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Difficult to omit Darius Boyd from a wing spot, he was the best player in the the 2010 team. Without Boyd the Dragon’s don’t make the GF.

The greatest grand finalists of the 1950s

Do yourself a favour Anthony & stop blaming the referee It’s pathetic. Only highlights how out of touch you are with modern day Rugby League. He’s never once accepted any responsibility for the season rather choosing to blame others. No wonder the players have checked out, I think he’s lost the playing group.

Go for it mate, keep picking Corey Norman every week, it’s worked really well so far.

Anthony Griffin tees off at refs for missing Cleary's 'clear-cut shoulder charge'

Blaming the referee is a sure sign of a desperate coach with no answers. Griffin only has himself to blame for the fiasco 2021 has become.

Surely the Dragons need to be looking beyond Griffin he’s a fraud.

His sycophant with Corey Norman is indefensible, he’s consistently one the worst players every week. Corey is a rare player, he has far more try assists for the opposition than he does for the Dragons. He gave Penrith 2 last night.

UPDATED: Cleary escapes shoulder charge sanction as rival coach fumes at 'dodgy calls'

I’d be happier if we just forfeited a game & got it all over & done with.

For the record I’m ok with Lomax & Alvaro not signing false Stat Dec’s if they Ubered home. At least shows some integrity.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

He’ll end up at Belmore on $600k & his career to peter out to obscurity.

The most expensive brain fade since JdB‘s 3some

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Good luck to him, can only see Dufty playing as a utility though.

Bulldogs to land Matt Dufty on one-year deal

Mate I honestly think if Griffin is smart we can get through this without killing our season. A win this Friday night would be a huge lift.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Norman is going anyway at seasons end & we’ve signed de Belin to a long deal. I don’t think anyone would disagree that we’re a better team with de Belin playing.

de Belin is clearly an idiot for putting himself in bad situations but that’s not grounds to sack him.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Trbojevic is unlikely to back up on Friday so I think we’re a good chance to sneak a win. I’d stand down Fuimaono, Ellis & Alvaro this week & go for the win. We’ve go a very good record against Manly.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

If I were Griffin I’d be playing as close to full strength as possible for the next 2 weeks against Manly & GC then suspend key players Dufty, Lawrie, Lomax, Bird & Kerr against Souths effectively throw that game then have players available again against Canberra.

If Hook is smart about it we can still win 3 from the next 4.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

Can’t we all just move on? Pointless continuing to rehash the issue.

We’ve lost our number one Prop plus 12wks suspensions for the others and significant fines.

For me, the punishment fits the crime.

Why are the NRL bending over backwards to accommodate the Dragons?

I think with Su’a coming plus Burns & Ford contracted for next year I don’t see where he fits.

He has some value as a utility but as you say there are juniors in the pipeline.

The pot plant award goes to Fuimaono & Ellis for braking the rules when uncontracted for next year.

Dragons shopping spree: The big names on list to claim $800K Vaughan windfall

I posted somewhere else, big test for Hook & his coaching ability. Assuming Hunt & Sims get through Origin ok he’ll have regular first graders available;

Sims, McCullough, B Hunt, Clune, Faamausili, Burns, Williame Pereira, Ford & Ramsey

Plus fringe players;

Sloan, Amone, Sullivan, J Hunt, Mat & Max Feagai.

Enough there to put a backline together but desperately short in the forward pack.

Personally I’d be throwing the Souths game, save most of the suspensions for that game. We’re a decent chance against Manly & the GC & Canberra games are must wins.

If Hook can still get us in the semi’s he’ll have nothing more to prove to me & will deserve a 3yr extension.

Dragons' party crew still out of training

Signing a false Stat Dec is a serious crime, if guilty can be up to 5yrs in jail plus a $5500 fine. That’s the issue here.
If there were partners or mates from outside the bubble there they need to come clean & let the cards fall where they may.

Dragons' party crew still out of training

Corey Norman immortal class that was hilarious.

WANTED: Dragons seeking hide-and-seek coach to take them to next level

Hunt along with Sims & McCullough weren’t there because of potential Origin call up. Would be interesting if Hunt was aware of the BBQ & didn’t take any action. Perhaps this will come out at some point.

As for needing more players like Hunt? You can’t be serious. We just got rid of two over paid pretenders in Norman & Vaughan. Perhaps if Hunt was on $600K I’d be more forgiving but at $1M he’s been a total bust. Worst signing in JV history. All he’s going to be doing for the next 2 seasons is holding back Amone or Sullivan from first grade. If we lose one of those guys because of Hunt I’ll be livid.

Dragons players need to be like Ben Hunt

We can only hope that this was triggered by one or two ringleaders & the other simpletons went along with it out of peer pressure. Need to trust that Hook & Webb have identified the ringleaders and they have been surgically removed.

What makes a leader off the park?

It’s cost Vaughan a small fortune at the back end of his career so he won’t be able to make it up on his next contract. That’s assuming any team would even consider signing him. Off to the UK I think.

Of the others, Dufty, Beale, Norman, Ellis & Fuimaono aren’t contracted for next year. Given the golden opportunity we gave Beale I think he should be sent packing immediately.

Following players aren’t affected Sims, Hunt, McCullough, Ramsey, Ravalawa, Williame, Clune, Burns, Faamausili & rookies Sloan, Amone, Sullivan & Feagai’s.

That leaves;

Lomax: who was seen as a future Club Captain should be totally ashamed of himself. How could he captain the Club now?
JdB should be embarrassed & ashamed after everything the Club has done for him over the last 2.5yrs he repays the faith with humiliation.
Bird, the Club takes an enormous risk bringing him back after all his injuries & again repays the Club with humiliation.
McGuire, Club takes a risk bringing him down mid year, already suspended for 5wks & now this! Tear up his contact today!
Lowrie, Alvaro & Kerr: all plodders probably just going with the crowd & didn’t want to miss out. Not much expectation for any of these 3.

What makes a leader off the park?

Little simplistic but correct.

From a stats perspective Vaughan will be hard to replace, he doesn’t get injured or suspended often, plays good minutes & puts up good numbers. 262m against the Warriors.

But this isn’t a stat issue, it’s a behavioural & cultural issue. Perhaps explains why Vaughan played off the bench a few times, perhaps trouble has been brewing for a while.

Dragons shopping spree: The big names on list to claim $800K Vaughan windfall

I don’t think we’re in as bad a shape as the tabloid media would have you think. We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. Vaughan like Norman is a McGregor signing on huge money so in the long term it might be for the best. Vaughan obviously wasn’t with the program anyway.

Dragons shopping spree: The big names on list to claim $800K Vaughan windfall

I doubt Fuimaono will be retained now, he almost kills Papenhuzen (who still hasn’t played since Magic round) gets suspended for 5wks now suspended for 1wk for attending the BBQ even though he’s off contract. What a pot plant.

Dragons shopping spree: The big names on list to claim $800K Vaughan windfall

Bit harsh there, Saints are sitting outright 7th & have improved significantly from 2020.

Outstanding group of local products will be regular first graders next year (Sloan, Amone, Sullivan, Feagai’s etc)

Good coach who has plenty to prove & desperate to win a Comp.

Good facilities, passionate fan base & south coast beachside lifestyle

I think there’s plenty of upside to signing with Saints. Plus the footy IQ of the team will be higher next year with Norman, Dufty & Vaughan gone.

Dragons shopping spree: The big names on list to claim $800K Vaughan windfall

I watched the replay of the Euro semifinal this morning England v Denmark this morning

The English are playing against history with the pressure & expectation of an entire nation on their shoulders yet they played awesome & won.

Great example of a united team playing with a common purpose.

What makes a leader off the park?

Thanks for the feedback ????

To succeed in the NRL like anything in life takes an enormous personal sacrifice to achieve greatness. I’ll give the Rep players a pass (Sims, Hunt & McCullough) but the others in the playing group simply aren’t prepared to make the sacrifice. Professional athletes attending a BBQ against the clear instructions of the Club is a joke. No wonder the Dragon’s form has been so hot & cold this year, certain players aren’t putting in every week.

Where was Cody Ramsey? How can a kid in his first year of first grade show more common sense than supposed ‘senior players’? Beyond my comprehension.

The fallout from this isn’t over I think one or two players will be moved on during the offseason, Fuimaono being one of them. He’s off contract but decided to attend a BBQ rather than look after his future. What a total fool.

You can’t make this up you wouldn’t believe professional athletes could be so stupid.

What makes a leader off the park?

Dufty out Sloan starting at fullback

Seven talking points from NRL Round 14