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Coaches who break things

Coaches who break things

11 Apr 2014

Watching a present-day coach in action is much the same as one of those choreographed martial arts stage performances. I will always mildly appreciate the skill and precision displayed in the routines of their respective crafts, but I’ll only feel like I’ve really got my money’s worth if there’s a part of the show where […]

Sickened footy tipsters, become master of your domain

4 Apr 2014

To those fortunate enough to be apathetic about the final outcomes of NRL games, I would like you to do something for me. Please chug a foaming schooner of H2O from the Ganges and then embark on a seven-day pushbike ride across the desert without any Alka-Seltzer or Imodium. Make sure you’re wedgied from head-to-toe […]

Raging Robbo guarantees Roosters balance in next penalty count

Raging Robbo guarantees Roosters balance in next penalty count

31 Mar 2014

Superintendent Rooster Trent Robinson has harnessed one of league’s great uncontrollables and guaranteed his side a more favourable deal in next weekend’s penalty count. After winning only six infraction contests in his dux year of 2013 and being mercilessly lashed again so far this season, Robinson broke the emergency glass to stop the rot in […]

Help me to create rugby league’s latest film blockbuster

Help me to create rugby league's latest film blockbuster

25 Mar 2014

As the novelty of America’s favourite pastime reverbs around the Harbour City, we must take time to reflect on the more important facts we have uncovered from the game’s visit to town. Undoubtedly, what follows was identified as the most stunning discovery. Did you know there have been over 100 movies made about baseball? It’s […]

Unexcited American baseballers: The SCG is just like home

Unexcited American baseballers: The SCG is just like home

20 Mar 2014

Put my hat on backwards, boil me up some mystery meat and take me out to the ball game! The cream of the Major Leagues has hit our shores to spread the bible of America’s favourite pastime and boost the sales of bootleg baseball caps at Paddy’s Markets. Anticipation is reaching fever pitch, as Australians […]

Widdop shines away from Bellamy’s warm embrace

Widdop shines away from Bellamy's warm embrace

19 Mar 2014

Craig Bellamy has constructed his lofty reputation by producing country club lobster from Burger King yield. The Storm maestro has a sharp eye for the discarded, neglected and misunderstood orphans of the rugby league streets. He spots them through the cold night sky and takes them in with a base contract and a hug before […]

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