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David Lord spends his waking hours keeping abreast of what’s happening in the world of sport around the world and is one of the pre-eminent voices on sport in Australia. David has been deeply involved in two of the biggest sporting stories - with World Series Cricket in 1977 and professional rugby in 1983. In those early days of WSC, David was managing Jeff Thomson and Vivian Richards. Withdrawing “Thommo” from the original WSC ended up in the High Court of England, described by David as “not a top tourist resort”. In 1983 he signed 208 of the best rugby players from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France to play an international pro circuit. The concept didn’t get off the ground, but it did force the IRB to get cracking and bring in the World Rugby Cup, now one of the world’s great sporting spectacles every four years.



Old One Eye, there’s no footballer on the planet who can be compared to Winx who can win on any track condition and do it 27 times in succession.

Mark Ella, and David Campese, are two of the very best rugby internationals I’ve seen in seven decades, but even they weren’t perfect.

But nobody ever gave any thought to selecting Ella away from 10, where he shone, and even though Campese played some games at fullback, especially during his early days, wing was where he had fans on their feet.

I’ll say the same for Israel Folau. He thrives on the extra space available at fullback, and he’ll end up being the Wallabies second greatest try-scorer in history behind Campo.

Let’s see how much space the Wallaby inside backs give him on the wing tonight.

All eyes will be on Israel Folau tonight

Totally wrong stillmissit, Israel Folau is no dummy-spitter, he’ll give 100 per cent where he’s picked because he’s essentially a rock-solid team man, and I’m dead-set against player power that twice affected the Brumbies.

My argument is Michael Cheika described Folau as the best fullback he’s got, but switched him to the wing just to see how it goes. That line of thinking doesn’t make any sense in any sport.

All eyes will be on Israel Folau tonight

Phil, how on earth can you possibly compare the Wallabies, and the All Blacks?

If only they were comparable.

Izzy on the wing - no, no, no!

BREAKING NEWS LANO, David Pocock is now captain against the Pumas, so sit back and watch how a truly international seven plays, leading from the front up front, and not swanning among the backs.

Izzy on the wing - no, no, no!

Lano, where is any mention of Michael Hooper in this column? Isn’t it amazing how many others have had “incoherent rants” about him in the past, and will continue in the future.

Izzy on the wing - no, no, no!

I’m not greedy Catchy, a win by one will do.

Cheika's perfect record over the Pumas under genuine threat

To support your comment Paul, out of the 289 visits Alastair Cook has made to the Test crease, 276 have been as an opener, 12 at three, and one at seven.

Alastair Cook poised to ride into the Test cricket sunset

You are a Rucking Oaf, the entire comparison between David Pocock, and Michael Hooper, is Wallaby-based.

Nowhere in this column is Pocock named as a Waratah when he’s only played for the Western Force, and the Brumbies.

Michael Hooper is delusional and must be benched

Harvey, look for tall potential Windies fast bowlers on the basketball courts of the USA – it’s a simple matter of cold hard.

Anderson might be the most successful, but he's not the best I've seen

Congratulations Vince, you are the only Roarer to give your reasons for change.

There are two points to comment on:

(1) Foley is one of the world’s best goal-kickers, as you know his boot has won vital Tests for the Wallabies. In a perfect combination, he takes the shots at goal up to 40 metres, when the big boot of Reece Hodge takes over for the longer shots, if Hooper wants it.

(2) You may well be right about the ABs working out the Wallaby lineout calls, but everyone misses the real problem that the Wallabies haven’t had an accurate hooker to feed the lineouts since Tommy Lawton jnr, and Phil Kearns, over 30 years ago. That’s a long time between drinks, and many a vital lineout has been lost by dreadful feeding.

There’s no law a hooker must feed lineouts, so find someone else to do the job. It used to be wingers, and they were accurate, bowling it like a cricketer when lifting was illegal. There’s nothing to stop a return to them

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

Good on you Roarers, you reckon there should be Wallaby changes after last Saturday night, but not one of you has come up with an alternative squad – NOT ONE.

That being the case, it’s fair to assume you want to stick with the same squad with the only change a replacement for the injured Israel Folau.

Then don’t complain if the ABs run away at Eden Park as they have done for the last 17 internationals at their fortress.

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

Anzeboy2460, even Bernard Foley would agree he’s no Mark Ella, the greatest 10 rugby has ever seen, so it’s pointless bringing mercurial Mark into the debate.

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

Yes DLKN, and let’s have Don Bradman batting three in the Test team.

There isn’t a new front row possible, the one we’ve got is the best available.

So instead of throwing stones in glass houses, you come up with the alternatives.

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

Mike, have you ever asked yourself why the Wallabies aren’t well versed in the basics once they pull on a gold jersey?

Michael Cheika and his staff shouldn’t have to tidy up the obvious before they are coached in how to compete at international level.

Every contender should have been drilled in basics long before, so it becomes so automatic in lower levels they can do the basics in their sleep.

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

I would prefer Jack Dempsey, but he’s injured. In support of Ned Hanigan, he would have stopped the Aaron Smith try just before the break, keeping the ABs scoreless in the first half despite the fact the Wallabies had only 44 per cent possession, and 45 per cent territory.

That the Wallabies were so courageous in the first half, and so switched off in the second demands changes with what’s available.

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

No Ben, let’s get two things right. I never mentioned kick-offs, where numerous rugby. and rugby league. players are offside EVERY kick-off.

My comment on the ABs was directed at loose and set play. They are not Usain Bolts so how do they catch the Wallaby backline well inside the advantage line so regularly?

With Israel Folau out injured, it's time to bite the bullet and make some changes

No, I use espn rugby which is the code’s bible on stats, and Israel Folau has scored 32 tries from 65 internationals for the Wallabies, so stick it Brian, do your own homework.

Is Izzy in the twilight of his stellar rugby career?

Paul, you have answered your own question, How can those American rugby-orientated spectators accept their first look at rugby league in the flesh when the scrums, as they know them, are a shambles?

Besides, why hasn’t the NRL either changed the scrum law, or made coaches, players, and referees comply with the law as written for decades.

The alternatives are pretty simple.

Clean up your own backyard Todd Greenberg, before you woo the USA

RW, if any other Wallaby hadn’t played for seven weeks, and well short of match play to meet the All Blacks, you and so many others would probably be complaining they shouldn’t be picked.

But because it’s Michael Hooper, he should play, despite being well underdone.

Some of Michael Cheika's Bledisloe Cup selections don't make any sense

David Pocock had a rotten injury run in 2013 and 2014 – FOUR YEARS AGO – he’s fine now and at least stays on the paddock.

Rugby Australia, you can't be serious?

Machooka, try telling the thousands of devoted Wallaby fans who keep fronting up every year paying top dollar to watch their side lose more than they win that telling the truth is Bitter.Nasty.Rubbish.

Try telling those parents who keep forking out $160 just about every year for Wallaby jumpers for their kids as Rugby Australia keep chang8ng the jumpers for “commercial” reasons..

Where does the buck stop?

It’sbot the coach, he’s helpless in the stand, it’s the captain who should have the finger on the pulse, ad Michael Hooper is not that person – David Pocock is, and always has been.

Rugby Australia, you can't be serious?

Harvey, I would have agreed with you two years ago, but in recent months Virat Kohli has streaked ahead.

In the time Kohli’s scored 1257 at 83.80 with six tons, Root has batted five times less for only 353 runs at 39.22, and hasn’t scored a Test ton in his last 21 digs over 12 months.

Can Virat Kohli pass Sachin Tendulkar as Test cricket's most prolific run-getter?

Yes Dan, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. With Steve Smith still on suspension, Virat Kohli is by far the best Test batsman on the planet, and he’s become more prolific and consistent in his last five months with 1257 runs at 83.80 with six tons, and three half-centuries.

As I further suggested Dan, providing he has no long-term injuries, or illness, Kohli will be very capable of giving his compatriot one helluva shake.

I’d be saying the same if Steve Smith wasn’t on suspension.

Can Virat Kohli pass Sachin Tendulkar as Test cricket's most prolific run-getter?

Ed, you miss the point, it isn’t a cheap shot – just a statement of fact.

Don’t blame the coaches for TPN’s inability to find his lineout jumpers, it’s his lack of ball sense.

You can’t teach or coach ball sense, you are either born with it, or haven’t got it.

And TPN hasn’t got it.

Food for thought for Michael Cheika

Typical Jeff, throwing stones in glass houses, but failing to not only think out of the box, but failing to give his non-existent alternative.

Food for thought for Michael Cheika