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Blue vs Red the best of enemies

Sigmund Freud argues in his 1919 essay The Uncanny that “something is uncanny when it violates the safety of home as space. A rival produces an uncanny effect in us for two reasons: they are a double who reveals uncomfortable truths about ourselves and they threaten our sense of connection to our home.”

I agree that your countries national team is all anyone really cares about. But for us in the Southern Hemisphere Super Rugby is the feeder system into which respective national teams are made up of. A lack of quality coming through Super Rugby is already being felt by South Africa and Australia.

Not-so-Super Rugby a Pyrrhic victory

How wrong was I about this hahaha a healthy serving of huble pie thanks. Congrats to the Argentinians, fully deserved and an overall benefit for the game of rugby globally. Still stings like a bugger though when I think about it….

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the finest selection of them all?