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Watch today’s sports news on today on The Roar’s video player below.

For The Roar created videos, jump to our videos by sport:

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Football Video

Prior to the 2013/14 EPL season, Geoff Lemon found out what the Barclays Premier League means to fans. Have a look at what he found:

Football: Foxtel brings you closer to the Barclays Premier League

Cricket Video

We sent Geoff Lemon and video guru Cam Fink over to England to take in the Ashes series. Check out the results below:

Cricket: Geoff Lemon’s Ashes Diary

Rugby Video

The Roar’s Scott Allen takes out his microscope to analyse rugby like no other! Check out his videos below:

Rugby: Scott Allen Video Analysis

Let’s Talk Rugby – Episode 1
The Roar’s Scott Allen hosts a rugby panel, featuring guests Brett McKay and Dan Cottrell, from the UK. Strap yourself in – it’s a full 30 minute VODCast. Leave your thoughts on the first episode here.

Rugby: Brett McKay speaks with Robbie Deans

Roar TV Commercial