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The fish rots at the head at Ikon Park

Doesn’t that tell you that more than just the coach is the problem?

LoGuidice, Pratt, Silvagni and Judd are huge issues at that football club.

The fish rots at the head at Ikon Park

Fair call there for the most part James.

I tend to disagree that Dow, in particular, is still looking like a good prospect. He just can’t kick the footy. Blues supporters would be hoping it’s decision making that is letting him down because if it isn’t, they’ve wasted another top-five pick. Weitering looks scared when I watch him at the moment. It’ll be very interesting to see how they go under a new coach.

Regarding his GWS years – I’d argue anyone could have done that with the selections he had. He still got a few horribly wrong (Jonathon O’rourke at number two, Lachie Plowman at number three, Kristian Jaksch at number twelve, Tom Boyd at number one).

The fish rots at the head at Ikon Park

I don’t get why you keep saying people love potting Carlton all the time? I couldn’t care less to be honest about Carlton, I actually don’t mind them as a club. I’ll call it as I see it though, and will never apologize for that.

Also, I don’t think anyone is saying you are wrong for thinking you have improved. People just have differing opinions. I’ll ask you the same question I asked Macca, do you think Carlton are the worst team in the competition?

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Clearly they haven’t read my “biggest Losers” thread from a few weeks ago Dingo, where I specifically pointed out Melbourne.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

You’re clearly unhappy to hear some truths spoken about the blues, so I’ll stop there.

I did my research.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

It doesn’t matter what you traded them for though? Majority of them aren’t even at the club anymore, which means it was basically a waste of time? I don’t know how you are defending that trade.

“Dominated” Lynch? You can’t be serious. Lynch, who was very rusty in that game, kicked three goals, and dropped two easy marks in the forward fifty, when Weitering was nowhere to be seen. He should have ended up with five or six goals. That’s not getting dominated.

Petrevski – Seton is up a whole two disposals on last year. I wouldn’t say that is much of an improvement, considering he only averaged sixteen last year.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Also, on this point.

Chris Fagan was in his second year, when Brisbane were 0-8 last year.

Bolton is in his fourth year, and Carlton are 0-4. You’ll be at best 1-7 by round eight by the way things are shaping up.

Richmond finished 12th in Damien Hardwick’s second season, and were half a game out of the top four by 2013. Did Hardwick have more talent at his disposal than Bolton did initially? No.

Luke Beveridge got the Dogs to a premiership in year three.

Even Paul Roos got Melbourne to 13th in his second year, something Bolton has failed to do at Carlton.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Weitering ^

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

What part of their two games belongs at AFL level? Neither.

I never avoided the full trade. And do you not think Silvagni had something to do with that Jaksch trade? Considering he was at the blues soon after, it does seem quite suspicious.

He was terrible in round one. Admittedly, he’s been good over the last three weeks, but that isn’t improving, that’s just having a good month. The course of the season will see whether he actually improves or not.

Which other two have?

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Because they’ve played a combined total of seventeen games.

Trades or draft selections?

Kristian Jaksch, Rhys Palmer, Mark Whiley, Liam Sumner, Andrew Phillips, Jed Lamb and Jarrod Pickett were all bad recruits. I don’t care what you traded for them, as they were just clogging up the list.

The jury is still out on some of the draftees, but you would want to see Weitering, Cunningham, Petrevski – Seton and Lochie O’Brien would want to show considerable improvement this year.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

The Carlton injury list? How many of them players are in your best 22?

How was I dismissive of the fact the blues defensive structure caused the swans to over possess the ball? I legitimately said that it’s something Bolton has done well since he got to the club?

Yes, they were. When you are at the bottom of the ladder after two months, after not winning a game, you are the worst team in the competition.

I’m not saying it can’t turn around, but at this current stage you are the worst team in the league, as were they.

Are you arguing that you aren’t the worst team?

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Trades and draft selections that are great for the club?

Which trades and draft selections?

Williamson has played fifteen games and averages twelve disposals, and De Koning played two games last year, for a whole sixteen disposals and three hit outs.

I’m not saying they won’t be good players, but you can’t have any confidence in them being good players.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Well I answered your questions, and you gave me two sentences back.

It’s probably best not to comment, if you can’t handle people answering your supposed “questions” which were clearly rhetorical.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

I agree with that, especially the GWS part.

I think Carlton got carried away with bringing a club legend back to the club, and completely disregarded his downfalls, which they are still doing to this day.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

There’s a lot of questions to address here, so I’ll do them one by one.

Was it dewy? Yes I think it was, especially when it became overcast in the second half. Regardless of conditions, do you think having Casboult, Curnow, McKay in the same side is going to work? You would have thought that with the way McGovern plays, you can have one less key forward in the team. Not one more.

Did the Carlton defensive structure make the swans use the ball more? Maybe it did, and their defensive structure hasn’t been an issue since Bolton took over. It’s actually something he has done quite well. However, at the moment, everyone’s defensive structure is seemingly making the swans over use the ball, so let’s not act like it’s any great achievement. You’ve still conceded, bar the Gold Coast game, 97 points, 88 points, and 93 points so far this season. In the modern game, you are struggling to win letting teams score that much against you.

Do I rate Setterfield, Marchbank and Plowman? No not really, I don’t. Plowman get’s beaten too easily against the good players, and I don’t think Marchbank or Setterfield have shown any signs of being good players, as of yet.

Also, regarding the players reaction after a loss, that doesn’t mean anything. Well in my opinion anyway. How many players have acted hurt after a loss, when in reality, they don’t. If they cared as much as you think they do, they would have won that game yesterday. They have more talent on their list than the Gold Coast do, and by a fair way.

I don’t think Bolton is a good coach. I had major concerns about him when he took over, and none of them have changed. He doesn’t have any attacking bone in his body, according to his game plan. It was based around defense from the start, and he hasn’t been able to integrate enough attack into it, evident by the damning statistics I mentioned in the article.

Regarding Silvagni – He didn’t do a good enough job at GWS, so I have no idea why Carlton thought he was going to do well there. He’s consistently traded, and drafted in players that haven’t been to the standard that they originally thought they would either be at, or get too.

Let me ask you a question. If four years ago, I said to you that you would still be the worst team in the competition, would you have wanted either Bolton or Silvagni at the club?

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Well done mate!

We all get some wrong. In my opinion it won’t be anywhere near the best horse out of that race, but you don’t get paid for that!

Will be following both Millard Reaction and Green Aeon.

The Mounting Yard: The Championships day two preview

Why? They’re completely unproven in finals.

They’ve had a good start to the year, but I’d prefer to bank on those that have been good and proven themselves in finals in the past.

The Eagles have the flag at their mercy

I think some of the criticism here is because you are a Collingwood supporter, and may be offended that I said they are a long way ahead of you. But anyways..

Liam Ryan is electrifying, you only have to look at how he can turn a game in a five minute period. The things he does lifts a team, but yes, there are other exciting players. That was just my opinion.

I don’t think it’s an “opinion” that they are the best team in the competition though. They’re the reigning premiers who were without three of their best players in the finals, and they’ve won there last two, against supposed premiership contenders, with relative ease.

Regarding Kennedy, you can say that about every team. Richmond aren’t the same with their injuries which is the perfect example. You don’t judge a team on what would happen if they got rocked by injuries though? You judge it on their best 26 players.

I understand that anything can happen in the finals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the best team throughout the year, which is what I said.

The Eagles have the flag at their mercy

So Their success has nothing to do with Hardwick, and it’s all Caracella? Doesn’t sound right to me.

they didn’t win finals, but they were pretty unlucky in two out of three years not to make the top four, and that was when Hardwick had no help at all.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?

I’m not saying that it’s original, but the tigers clearly did it better than basically every other team in AFL history. Their pressure ranking numbers all throughout the 2017 and 2018 seasons, were some of the best we’ve ever seen.

You make a good point about the way they play with the new rules. I do think that this has impacted them more than a lot of other teams, but the tigers fans should have faith in Hardwick and the coaching team to readjust.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?

I agree that the tigers style of play has a shelf life, much like Port Adelaide in 2014 with there run and gun style, and then the dogs in 2016, with a very similar game plan than the tigers had.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?

Geelong have copied a very big part of the tigers game plan in the first two rounds. They, themselves have been all about pressure, pressure, pressure this year.

The new rules, in my opinion have actually reduced the quality of the game, and the level of scoring, but that debate is for another time.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?

I still think it’s largely intent driven Peter.

There’s an argument to be made, that if the tigers bring that manic pressure that we saw for the last two years, other teams simply don’t have have the time or space to kick side ways, and if they do, it brings about mistakes.

I also disagree with the statement that Collingwood are better coached. Damien Hardwick, in my opinion, is the equal second best coach in the competition. He took over a team that was supposedly as bad as Fitzroy, and subsequently took them to a premiership. Nathan Buckley took over a grand finalist, took them to the bottom six, and then took a large period of time to have them back playing finals. I’m not saying Buckley is a bad coach, in fact I think he’s very good, but the ideology of him being a better coach than Hardwick is very flawed.

I agree on the Brandon Ellis call. He’s had chance after chance, and he’s simply not doing enough to warrant selection. Players like Rioli, Butler, Broad, Castagna and Weller should also be on notice.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?

Without being too harsh after two games, I do agree with the sentiment of this comment.

There’s been signs that his style isn’t working for the best part of three years now. They lost their first six games in 2017, which never allowed for them to have a proper run at a premiership, and they finished in the same spot last year, after tapering off in the second half of the season.

It’s a huge game against the Blues this week.

The losers from Round 2 - can they bounce back?