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Why it's one step forward, but another one back in women's Origin evolution

Good Read: Now if you’ll allow me a few counter points.
– The Interstate series was well over 40 years ago now and means very little to younger fans.
– I personally could deal with Cronulla getting relegated to first grade if that meant the Blues won the series.
– NSW fandom actually grew in the dark years when we lost 8 in a row (or 1 in ten) so that shows we are anything but fair weathered.
– we got annoyed at them claiming underdog status when their side has 10 kangaroos in it.

Anyway I’m looking forward to the game and up the Blues.

NSW humiliated Queensland for 18 years - no wonder the Blues can't match their special breed of hatred

Mike I think you are one of the best sports writers in the county, but you’re way off here. The football is almost secondary (although I still think there are some good fixtures) it’s about the event which people love. It brings in the crowds, makes a fortune and gets great coverage. It’s almost a perfect event (I mean look at the way it’s executed compared to the RU equivalent in Melbourne) and to say it’s flawed is way off the marelk.

Magic moments unlikely as concept feels strain of injuries and lopsided draw - but one Super League fix could help

He is a Kiwi living in Melbourne who adores Rugby Union, why would he know or care about a team based in Western Sydney?

The Wrap: Spare a thought for injured players as Super Rugby’s two rutting rhinos deliver an epic final preview

The more female voices in the room the better the culture. Great Artcle Mary.

V'landys may as well be executive chair because he's doing both jobs but league needs to fix lack of female leadership

Some really grat thinking here, would be great to see the NRL expand their assett base into a new sport, much like the AFL do with Netball. Turn NRL clubs into diversified businesses.

Fantasy footy: How a Rugby Australia and NRL partnership could actually work

He’s a Concord Burwood Boy so bring him home!
In saying that he won’t go to the Chooks, but it’s classic negotiating by his management. Leverage off East’s and maybe a Japanese club and RA will have to offer 7 figures.
The high profile chase of league stars and happily paying them overs is going to bankrupt the code.

NRL powerhouse target Wallabies young gun as replacement for Suaalii

There will be no players left by then, the NRLW will have signed them all. Look at this year.

Cattle class-flying Wallaroos blow up at RA's double standards, question big money Suaalii move

The article was about collobaration, so i am not really sure aht your point is?

Ada and Canada show peace can exist between the rugby codes

That makes far too much sense Jane.

Ada and Canada show peace can exist between the rugby codes

And ther lies the problem with Super Rugby, there is no burning desire to win the thing so audiences do not care. It is great that the Rebels are developing Victorian players, I wish the Storm would do more of it. But the fact that they don’t care aboput winning the thing is the issue with Rugby as a whole here. Australians love a team that wins championships, that week in week out pushes for glory and takes the fans with them. Until the Rebels realise this, they will keep losing fans. Creating Wallabies is great but if you do not aim to win championships, no one cares.

The Wrap: How the Rebels are trying to bridge the chasm between club and Super rugby

Anyone from West of Homebush bay drive should not be allowed to talkm about Rugby Union ever I reckon terry!

‘Absolutely nothing to worry about’: League shouldn’t fear union’s player raids

Fair point but I would still argue that 55k is not enough top be full time on these days.
And i do not want to get lost in the weeds but she did mention the Sevens program being “full Time”

‘It says something to me that players like Pelite and Tonegato are coming across to play in a competition that is not full-time professional from a program that is full-time professional’
Direct quote, so it was hardly omitted. All sports in Oz (with maybe the exception of tennis and golf) do not pay females enough especially Rugby Union.

‘Absolutely nothing to worry about’: League shouldn’t fear union’s player raids

Mate the women in the sevens program earn on average 40k a year, it is hardly full time?

‘Absolutely nothing to worry about’: League shouldn’t fear union’s player raids

Well said mick, I know for a fact the author is a fan of Women’s rugby and a massive advocate for the athletes who play it.
Rugby should spend their money sorting out western Sydney, paying women’s players and improving indigenous representation not paying overs for League players.

‘Absolutely nothing to worry about’: League shouldn’t fear union’s player raids

I was at the NRLW double header semi final and the amount of Wallaroos players in the crowd was telling. I think Rugby is going to see an exodus with the amount of top level players leaving the game.
I asked some of the players about Super W and they said that they have been told that there is no money to pay them so they are looking at other options.
How come they did not budget the payment of players into the Broadcast Deal?

What we learnt from Super W this season

Lets use North Queensland as an example for a moment. Queensland have their own second tier competition, Not Harvey Norman a huge amount of the worlds beating Brisbane broncos once played in that comp so we know the standard is good. It is the closest team to PNG which is a gold mine for talent and interest and they already have a funded bid and competition for spots. Exactly how do you not think that the competition cannot sustain 2 new clubs in OVER 12 months?

NRLW, Origin expansion exciting steps in move toward full-time professionalism

The Storms majority of players will come from areas like the Sunshine Coast, It is a very similar expansion model to the NHL – do you think areas like Texas and Southern Florida are full of gun Ice hockey players? – and it works really well. So i say expand into Melbourne.

NRLW, Origin expansion exciting steps in move toward full-time professionalism

This is a fairly accurate take from what i can see. I am a fairly casual unengaged fan of SFC but I did live in Liverpool for a time and I can understand why people get drawn into being an engaged fan of the big clubs over there.
The brands of these mega clubs are built around a model of no matter how far away you are, you are part of something special, even Liverpool’s YNWA mantra immediately makes people feel part of something, the turn their stadiums into cathedrals spoken about with reverence and their former players are held in such high esteem they are only mentioned in hush tones.
I am not an LFC fan by any stretch but I am just saying they are an extremely slick operation and it is not as simple as people choosing a club like them over their local Football team in the suburbs, people are desperate to be part of something epic, almost mythic and these organizations fill that void, Aussie Football teams do not from my experience unfortunately.

The A-Leagues' brand managers deserve to be sacked

Mary the mob has spoken, Parra red hot favourites, enjoy that.

Want to criticise NRLW players' performances? Great, but don't ignore their wider context

Well Said Toa, Union folk don’t even realise how much they look down on those outside of traditional circles. Look at their mouthpieces like Peter Fitzsimons and Geoff Parkes. They absolutely hammer the NRL and its fans but preface it by saying “but I like League”.
Great article by the way.

Could the Panthers be key in rugby union's future in Penrith?

It is mate, everyone wears that on site 😂

The Wrap: Player welfare no concern as All Blacks take it up a notch in Auckland

Don’t give up Mike,
“Because sometimes you fight and you win, stand up and fight to give in”

I'm not sure how much more of the A-League I can take

I read your article, just made an honest mistake, and you chose to belittle and your echo chamber piled on me instead of either ignoring me or kindly correcting me, and you wonder why Union is losing fans in the thousands, because you as media alienate instead of educate.

Force ready for Super Rugby AU scalps, but Sunwolves won’t make the trip

Thank you Pinetree.

Force ready for Super Rugby AU scalps, but Sunwolves won’t make the trip