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Now residing in Brisbane via the North East of England. Will be offering my views on the Brisbane Roar and the wider world of Football.



Hey Eamonn we can only speculate as to how much Brendan Rodgers was keen on having Arzani there. As Ive tried to get across in my piece Celtic are spoilt for choice in the forward areas.
I can’t see him breaking into Lennon’s plans any time soon, so feel a move might be best for all concerned. The only crumb I can offer is Ryan Christie’s red card and Janes Forrest display on the weekend may open a door for him.

Time for Arzani to make his move

Thanks Buddy, it was more a clumsy attempt to describe the physicality of the Championship. I think Hoolahan will adapt, be interested to see how he performs on Tuesday.

Can the Irish Messi fire the Jets to glory?

Enjoyed reading that Mike, 100% agree that purpose built Football stadiums are the way forward in terms of helping the game grow over here. How easy that will be is another matter! Doesn’t make for a great atmosphere when less than 10,000 people are rattling around in a 50/60,000 capacity ground. As a word of warning though, my team back in the UK -Darlington-moved into a 25,000 stadium around 10-15 years ago. A complete act of folly by our then chairman who did this knowing we had an average crowd of around 5000 at the time. Three administrations later we now play at a local rugby club with a capacity of 3000!
If done sensibly this is definitely the way forward though. There was talk about a 20,000 stadium being proposed in Ipswich a couple of years ago….

Boutique stadiums are a must for a national second division

Indeed Nick. Derby sold their ground to Mel Morris earlier this year. Looks like a bit of creative accounting to circumnavigate FFP. To be fair their not the only ones at it!

Rooney swaps DC for Derby County