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Hi Paul…thank you so much for bringing the mistakes to my attention. Firstly, the par score was roundabout 330. In that sense, I wrote it “If not a par one”. Secondly, I wrote it not being a ” traditional England collapse” since it wasn’t the one mainly caused by England’s own batting failures.

Sorry England bear the brunt of all factors

How does it appear me writing off New Zealand? The series part is clearly not written by me. This is me merely headlining New Zealand’s issues with pace, bounce, and even spin despite touring Australia since long.

Expectations rise but New Zealand remain stagnant

It was my own headline. I’m not sure why you can’t call it a massacre? Sure, it wasn’t a one-sided game, but Australia let England script a comeback out of nowhere. Despite a strong start by Australia in the fourth Test, England somewhere hold the psychological advantage. They may leave it behind for the time being, but it would be far from forgotten.

Headingley massacre won't fade quickly, but there's still all to play for

You really think? After Smith and Khawaja worked so hard to rebuild the innings on multiple occasions? If it was for any other batsman than Maxwell, Australia could’ve put up a fighting total against England. Strike rate counts for nothing if the knock doesn’t turn out to be anything substantial.

Australia's messy and unsettled composition leaves them dazed

I agree on it, Paul; recently, their motto is “Go big or go home”. But somewhere I had the feeling they are going to beat England. When the chips are down, somehow Pakistan are inspired to hold it all together.

Unpredictable Pakistan take a step to rediscover their lost mojo

I agree. The term Victorian was for Peter Handscomb.

Amid Smith's masterclass, Carey finds his stride with the bat