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Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie and leading constitutional lawyer Megan Davis have been named Australian Rugby League Commissioners.

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ARLC Chairman John Grant has announced on Wednesday that he won’t be standing for reappointment to his role when his current terms comes to an end in February next year.

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ARL Commission chairman John Grant has saved his job after striking a peace deal with disgruntled NRL clubs during marathon talks on Tuesday.

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A request for John Hopoate to be allowed to resume coaching Manly’s SG Ball team until the dispute between the Sea Eagles and the NRL is heard by the Supreme Court has reportedly been rejected by ARL Commission chairman John Grant.

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In the Australian Rugby League Commission’s great impetus to modernise the governance of the game in Australia, it neglected to sell its admirable vision to the stakeholders and invite them along.

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Earlier in the week, Steve Mascord wrote on The Roar about the need for cultural change in rugby league.

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Rugby league’s new, you-beaut administration is causing major consternation and alarm from just about everyone associated with the game.

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It is the view of many rugby league fans that supporting the reintroduction of the shoulder charge makes you a Neanderthal or a redneck.

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The National Rugby League has today joined all major sports, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the Australian Crime Commission, and the Federal Government in supporting a far reaching investigation into doping and integrity issues in sport.

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No season of professional sport is free from controversy, but when it’s avoidable controversy then something must be done. In the case of rugby league, it appears the game’s power brokers have woken up.

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If the Australian Rugby League Commission was looking to show the detractors they’d been far from idle in their first season in charge of the game then they certainly made their point yesterday.

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The ARLC has scrapped the controversial benefit of the doubt system after a season of clangers and dramatically overhauled the decision-making process for awarding tries.

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The Australian Rugby League Commission might have ticked a few things off the to-do list by the end of 2012, but one of their most important decisions needs to be made this week.

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It all seems so obvious now. Why wouldn’t commission Chairman John Grant, a successful businessman in his own right, turn to a man cut from similar cloth to ensure rugby league doesn’t waste the biggest financial windfall the game has ever seen?

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We are told the ARLC is poised to announce its new CEO, and if that’s the case, I offer a suggestion for the incoming boss for his first day on the job.

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The Australian Rugby League Commission has unveiled a new NRL logo and five-year game plan for rugby league, with ambitious forecasts for 2017 under the tagline “The Greatest Game of All”.

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Expansion is expected to be put on the backburner when the ARL Commission unveils its long-term vision for the game today.

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NRL clubs will receive their sustainability grants from the ARL Commission on Thursday after a $30 million funding payment was negotiated with the Nine Network.

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First things first, this article assumes from the wealth of evidence that the general public has seen that James Graham is guilty.

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The ARL Commission claims its decision to scrap the McIntyre finals system has been vindicated with the top four all securing preliminary finals berths for the first time in history.

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