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One of those irritating people that consistently rants to anyone about rugby league despite the fact that they do not care.



Yeah definitely a fair call Nat – he’s been better in recent weeks with more game fitness but certainly see where you are coming from.

Six talking points from NRL Round 10

Think Cronulla and Manly are the most likely to unseat Canberra in the four given the quality of personnel they have to come back. Sea Eagles certainly proving at the moment that attitude and hard work can be more important than raw talent.

Six talking points from NRL Round 10

My tipping is probably worse. But it’s to be expected when you are a Penrith fan and tip them every week.

Six talking points from NRL Round 10

Just a spoiler: one talking point will be on why a win over the Warriors means the Panthers are destined to win the competition this year.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 9

Got the same tips as you Scotty (but I’m on 19 too so far so no clue if that’s a good or bad thing)!

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 5

Forgot to add – the primary reason I’d have hope as a Panthers fan is because they didn’t play anywhere near their potential (for at least 50 minutes of most games) for a lot of the season and still finished in 5th. There’s a lot of improvement left in this squad, it’s a matter of whether they can capitalise on it.

NRL 2019 season preview: Penrith Panthers

Good summary Scotty and great series so far – thankfully you haven’t overreacted like Sam Thaiday has and come out predicting a spoon for Penrith after the past week’s debacle. It is certainly destabilising. Perhaps given it is pre-season they will be more desperate than ever to get out there and play but we’ll find out Round One I guess.

Penrith’s forward depth is quite strong – it was something I was worried about but there’s plenty of good back-ups in Lui-Toso, Jed Cartwright, Fuimaono, Grant even potentially Shawn Blore as a smokie.

The backline depth is solid but they don’t have the same power and strength that Mansour and DWZ have in starting their sets.

Cleary isn’t a fan of two hookers on the bench so I’m thinking Katoa plays 80 minutes. He has a long-range kicking game there that has potential but he just needs to simplify things more because too often, similar to what Segeyaro did, he jigs around in dummy-half before passing. With a massive forward pack quick service out of dummy-half is a must.

In terms of top 17, I’d say:

1. Dylan Edwards
2. Josh Mansour
3. Dean Whare
4. Waqa Blake
5. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
6. James Maloney
7. Nathan Cleary
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Sione Katoa
10. James Fisher-Harris
11. Villame Kikau
12. Isaah Yeo
13. Hame Sele (I like Sele as a ball-playing lock with JFH size up front)
14. Moses Leota
15. James Tamou
16. Jed Cartwright (versatility)
17. Jack Hetherington

NRL 2019 season preview: Penrith Panthers

That is true Adam – they have the tendency of standing up against some of the better teams but often just fall short, last year due a lack of experience in their spine.

No more excuses for the Gold Coast Titans

The Gold Coast are a tricky one. As you’ve said, defence has always been the main concern. While their squad is good, good simply isn’t enough given the talent in other squads right now. Apart from a couple of players like Brimson, who could be stars, I look at a lot of the Gold Coast’s players as just alright. Jai Arrow, Jarrod Wallace – they are hard workers and great to have up front. Ryan James likewise. Kevin Proctor is dependable. Shannan Boyd is joining, he’s decent. Outside of that, their bench is a tad underdeveloped. Their outside backs had similar issues in that they were usually a bunch of players recruited from different clubs who were fringe first graders. Tyrone Peachey is a great signing there. Ryley Jacks and Ash Taylor is a promising combo in the halves but there will still be some teething issues there.

Can the Titans make the eight next year? Personally, I don’t think so, just comparing their squad to a number of others who will be in the hunt for a top-eight spot. Defence is key. They leaked far too many points last year.

No more excuses for the Gold Coast Titans

I don’t necessarily agree that poaching Ivan was unprofessional.
It was Ivan’s choice – he clearly wanted to go to Penrith otherwise he would’ve turned it down. And as I said, Dave O’Neill led the charge for Ivan not Gould. Also, in the end, Penrith have every right to approach Cleary for 2021. Sure it may be sneaky but there’s nothing stopping them. I admit that keeping Cleary junior is probably a factor here but not the sole one. Ivan wouldn’t have been approached solely for that purpose if they didn’t see other benefits in him coaching.

If Ivan Cleary fails, Phil Gould must be sacked

Missed tackles, errors, penalties have definitely been an issue for a while… maybe Ivan’s defence-orientated coaching is what they need? More than anything, this is a team that could win the title next year easily but could just as easily miss the eight. They have a lot of players who are just too inconsistent. Particularly their forward pack, who started the year strong but got particularly lazy in defence by the end of the year.

If Ivan Cleary fails, Phil Gould must be sacked

While I understand where you are coming from Adam, I feel like a lot of people don’t like Gould as a person and therefore bag out his role at Penrith by association.

The truth of the matter is that they would not be where they are today without him. There was no five-year plan to win a premiership. The five-year plan was to rebuild the club into a successful side, which I think he has done. They’ve made the finals four times in the past five years. Increased their junior representation in first grade from 20% to 80%.

Of course, I agree – there are no excuses anymore. Gould can’t rely on those accolades alone and the next step is certainly a title.

Also, Gould wasn’t the one who went after Ivan, it was driven by the board, particularly Dave O’Neill, who was a close relationship with Cleary. So it wasn’t as if Gould went out of his way to poach Ivan, rather, by the looks of things, he simply just supported the board’s decision.

If Ivan Cleary fails, Phil Gould must be sacked

Sorry Jeffrey, of course there were some who weren’t keen on Cleary, but the majority I saw on social media were singing his praises. I understand though – I hate being grouped in sometimes with other supporters on topics I don’t agree with.

Both parties have come out of it quite well – I really don’t know what to expect with Cleary and I am really not sure how Penrith will go next year because of it. They have a top-four quality roster but could just as easily crumble if this Cleary reunion doesn’t go as planned.

Panthers officially announce Ivan Cleary will coach from 2019

I reckon the atmosphere at Suncorp for Magic Round could be far better – it depends what price tickets are for all games. If it’s realistic, then why not stay for all games and make a weekend out of it?

The matches you must watch in 2019

Tigers fans in March salivating over the thought of Nathan and Ivan together at the club.

Tigers fans in October after Nathan re-signs and Ivan leaves – “Nathan is overrated and Ivan was average.”

Love it.

Panthers officially announce Ivan Cleary will coach from 2019

Great piece Joe – the scenes of the avalanche of red as you call it were a highlight, as was the singing – it was like an EPL game or something similar.

In defeat, Tonga scored a huge victory for international rugby league

Great series Scotty! Disagreements ensued as expected but no decisions you made were absolute gobsmacking – top job on such a tough task. Agree with many that a couple of the South Sydney players could drop off the list next year. I get the sense they need to find another dimension next year to finish in the top four again as they were just too predictable come the end of the finals series. Tedesco slowly warmed to the occasion this year and he has really improved his passing game, particularly on sweeping plays with quick, short balls to Manu or Mitchell.

The top 50 NRL players of 2018: 10-1

Cheers PNG. I’m sick of the coaching merry go round personally – I just want some actual confirmation from clubs so we can move on! I don’t comment on anything otherwise because it seems someone different is linked to Manly every day.

Meet the Parramatta tragic who travelled over 19,000 kilometres to every Eels game in 2018

He’s certainly a passionate man TB – love the picture you paint though!

Meet the Parramatta tragic who travelled over 19,000 kilometres to every Eels game in 2018

Love your work AJ – honorable mention to what if Penrith actually played for the first 70 minutes of games – a question us Panthers fans will be asking all off-season.

Presenting the 2018 Crises awards

Of course, very true – definitely don’t deny that. Wasn’t trying to imply that all fans should strive to do exactly what he does. It is his loyalty they should strive to have, be it by making sure they watch or listen to every game when possible. Although Troy himself isn’t drowning in money and works hard to be able to go to each and every game so he still deserves credit.

Meet the Parramatta tragic who travelled over 19,000 kilometres to every Eels game in 2018

Cheers Paul. They’ll definitely need their pack to stand up along with Corey Norman on an individual level if he does choose to stay. The return to the new stadium should be a much-needed boost, but I still think they’ll be finishing in the bottom four, possibly scraping into 11th-12th.

Meet the Parramatta tragic who travelled over 19,000 kilometres to every Eels game in 2018

Probably good for non-Roosters fans that the Tricolours won tonight. If they didn’t, they’d surely be winning the comp next year given the pressure on them to finally deliver. Can’t see Melbourne going all the way next year without Slater. Easts could do it again but the premiers curse continues to hold strong and it’ll be interesting to see if (minus Ferguson) they can maintain the rage.

Five years on, the Roosters finally meet their expectations

An interesting point few have discussed in the lead-up to this year’s decider is the fact that at the age of 20, in his second season of first grade, Curtis Scott could win his second premiership. Many players have to wait years so it’s interesting to see how young players fare when they have achieved so much so early in their careers at club level.

I understand people being upset, but I appreciate your honesty Tim as a lot of people feel the same way. Still pumped for the GF of course but like many people, I’m just jealous of both these teams being so successful.

The NRL grand final has no peoples' champion because they both suck

Highly doubt it. Those around Allianz Stadium are already likely Roosters supporters, if they wanted to support a club and become a member, they would be members of them. Manly playing three games there won’t suddenly see people become Manly fans. It’s not like it’s an area with few NRL fans who have had exposure to the game. It will only detract fans from spending their hard-earned to travel to a home game for no reason.

I can’t see any NRL club getting on board with this. If you want to grow membership numbers, take the game to regional areas or states where there isn’t as much exposure. That is already happening and Penrith, for example, have built a solid base in Bathurst with a league’s club and a decent supporter base. If they were to take a game to Allianz, I doubt one person would sign up because of it.

All of the NRL's problems - and how to solve them