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Amazing how 1 good draft/trade period from a club that already had a decent list can propel them to a premiership.

Is the 2013 AFL draft the best since 2001?

Jeremy McGovern is the best contested grab in footy, since 2016 McGovern is far away in most contested marks – second in that time frame? Rory Lobb. Not saying Lobb is the best contested mark in footy but he’s in the discussion.

Is the 2013 AFL draft the best since 2001?

A redraft might see something like:
1. M.Bontempelli – Previously pick 4.
2. P.Cripps – Previously pick 13.
3. J.Kelly – Previously pick 2.
4. Z.Merrett – Previously pick 26.
5. M.Crouch – Previously pick 23.
6. B.Brown – Previously pick 47.
7. J.Billings – Previously pick 3.
8. D.Sheed – Previously pick 11.
9. J.Sicily – Previously pick 56.
10. T.Barrass – Previously pick 43.

Is the 2013 AFL draft the best since 2001?

Been top 10 in contested marks per game every year since 2016, can’t really complain with that.

Is the 2013 AFL draft the best since 2001?

Fair to say due to the patriots dominance free agents didn’t want to join the other teams in the AFC East – why go to a team when the chances of winning your division is very slim? Definitely helps the disfunction from the Jets, Bills and Dolphins

We won't see another dynasty like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

I can’t help but feel like Doncic is something special, putting up the numbers he is at such a young age screams future MVP

Luka Doncic is the best show in basketball

Agreed a few more veterans will only grow the NBL. Plenty of Free Agents over in America at the moment that would fit right into the NBL.

The NBL needs LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton to succeed