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Surely the most curious part of all of this is why Inglis targeted Tommy T? Did word get out that if you break Tom Trbojevic you break NSW? Does he owe him money? Was there an incident at the cafeteria earlier in the evening over the last piece of lasagne? The mind boggles…..

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

Good point. Further to that, and hopefully as a Blue supporter, further evidence of Fittler getting the ‘rubbish’ out of this Blues side was the way Lattrell Mitchell kept it together whilst Chambers was mouthing off at him. In the end Mitchell outplayed Chambers and totally showed him up.

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

I didn’t think Inglis’ hit on Tommy T was a cheap shot.

Chamber’s kneeing Cook was the biggest cheap shot in the whole match.

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

Improvement can come from Cleary. Great debut from him, but he has another gear in him, and also Peachey was only used for a handful of minutes at the end.

Freddy's baby Blues strike first in Origin opener

True Tom. But he did make up for lost ground by planting his knee into the ribs of Cook – an act which surely defines Chamber as a champion and a man of great character. Sure, he’s as dumb as a door, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Queensland Maroons player ratings: State of Origin Game 1

I hear what you’re saying, but why is it, without fail, every NRL player who talks about playing Origin describes it as a level totally above NRL? They all say it’s harder and faster. And of course we al know that outside of semi-finals and a GF, what’s at stake is far beyond a weekly NRL game, which has to increase the whole intensity of it for players.

The more Origin changes, the more it stays the same

Put aside for a moment the physical skill lost by not having Smith, Thurston, Cronk and Slater there – this is just the tip of the ice-berg. It’s the football IQ that’s now missing without these players. Their ability to read not only the mood of a match, but to highlight what needs to be done and when in order to change the momentum of a match, and then being able to always execute the play itself is what Queensland will miss the most. They come right back to field now and watching how this plays out is what holds the most intrigue for me in this first match.

Three keys to NSW Origin 1 victory

Ferguson’s performance vindicated why you wouldn’t put him in at Origin – just too damn risky!

Roosters hold off fast-finishing Tigers

If NSW gets thoroughly beaten, it may not be the end of the road. It may be a simple tweak like bringing in Aitken for either Mitchell or Roberts and Josh Jackson for Crichton.

New South Wales will annihilate Queensland on Wednesday night

Well, I’ll put my hand up here. I thought the sarcasm was being directed towards the cucumber.

Freddy's team will either work really well or fail miserably

Hey Ben,

This was hilarious – seriously funny stuff, man, keep it up please!

Origin 1 teams analysed

In much the same way that Tommy Raudonikis missed his weekly elocution lessons with Stuart Wagstaff. Boy, those were the days…

Origin 1 teams analysed

That’s the funniest piece you’ve written – great stuff.

NSW team now to be officially announced via leaks

I never thought I’d live to see the day that I was reading a thread that contained both Blake Ferguson and the wave-particle conundrum in it

Freddy's team will either work really well or fail miserably

Take another look at Game 2 from last year – both Jackson and Corder busted everything in that match. You want someone to point the finger at look at Hayne and Graham in the last 10 minutes.

Freddy's ambition to blood will cut NSW

Couldn’t agree more. As Freddie, said, in relation to the failures of the last 12 years – what exactly are we holding onto?

Freddy's team will either work really well or fail miserably

I’m glad you picked up on the Ferguson ‘cool as a cucumber’ reference. I would have thought a fairer analogy would’ve been Frank Spencer from Some Mother’s Do Have ‘Em.

I know he has some good moments, but sometimes he looks like Don Knotts on steroids.

Freddy's team will either work really well or fail miserably

I really enjoyed this article – quite a formidable team. The only selections I take issue with would be Graham, Ferguson and Dugan for their on and off field selfishness and that Fittler wants to rid the team of. Also, Tamou has had plenty of opportunities in the past, and has never really set the world on fire.

I hope Fittler remains flexible in that he’ll bring in a ‘Sims’ Jackson’ or ‘Aitken’ if any deficiencies are apparent from Game 1- even if the Blues win it. This was one of Daley’s failures as a coach.

The side that Brad Fittler didn't pick

Yes, it’s the amiable, mellow types you have to watch out for.

Freddy's ambition to blood will cut NSW

Absolutely agree on Wade Graham. Watched the 2nd match from last year again last night – the last 15 minutes from Graham and Hayne sent me into the foetal position. Summed up by selfish, il-disciplined, head-loving plays

Freddy's ambition to blood will cut NSW

Once the 19 players knew, you can multiply that straight away by a factor of 3-4 – partners, family, close mates etc. Of course it was always going to get out. But really, no big deal.

Regarding Laurie Daley as a coach…please! A stubborn refusal to pick in-form players and stick with incumbents who disrespected the jumper, their coach and Blues supporter, and then top it off with a total lack of tactical acumen and strategy is what summed up his tenure.

A case in point is the fact that Tyson Frizzell could only make the team through an incumbent being injured. We got sick and tired of being told that this player wasn’t ready yet, or that player wasn’t ready yet.

Freddy is a breath of fresh air!

Who leaked the NSW Origin squad to the Daily Telegraph?

I think you’ll find Cordner went missing in Game 3 of last year because he wasn’t fit, was playing injured and should never had been picked to play. I hope Freddie throughout the series only picks players who are 100% fit. The Origin arena is a harsh spotlight and quickly exposes players who are even remotely off the pace.

Who will play for the New South Wales Blues?

Not sure this analysis based on putting the defeat solely and squarely at the feet of one person because he’s the captain makes any sense. Have you considered ego inflated centres who fail to pass to a winger when a near certain try looms’ or back rowers giving away dumb momentum-stopping personalities; or dumb-arse backs who selfishly go out on the piss as part of their prep.

I would have thought these places wild uncover more reasons for last year’s defeat than what you’re suggesting about Cordner.

The NSW Origin selection meeting promises to be lively

Truer words have never been spoken.

I wrote off Wayne Bennett during dinner last night and this morning I woke up to find myself pinned underneath an oak wardrobe.

Write off Wayne Bennett at your own peril

Your’e missing ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber’ – sorry, I mean Dugan and Ferguson.

What would be Queensland's dream Blues team?