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I run a site for cricketer, Viv Tufnell. Viv operates in an alternate Sheffield Shield universe. Google Viv Tufnell on the interweb to find him.



Yes indeedy, Liam makes a hell of a case for expanding the parameters over what is realistic and what is not.

A grievance from the unrealistic attempt

Love the look of Pucovski

Shield youngsters strike cause for optimism

If you average over 40 against Australia over a long period, you are a great player. No doubt about it. Whenever I browse Cricinfo’s statsguru career summaries, I’m surprised over how many supposed great players have done poorly against us. Cook is one that has, so kudos to him.

Alastair Cook is an all-time great

Did Trump pave the way for Warne, or the other way around? Either way, Warne’s take on O’Keefe is symptomatic of this post-truth age.

Is Mitchell Swepson the leg spinner Australia has been looking for?

Warne averages 40 in shield cricket … sure you can argue that he played most of his shield cricket when coming back from long term injuries .. but a 40 average, nevertheless. Kind of a blot in his copybook that record. Still, knob that he is, he’s the best spin bowler I’ve seen by a mile.

Is Mitchell Swepson the leg spinner Australia has been looking for?

Well said Dutski. Warne’s take on O’Keefe raised my eyebrows too and I was sure the numbers were around that (though, I didn’t know O’Keefe’s BBQ cup numbers were that stark.) O’Keefe has proved himself as the stand out spinner in Shield cricket. Warne has again proved how ignorant he can be

Is Mitchell Swepson the leg spinner Australia has been looking for?

Hoggy makes T20 more creditable than any other player in the BB. No bowler remedies the problems T20 has between the balance of bat and ball better than he. When Hoggy is bowling, the balance is restored; better still, it is re-calibrated in favor of the bowler, such is his beguiling effect.You gotta love him for that alone, because when T20 grows up and we get more scientific about it, Hoggs effect will be something they measure in the lab. Cricket’s future is still bright if we’re down to just T20 in 50 years thanks to Hoggy.

Brad Hogg gets younger every year

Funny Riordon

My mate Phil was plagued with the ‘This is lucky Phil’ thing for years. Drove to him to drink … and drink driving ironically enough!

Local man Gary getting 'real tired of everyone's shit'

I’m dismayed about the Cartwright selection. Sure he might be a good prospect, but I’d like to see a few seasons of substance in the shield first, not just some promising numbers in a handful of games

I know we like having the fifth bowler, but in the absence of someone knocking down the door for selection, I prefer No 6 to be a batsmen.

Craig While is still only 33, is the shields highest run scorer this year and averaging 75. He also made big runs in the BBQ cup

Those numbers are a battering ram.

The Australian Test side needs Hilton Cartwright

‘There are also plans to have a dance pole somewhere around cow corner.’

Wanted to add to that …. ‘Though, the thinking is, a dance pole around cow corner would send the wrong sort of message about the attractiveness of the dancers.’ … but got the chop in the edit. Thanks anyway for publishing roar. Mucho appreciato.

The Gabba had a pool, the MCG will have...

Ripper read again Dan. Keep em comin

PS I had to look up cognitive dissonance … I’m a little bit smarter now for the google search. And the gag works!

The Liebke Ratings: Australia v Pakistan first Test

Aw, I love me creams, Rellum. I’d miss em if they were spurned.

We have so much to lose if Test cricket goes the way of the dodo

Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t, Don. But we do live in times where everyone seems preoccupied about its welfare.

Cricket’s finest mode is healthy here and in England, but elsewhere it’s in real trouble. Also, when you have players like Dave Warner saying they couldn’t say no to $50 mill contracts to play in expanded T20 leagues, where is that gonna leave Test cricket? If the IPL expands to a longer season, and I dare say it will, who’s to say our best cricketers aren’t poached from the national team.

Money talks, as they say, and I just can’t help but feel that the IPL one day will run for a 6 month season, because that would generate more income than any other construct.Come that day, the cricket world as we know it will be shaken to its foundations.

We have so much to lose if Test cricket goes the way of the dodo

Dr RC, do you rate Adam Voges in the top 100 batsmen to have played Test cricket? And if so, at what number to you place him?

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Do you rate Adam Voges in the top 100 batsmen to have played Test cricket? And if so, at what number to you place him>

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Don, if I sounded angry anywhere in this thread, it’s because I refute that this piece was bitter. The piece was just a bit of junk a put together in a lunchbreak. It wasn’t motivated by anger; it was fueled by concern. To quote David St Hubbin, “I think we’re stuck with a pretty dismal looking album cover” if we have a minimum of 20 innings to make an all time batting average table. If we’ve learnt anything about substance over this Voges’ business, it’s that 31 innings doesn’t deliver it.

Anyway, I think Paul D seems a to have a good handle on you .. you don’t let facts and evidence get in the way of your agenda. And just out of interest, would you say Voges makes the top 100 batsmen to have played Test cricket? I’ll venture 99 out of a 100 people would argue he doesn’t.

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Don, Voges made a mountain of runs within a Himalayan range of run making. He only ever made runs when everyone made runs. When the going got tough, we got nothing out of him. Steve Smith and Dave Warner showed spine in these periods. That’s fair analysis of his time in the baggy green … it’s not cherry picking to suit my argument.

I have nothing against Voges. This is just an argument about calibrations. While Cricinfo run their all time averages with a criteria of 20 innings, the less credentialed are in the mix. Voges 31 innings illustrates that even a mediocre can end a career with an elite average should the circumstances be favorable. And that needs to be factored into the config of any table presenting all time stats otherwise the tables are worthless. But no biggie … indeed I was only ever aiming for satire in this throwaway piece. Guess I screwed up my calibrations as much as Cricinfo

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Here’s a little bit of perspective on Voges:

In 18 innings against England, South Africa and Sri Lanka at home where their bowlers are formidable, he averages 20.52. TWENTY POINT FIVE TWO! That is the record of a tailender. A handy tailender I grant you, but a tailender nonetheless. So we have someone sitting under Bradman who is a essentially a tailender when playing against the world’s best teams. Further, look at the series averages against New Zealand and the West Indies last year. You’ll find just about every batsmen in Australia’s top order averaged Bradmanesque numbers over the 8 tests. So when the going is easy, Voges can bat as well as Dizzy Gillespie on a Chittagong autobahn, but when the going is tough, he’s a mug. That is deserving of number 2 on the all time batting charts?

Dr Rotcod and Don Freo, you’re entitled to your opinions, but the thing is, they’ve come at the expense of your logic. The numbers don’t lie. Vopes was a mediocre and the only thing he really achieved in Test cricket was to be the most voracious pig at the trough in last summer’s run glut. Logic screams that needs to be calibrated into any equation about who sits under Bradman.

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Wow. Bitter? Care to substantiate that? I expect you’ll bring forward examples where I’ve put a blowtorch on bullsh*t. Enjoy your delusion that Voges’ deserves his place on a list with the all time greats. We who care about parity don’t enjoy his numbers loitering near Bradman’s. They only do because they’ve made the qualification too low. That is deserving of criticism.

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Game, set and match to Sheek

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Choc full of great lines, again. The Liebke ratings always make my morning

The Liebke Ratings: Australia v New Zealand first ODI

Well said Sheek. Pollock is revered by everyone in his era and former greats. No doubting his credentials in a list celebrating outstanding batting.

Cricinfo make the qualification 20 innings, which exudes Barnes’ 19 innings. Barnes would be number 2 if they calibrated it a little lower. Perhaps they now need to calibrate it a little higher to exclude Voges? Time will tell I guess. I find it a bother that he should sit with such exalted company when we all know what he really is.

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Bar 1 test, Headley only played Australia and England and averaged 60.00. Averaged 71 v England, for that matter.

Headley is an all time great.

Voges showed what he was when the going got tough.

Anyone who feels Voges has earn’t s spot in the rarefied echelons is being unbalanced

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

Hey Ryan. I think what we’ve learned from the Voges quirk is that one sparrow doesn’t make a summer. The tables would best serve cricket if they only accommodate elite players. I don’t like a construct where young fans in decades to come are poring over the all time stats and having to decipher substance from quirks … raising the qualification takes care of that.

The ghost of 'The Don' on Adam Voges

I think Tendulkar needs to split the pills he’s on. Two pitches for each match?

A better way would be a variety of pitches over a season. Some with juice and some parched … it’s crazy nuts to simulate all seasons in one day

Tendulkar has a great idea - are BCCI and other boards listening?