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A student and sports enthusiast aspiring to venture into Sports Journalism. First and foremost, a passionate Gunnedah Red Devils supporter.



There is nothing wrong with having faith in a Rennie-led Wallabies. With how he’s handled himself and the team in press conferences, Dave has earned my full support.

What changes are on the cards for Rennie's Wallabies in Bledisloe 3?

Honestly, whatever Rennie decides, I will be happy with. As much as I’d love to see Lolesio push JOC to inside centre in the wake of Toomua’s injury, only Rennie can know if he is ready or not.

What changes are on the cards for Rennie's Wallabies in Bledisloe 3?

Tack NV!

Australia's kryptonite is back in All Black

Hey PM, your criticism is well taken. There are certainly lots of areas on which I could improve. Although, I appreciate you taking the time to read it and hope that if you find one of my articles in the future it will be more thought-provoking.

Australia's kryptonite is back in All Black

Jacko, I haven’t seen any of the Rennie comments that you refer too. However, it is my understanding that having an opinion on an opponent’s side before competing against them is quite normal for an international coach. On the other hand, picking apart a previous game and eroding the public’s confidence in referees’ decision-making isn’t.

Anyway, lets hope for a cracking performance this weekend from both the All Blacks, Wallabies and the officiating referees.

NZ accuse Wallabies of dirty play in Bledisloe 1... while claiming 'All Blacks don't cry'

Jacko, I found your point above and I can clarify that watching a good contest and seeing my team perform well does make me excited about the future of Australian international rugby. Although, that doesn’t mean that I believe Australia to be world-beaters. I understand that it is one performance and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can replicate it this weekend.

Also, when I say “we can finally see the tables begin to turn”, I’m referring to Dave Rennie’s dealings with the press in comparison to past coaches (Cheika). It also hints to the fact that Plumtree’s comments and blaming of the referee’s decisions post-match, could be characterised as being Cheika-esque.

NZ accuse Wallabies of dirty play in Bledisloe 1... while claiming 'All Blacks don't cry'

As a Wallabies fan, it’s great to see this statement coming out of the All-Black camp because it just highlights Rennie’s professionalism! We can finally see the tables begin to turn.

NZ accuse Wallabies of dirty play in Bledisloe 1... while claiming 'All Blacks don't cry'

Lippyness isn’t such an issue for me. As a half, you need to be lippy, whether it’s organising your defence and attack or making sure the ref is watching a certain area of the game. The key reason why it’s not an issue is that the ref warned him and he obeyed. He still attempted to try and control the referee’s vision to an extent (some glasses for the touchy would be nice), found the ref’s limitations and didn’t go any further.
Hopefully, he can put in another solid performance at Eden Park.

Is there a better Australian scrumhalf than Nic White?

There is no doubt in my mind that Nic will leave it all out on the field. He always gives you 200% and you have to admire him for that. Very excited for the Eden Park fixture!

Is there a better Australian scrumhalf than Nic White?

He was making too many valid points! 😂

Is there a better Australian scrumhalf than Nic White?

Passion for sure! Wears his heart on his sleeve. See his reaction to the Hodge kick?

Is there a better Australian scrumhalf than Nic White?

What a game!

IT'S A DRAW! Bledisloe 1 ends all square

Very happy to see Petaia is uninjured! Lolesio’s inclusion makes the game even more interesting. Also, in my opinion, Brumbies have made a great decision in starting Powell. White, to the detriment of his starting position, has proven his effectiveness of coming off the bench and being able to have a substantial impact on the game. Not the same team that was decisively beaten in the last round of the competition.

Super Rugby AU final teams: Lolesio back for Brumbies, Petaia given the all-clear

His constant looking to his captain and facial expressions when he doesn’t understand the ref is kind of hilarious.

Kurtley Beale sent off in his second French rugby game

Loved the Nuggets and Clippers game 6 and 7. Nikola Jokic and Murray have been insane! Jokic is such a great team general. Although, huge praise also goes to the veteran Millsap who single-handedly picked the team up when they were down by almost 20 in game 6. I think it was at half time of game 6 when the Nuggets were down by 15 or so, Barkley channelled his inner Paul Peirce and called the game. He ‘guaranteed’ that the Clippers would win by 20. Looking pretty egg-faced right now 😂

Five things we learnt from the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs

To give an example of Rugby Union’s TMO system in comparison to Rugby League, I recall multiple situations in the Super Rugby AU competition this year when the referee was out of position and couldn’t give an absolute on-field decision. So, the ref would ask the TMO to review grounding etc. and they would usually have an answer ready almost straight away. Commentators even joked about who the ‘best’ TMO is, as in who can get a decision fastest. There is obviously always going to be some issues with any form of TMO, although in this case, I think league should understand that referees perform better when given more responsibility. Refs should be able to ask specific things rather than refer the try to the bunker and have them scrape through the entire play.

I hate the Bunker

Was going to say “two cents rugby” as well, he does some good game previews and weekly overviews.

Fox Sports is both a blessing and a curse

Spot on mate. Giannis leads the league in usage and Bledsoe hasn’t been great offensively in the playoffs, I should look it up but averaging less than 10 points a game if I’m not mistaken. I personally hope Giannis stays but he would need a show of commitment from the administration to continue building a solid team around him. Like you say, a good replacement coach would prove this.
Cheers for the article!

Milwaukee needs a culture change and the buck stops with Budenholzer

Imagine for a second, a Giannis move to Golden State. Both his and Draymond Green’s contracts are very similar. However, it is seemingly impossible because he would need to accept the 100m deal that he is on now and therefore take a huge pay cut. The Giannis trap wouldn’t work if the splash brothers were sitting on the 3-point line. I can’t begin to imagine the strength of that team.

Milwaukee needs a culture change and the buck stops with Budenholzer

Sure thing: Saturday’s game will be an absolute cracker!

Super Rugby AU qualifying final: Simply Red vs the Rebel yell

I recently went to a Gordon vs Two Blues match. The Shute Shield competition’s character was demonstrated when I noticed Tatafu Polota-Nau, who had played fourths on the day, was manning the sideline with a flag. Absolute class act.

The magic of the Shute Shield

I will be tipping with my heart this week. Go the Force!!

Super Rugby AU Week 10: The final countdown

Very excited to have Nic White back in Australia!

Dave Rennie's Wallaby XV: Who gets the nod from countless options from Super Rugby AU?

Does Pocock still play for the Panasonic Wild Knights? Would be great to see the two go head to head in Japan!

Michael Hooper to take six-month sabbatical to Japanese rugby in 2021

Great read. Didn’t catch the game, although, saw the send-off on the news. 110% agree, let the players play! Nothing worse than when a referee’s interpretation-based call decides a game.

Netball: Keep calm and carry on