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Lavanini set the tone alright! 😱

England vs Argentina Rugby World Cup preview and prediction

I don’t understand the infatuation with attendances. I’m not sure football in Australia is even a top 3 sport – maybe not even top 5. What sort of crowds are we expecting at matches? 30-40 thousand every game? Not going to happen. The problem for me, is playing A-League games at 30+ thousand seater stadiums. All of those empty seats and the lack of away fans creates a flat atmosphere. It seems strange to play in oversize stadiums. A ground that fits it’s fan base will create a proper football atmosphere, which will then draw bigger crowds. And in time, as the game continues to grow, add more teams that can attract 5 possibly 10 thousand a game. Expansion can come later. Smaller clubs, bigger league/leagues is the way to go imo.

How a second A-League team in Perth would work

Awesome display from Red Star who used their home advantage to the full. Liverpool looked disjointed for the first time this season. Klopp’s style of play is strenuous but that is why he has bolstered his squad to deal with hostile European nights like this. Concerning for the Reds, but hats off to Belgrade.

One night in Belgrade