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Husband. Father of 3. Cricket tragic. Heavy metal thunder. Sci-Fi nerd. Good old Collingwood forever. It’s beer/scotch o’clock. Live long and prosper.



Great read. As a fourth generation Collingwood supporter there is no middle ground, it is always either (sorry for the pun) black or white. After the 2010 Grand Finals it was impossible to believe the Pies would not win at least one more Premiership in their window of opportunity. Everything set out here is a good assessment of why we are in the position we find ourselves in 2018.

The Collingwood vacuum

I think this is very close to the mark Adrian. Very close.

Positions vacant: Australia's Test top six

Wow. That is massive in regards to where cricket will be broadcast next summer. Surely 9 can’t do both justice at the same time?
On another point, given that 9 has the worst set of commentary teams for both cricket and rugby league, who will they get to do the tennis?

Channel Nine snatch Australian tennis TV rights away from Seven

That 90-odd minutes last Friday afternoon was fantastic in our office too. Emails flicking back and forth, we weren’t fast enough to keep up with all the wickets. Perfect way to end the work week.

Hold the press – this story's actually about cricket

Great piece, well written. I agree wholeheartedly. Let’s hope that we can return to the cricket tomorrow and get on with what we love.

Nothing will please the angry cricket mob