start to fade after a week of rampant ceremony, it’s time for bed so the rest of us losers can candidly discuss things. Firstly, dynasty talk. While we have all given the obligatory mention to the back-to-back challenge in the carbonated days […]

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