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PRICHARD: The biggest sporting event I've attended

The Super Bowl - there's nothing else on the planet quite like it. (Photo: Greg Prichard)
Roar Guru
17th August, 2017

A revered sports journalist with more than 40 years experience would have attended some pretty big events.

But what would Roar Expert Greg Prichard say is the biggest sporting event he’s ever been to?

That would be Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

“I went to the Super Bowl off my own bat, because I’m a Peyton Manning fan.

“I had some spare cash and I took my son with me.

“It’s an incredible atmosphere and occasion and everything else, because the whole city becomes locked into it.”

Unfortunately for the Prichard family, that Super Bowl went pear-shaped for Manning’s Broncos on the very first play.

A safety conceded on Denver’s opening play gave Seattle the quickest score in Super Bowl history, and it only got worse from there, as the Seahawks piled on the pain in a 43-8 romp.

Not only did Prichard have to witness that, but he traveled to the US earlier in the season to watch the Broncos play the Patriots in Boston.


“The Broncos lead about 24-0 and got run down!” Prichard remembers.

“So I don’t know if I’m bad luck for him (Manning).”

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