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I am passionate about most sport and a year ago I developed my own dedicated sports website for which I have written hundreds of daily content pieces (including audio) predominantly on Rugby League and Cricket, but also on the EPL and NFL. I am 31 years old, Sydney based, and for the past 10 years I have worked as a Level 2 professional cricket coach for Cricket NSW’s Indoor Cricket Centre and as a Primary School Teacher (Bachelor of Education) at Summer Hill Public School. I



Certainly however it pans out it will be an upgrade on Nine. Speaks volumes that only Warne and Slater were picked up from the whole Nine crew.

Which broadcaster is winning the cricket commentary arms race?

I could be wrong but i reckon Dan Christian has his papers marked – won’t play again for Australia. Can’t argue with his output however I can’t see the selectors investing so much time in the likes of Stoinis, Marsh and Agar and then suddenly turning back to a 35 year old who will be 37 in the 2020 WC. Not saying it shouldn’t happen if he is the stand out candidate but highly unlikely. Like you say no all rounder has really put their stamp on the side.

Who should be Australia’s T20 all rounder?

I can’t see a great player like Kohli going missing like he did last time these two sides clashed. However I enjoy the fact Cummins is talking it up. Cricket needs something because it has been on the nose a bit in this country. On the surface of it you would have to say this is India’s best chance to win in Australia. Will be very interested to see if we get “broadcasters wickets” that are going to last 5 days. If Australia want to win and have a clear home ground advantage they would prepare green seamers – however I can’t see that happening.

The battle lines are drawn for India's tour of Australia

The Man of the Series award to Billy was fairly outrageous given he only played 2 games and QLD lost the series. However lets not overshadow how good he has been and how much influence he has on this QLD side. After missing nearly 2 years with shoulder injuries he came back in Game 2 of both the past 2 series and was very strong in all 4 games. I think he himself would have been a bit miffed about getting the Man of the Series.

Billy Slater goes out a winning Origin captain, man of the match, and man of the series

I was feeling a bit underwhelmed coming into Origin this year. With QLD losing 3 great players and so many new faces on both sides I thought this series might not live up to past contests. Plus there was not much hatred in the build up it was all very PC and nice – (Not ideal for Origin) However I thought the quality of both game 2 and 3 was outstanding. Rugby league displayed at it’s best.

Maroons prove there is no such thing as a dead rubber in Origin

I agree with the premise that these 3 guys can’t be expected to be at their best playing all formats. I would probably try and keep all of them to 2 formats so to keep them fresh. However the temptation in the 50 Over WC in England will be to play your best bowlers if conditions are murky with some seam.

Three doesn't go into three: Why Starc, Hazlewood and Cummins can't play all formats

Interesting article David. I think its an unfair comparison to compare Maxwell inT20 Cricket to Finch, Hales and Kohli who all either open or bat in the Top 3. When your coming in with 7-8 overs to go your never going to average as much as an opener in T20 cricket. You have 5 men patrolling the fence as well and don’t have the advantage of the powerplay where there are only 2 fielders outside the ring. Strike rate is very important. I have long thought Maxwell might be better further up the order given more responsibility. However I do agree he can be a frustrating player at times that probably has not reached the highest his natural talent deserve.

Glenn Maxwell's highlights don't paper over his failings

catcat I like Walters he just seems like a really nice guy. However nice guys do not always make the best coaches. He is feeling the strain its obvious in his demeanour – , and this is his first series loss. I thought he has made some bizarre selections calls in both series whether or not he was overruled by the selectors or not I’m not sure.

Five talking points heading into Origin 3

Fair points Paul. However its much easier to grow into a winning side. My point mainly was if NSW were 2-0 down right now he would be getting some of the Mitchell Pearce treatment. Like you said I thought he was quiet for periods in both games. However given the Blues are 2-0 up it allows players space and time to grow into their roles without the intense scrutiny that coms with losing.

Five talking points heading into Origin 3

Cheers Ryan. The amount of cricket played these days I agree that our Top 3 bowlers can’t possibly play all 3 formats at their best. I agree that Finch leading the team into the 2019 WC makes sense. He is an automatic pick, is experienced and I cant see another option that wouldn’t be considered a gamble.

Five thoughts from Australia's tour of England and Zimbabwe

Mystifying Perry and many people said so at the time. Interesting spot they have put Paine in now given he will likely be dropped and might have lost some confidence unnecessarily.

Five thoughts from Australia's tour of England and Zimbabwe

Fair points Paul. I was not really bagging Langer as you can only work with what you have got and he has proved himself an outstanding candidate in domestic cricket. My point was really he has a daunting task ahead for the rest of the year. Pakistan will be very hard to beat on turning wickets in Dubai and India have their best chance of winning in Australia for a number of years. My point was really there has been no honeymoon period.

Five thoughts from Australia's tour of England and Zimbabwe

I agree with Khawaja Dingo, his record in 50 over cricket domestically is really strong. Seems sometimes we are always looking to go with younger players when having an experienced guy there at a time like this would have been sensible. Maybe they don’t see him as an option for 2019 WC when Smith and Warner come back so didn’t want to give him the chance.

Five thoughts from Australia's tour of England and Zimbabwe

That is a positive way of looking at it Josh assuming your not being sarcastic. Some of Cleary’s signings for me have huge question marks over them. 800K a season for Josh Reynolds doesn’t look like great business to me. Packer and Matalino have by and large been underwhelming up front and are tied to long term deals. Macqueen is totally busted and done as an NRL player. Lolihea has been a big disappointment. Im a Tigers man but i am not felling too optimistic about the next couple of years.

The return of a Tigers legend

Melbourne showed to me why they remain the favourites and clearly the best coached team in the NRL. Defensively they have not quite been at their best this year however they have so much strike power across the park No team in the game could score 50 points without 6-7 key players including Slater, Addo Carr and Munster. My theory is Melbourne’s best is better then everyone else’s best and they will be desperate to be the first side to go back to back since 1992-93. I see no reason they can’t do it.

The Storm and Dragons put on attacking masterclass as Penrith keep pace with top four

And I’m sorry but Ian Healy was the most painful commentator I have heard in the last 10 years. He seemed to just talk but talking make. At times I dont think he had any idea what was going to cone out of his mouth next. There is a reason he has not been picked out and it isn’t because he is a bad bloke.

Glenn McGrath joins the Seven commentary team

Glenn McGrath he is a nice guy and an ex great player however he doesn’t do it for me as a commentator. Pretty plain voice and not particularly insightful. For me the only really good signing fox have made is Ricky Ponting. He will carry that team and is probably the best going around at the minute. Fleming can be good but often tries to be funny all the time which gets really annoying. Fox will have a far better mix with the likes of Mark Waugh, Gilchrist and Warne.

Glenn McGrath joins the Seven commentary team

Batsman often have the best years of their career in their early 30s. I think for some of the guys you mentioned the Big bash and saturation T20 cricket probably did them no favours. The likes of Cowan, Katich, Voges, North were not really suited to that game. Once your out of sight your out of mind, especially when your 30+.

Why does Australia struggle to keep experienced players?

I agree with Ed Cowan wholeheartedly. This is embarrassing every team making the finals. Would be like at the World Cup having all 4 group teams advance from each pool. Or have a 16 team NRL finals. I find it laughable. Of course 6th can knock off 3rd in a one off game. Would make a real mockery of the whole series if the team that lost every prelim game won the finals. Unlikely you would say but possible in this bizarre format.

Split your eights, Cricket Australia

I think your right. The only team with the ability to make a surge for mine is the Raiders, however invariably they cough up games they should not. Hard to see a team dropping out although Brisbane have won a number of really close games this season.

Barring disasters, the NRL top eight is set

Paine should never have been on the plane given his importance in the Test format the next 18 months. He struggled mightily in 50 Over cricket before and his body has let him down over the years. Now he would be mentally under pressure having suffered a 5-0 defeat rather then concentrating solely on the test side. I thought it was a really poor selection. Finch is more then capable of taking the reigns given his experience.

Tim Paine must be axed from ODIs

Our performances were fairly stoic for the most part. However looking at it in the cold light of day – Last in the group, no goals from open play. If you don’t have goal scorers you don’t have anything in the round ball game.

The Socceroos need to do more than just participate in the World Cup

Aaron Woods was got out of jail free. He ran put on the Tigers as captain last year setting up secret meetings with the Bulldogs. Now he has realised the Dogs are horrible and will be for the near future he has managed to squirm his way to Cronulla. It is a signing that makes way more sense for the Sharks though, then it did the Bulldogs. The Sharks will need a strong metres man in the current years. The singing never made sense for Canterbury and Woods is extremely lucky to escape.

Aaron is out of the Woods and he will be a better player for it

With the current set up you need as many genuine bats as possible. Khawaja is experienced and an established player. Im really surprised he and Aaron Finch are not nailed on as the opening batsman in a side missing Smith and Warner.

A 5-0 defeat isn't that bad, honest

Hard to see the momentum carrying over from earlier this year. Warner had the side confident and knowing their roles. This side has just been beaten around England in the 50 over format. A lot of those players are backing up here. I think England deserve favouritism but anything can happen in T20- cricket. Only really need 1-2 bats to really fire.

Australia's in-form T20I team has a chance to salvage the disastrous tour of England