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Nathan Brown didn’t make your list? He’s coached here & in the UK. Almost 300 games I think in total? Won a comp in the UK & had success with the dragons making the finals 4 out of 6 years.

He built the Newcastle squad that’s doing ok this year. Considering the dumpster fire he inherited up there.

Underrated coach in my opinion

Waiting in the wings (Part 1): Familiar faces

Hi Joel, Fitzgibbon will be in high demand. He was a gun player & has served his apprenticeship under a multi premiership winning coach. Maybe even more impressive is that he’s a man of integrity. But 2022 doesn’t suit the dragons. I’ve been running a campaign to bring back Nathan Brown in 2021

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

St George Illawarra have always been a club that produces SOO & Aust players. It’s just the way it’s always been. Ask a Tigers fan, Sharks fan or a Dogs fan & they will sook over it.

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Hi Max, Damien Cook’s number is 4,5M over 4 years. 100%

Melbourne don’t disclose salaries because they are crooks. Smith’s salary is best estimate based on media reports

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Based on my research Ben Hunt is now the highest paid starting 9 in NRL history at $1.2M

Previous high was Damien Cook’s current deal of $1.1M

Cameron Smith might have earned more when they were cheating the cap with brown paper bags of cash but from what I’ve been able to find the highest amount he’s been paid on the books was $1M

Sobering thought isn’t it.

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

I posted an article of my own last week about Fitzgibbon, a handshake will keep him at Bondi until 2022.

Most logical home is the Dragons, he debuted for Illawarra, scored a try in the ‘99 grand final for the Dragons & his farther was the inaugural coach for the Illawarra Steelers.

Problem is timing. I’m not sure the Dragons can wait until the 2022 season to appoint a new coach. McGregor will be lucky to see this season out.

The Illawarra nursery has produced another crop of highly talented juniors Illawarra won the SG Ball comp last year.

The club desperately needs a new coach to harness all the talent and get the dragons back into the 8 because after 6yrs in charge Paul McGregor has been a complete failure.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Jeremy Smith in 2010 with the Dragons

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

I like your point about Aitken off the bench. We have the Feagai twins waiting for a chance & will challenge for first grade in 2021. Aitken is out of contract this year, given the talent coming through behind him I think the club will let Aitken go.

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Actually I just remembered, in the semi against Souths didn’t Hunt kick the ball out on our final possession rather than kicking deep into the corner? Souths went on to win from the good field position Hunt gave them.

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Exactly! 2 seasons ago, has Hunt grown or developed since then? We can debate all day is that’s McGregor’s fault or the Hunt’s. But the result is the same, we are struggling at 2wins 6losses

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Cameron Smith is on $1M a season, Damien Cook is on $1.1M is Ben Hunt in their league?

Api koroisau is on $500K a season at Penrith & killing it. I’m not sure what Cam McInnes is on but it must be similar to Api.

What value does this put a 30yr old Ben Hunt?

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

Roar edited my article before they posted it.

I think Hunt has been thrown under the bus by McGregor. Giving up on him & moving a marquee halfback to hooker says more about McGregor‘a poor coaching than it does about Hunt’s form. Hunt isn’t even halfway through his contract and the coach has given up on him? Playing Hunt at hooker is all about Mary trying to save his job it’s got nothing to do with the development of the player.

Playing McInnes at lock for 80mins unbalances the side. We’ll be undersized against Manly. Look at the bench;

14. Trent Merrin, assuming McInnes plays 80mins will Trent even get on the field? He’s not a second rower & he’s undersized for a Prop
15. Josh Kerr plays Prop
16. Fuimaono a under sized second rower
17. Jackson Ford a young second rower

Surely Korbin Sims should be there in place of Fuimaono?

D-Day for Paul McGregor comes this Sunday

I’m trying to get approval from Roar to post a video of the Feagai twins, it’s a highlight reel of their form in the 2019 Illawarra SG team. Illawarra won the comp.

The Feagai twins are 19, 186cm tall & both over 95kg and fast! They are every bit as good as the Morris boys were at the same age. They are signed until the end of 2021.

Matt Dufty to halfback for the Dragons?

We have a very good 5/8 prospect coming through the grades Jayden Sullivan. He’s a gun. Only 18 but has already been promoted to the top 30 & extended his contract by 3yrs last year.

Norman will need to lift his game in 2021 he’ll be under pressure.

There’s also very promising fullback prospect coming through Cody Ramsey, look out for him in 2021.

Matt Dufty to halfback for the Dragons?

Adam, I found your comments quite insulting. I’m entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else & I’m fully entitled to express them in this forum. This forum is for the open expression of ideas not insults. Being a ‘roar guru’ perhaps you are the one with limited knowledge.

As for Dufty who knows what he’s capable of? No one knew he had a passing game until 3 weeks ago. What I do know is that there are too many underperforming players & we’ve only won 2 matches & lost 6.

No one thought Ben Hornby could play halfback in 2005 when Matty Head shredded his knee but Ben ended up leading us to a premiership.

Stranger things have happened.

Matt Dufty to halfback for the Dragons?

I think the issue is that after 6 years in charge this is McGregor’s team. He built it. I’m not privy to the inner workings of salary cap management at the club but there’s been obvious errors. Surely the head coach has significant input? For instance sticking with Benji Marshall & letting go Jack Bird started the rot in my opinion.

The club is going to need a complete rebuild, McGregor is obviously not the man for job. The appointment of the next head coach is critical to any future success.

Matt Dufty to halfback for the Dragons?

Dragons have the largest supporter base in Sydney. 50,000 plus to the ‘99 GF qualifier (record for a GF qualifier) against Cronulla & then a sellout 107,000 to the ‘99 GF (record for a GF) against Melbourne. No other Sydney team could have sold out the Olympic stadium against a out of State team.

Dragons jersey is always bedazzled with sponsors & financially they are in in good shape.

Only issues that keeps home crowds down is a spread out & diverse supporter base & a lack of a first rate home ground. Both Wollongong & Kogarah still have grass hills. Some success on the field wouldn’t hurt either.

Who is the most powerful NRL club? Part 3

Thank you everyone for your comments 😊 The purpose of the article was to illustrate Brown’s superior record compared to McGregor’s. Sure we probably should have won in 2005 & could have won in 2006, from memory it was an errant pass from Matt Prior that was the difference.

I just remember being more hopeful & optimistic in the Brown era, you felt we could win every week regardless of the opposition, whereas now we are a rabble every single week.

Brown was 32 in 2005, if he got us so close as a rookie then surely he’d be able to get us a premiership with the years of experience he now has.

In my opinion McGregor gets axed in the off-season & saints sign either Brown or Fitzgibbon. Anything else would be a mistake.

Would St George Illawarra consider bringing back Nathan Brown?

We certainly wouldn’t have won without Darius his ball playing has set the standard for all future fullbacks. I was sad when he left for Newcastle, he obviously wasn’t happy there he should have stayed another 3yrs with Saints then gone back to Brisbane.

Would St George Illawarra consider bringing back Nathan Brown?

How about a swap? Broncos take Ben Hunt back & we try our luck with Milford?

Time for the Broncos to move on from Milford

I have a feeling Saints will give the roosters a run for their money this week. I like the inclusions of Saab & Ford it’ll bring some welcome enthusiasm.

2020 NRL season: Round 7 preview

I have mixed feelings about him leaving, it’s rather the hypocrisy of his statements that I’m not impressed with. With JdB still in limbo we are already one player short from our top 30 & now we’re down to 28.

Graham confirms Dragons exit to Super League Saints

I suppose there’s some nice synergy in Fitzgibbon returning home, he scored a try in the ‘99 GF & his family name is synonymous with rugby league in Illawarra.

He was an outstanding player & Robbo is a very good coach so it stands to reason he’s learnt a lot.

A 3yr contract commencing 2021 would make sense, I think I posted a comment earlier I’m good with Brown or Fitz, either way it’ll be an improvement on what we have now.

Would St George Illawarra consider bringing back Nathan Brown?

Well Saab will finally get his chance against the Roosters, no better test in the NRL the the reigning premiers. I really hope he has a great game & makes the position his own for the next decade.

While I have mixed feelings about Graham quitting mid season I’m thrilled to see Jackson Ford get a chance.

I have a feeling with the injection of youth & enthusiasm we’ll give the chooks a run for their money.

Will Jason Saab finally get his chance?

Sorry but this sounds like a weak cop out to me, he knows the club needs him during this difficult time.

“I’m not normally a quitter and I hope this doesn’t perceive me as one,” Graham said.

“You’ve got a coach there [McGregor], who I would walk to the end of the earth for, and a playing group that I am incredibly bonded to.”

It turns out that he won’t walk to the end of the earth, only as far as the UK. If he rates McGregor so highly why is he bailing out on him. Not impressed.

Graham confirms Dragons exit to Super League Saints