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Couldn’t agree more.

Even without the injuries, I’d be worried if I was a Golden State Warriors fan. They’ve been hit and miss against Western Conference rivals this season.

Houston are the clear favourites and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Warriors fail to make the Conference Finals – Portland, Utah and OKC look like they’re hitting their strides heading into the playoffs.

How good would it be to see a Hayward-less Jazz knock off the Warriors in the first round!?

The Golden State Warriors will not make it out of the West

For a player averaging close to a triple-double for the second straight season, Westbrook has undoubtedly flown under the radar in terms of the MVP race.

Perhaps he outdid himself last season or maybe the fact that there are five or six players that you could make firm cases for as MVPs.

As was the case last year, I think there’s a difference between being ‘valuable’ and ‘doing the most’- which is why Westbrook isn’t in the conversation.

Russell Westbrook is being robbed of back-to-back MVPs

Surely Jake Carlisle, Jack Steele, Easton Wood, Jason Johannisen and Luke Dahlhaus all get runs ahead of Nathan Brown, Blake Acres, Jarryd Geary, Shane Savage and Tory Dickson.

Completely missed the mark with this one.

What would the Bulldogs and Saints look like if they merged?