September Winners!



Round 3 Awards Launch


Submissions close

(at 5pm)


Winners Announced

(online at 12pm)

Club Roar Most Popular Video

Club: Eastern Lions FC
Submitter: Ian Dunn

Prize money: $2,000
Judges Comments: You wouldn’t believe this unless you saw it with your own eyes. Why was the attacker also jumping, hands out stretched, for the ball? We’ll never know- but the fact that it was caught on camera and we can watch it over again is enough for us!

Epic Lowlight

Club: Horsham Saints Cricket Club – Horsham, VIC
Submitter: Andrew Sostheim

Players: Archie and Tom

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Although we’re certain this moment was definitely a lowlight for young Tom, we’re really glad his Dad, Andrew, submitted the video. A lowlight isn’t always a moment the player wants to remember, but does bring a level of entertainment value for everyone else.


Club: Iona College – Wellington Point, QLD
Submitter: Kye Van Lunteren

Player: Callum MacDonald

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Big Mac is certainly deserving of his nick name. We wouldn’t want to come up against him on the field, which is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to a Beastmode winner.

Pure Skill

Club: Associates Rugby Union Club – Claremont, WA
Submitter: Ross Palframan

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: This particular video was also a close contender for the Dream Team category, but that behind catch had everyone impressed – which is why it was awarded a moment of Pure Skill.

The Dream Team

Club: St George FA – Peakhurst, NSW
Submitter: Adam Adams

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: A team that can score a goal after a series of one touch passes deserves the title of Dream Team. This moment is something a coach would be proud of.

Women in Sports

Club: State Victoria – Doncaster, VIC
Submitter: OneAta Schwalger

Player: OneAta Schwalger

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: OneAta is an absolute machine is on the field. All of our judges could not believe the tenacity in which she plays the game. This, and the fact that we think she could take out a lot of male teams too, is why she is awarded the Women in Sport award.

Tomorrow’s Stars

Club: St Joseph’s College – Hunters Hill, NSW
Submitter: Alessandro Patrielli of ASD Films

Player: Joseph Kandalaft

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: When you see a young player good enough to captivate the whole room, and attack the game as hard as Joseph does – they need to be recognised. This player is a star of today and will most definitely be a star of tomorrow.

The Jaw-Dropper

Club: Geelong Cricket Club – Geelong, VIC
Submitter: Heath Farnsworth

Player: Tom Elliott

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Jaw’s dropped, and ‘phwoar’ mentioned from around the room is why this catch by Tom Elliott is deserving of the Jaw-Dropper award. You can’t deny that is an impressive play, especially when the timer shows you exactly how quickly it all happen!


Club: Eastern Lions – Hallam, VIC
Submitter: Ian Dunn

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: It’s just too good. This moment made everyone giggle with the absolute absurdity of it. The judges couldn’t stop replaying it, and continued to laugh each time – which is what you need from the Funniest Video.

International – Honourary

Club: NZ Club Rugby
Submitter: Steven White

Judges Comments: This video needs to be replayed a couple of times to get the full impact of the talent. We were so impressed to see one player, not only aggressively tackle an opponent but then sneakily grab the ball and sprint half the length of the field.

Glenmore Park Cricket Club
Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club
Melbourne University Cricket Club
Toowoomba Rugby League
Geelong Cricket Club
Devon Meadows Cricket Club