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An 18 year old who loves all sports, namely the likes of AFL, cricket, tennis and NFL. Scott Pendlebury, Adam Gilchrist and Tom Brady are a part of my all-time favourites.



O’Keefe is 32 years old, what is the point of picking him in front of a young up and comer for a dead rubber match? As Warne said, O’Keefe isn’t the right man for the test team going forward, so the selectors should continue with their notion towards youth. Agar is not a prodigious turner of the ball, and his biggest test match contribution was his 98. Other than that, is he really the spinning all rounder that will take wickets in India? I doubt it. Also, it would be appreciated if you could be a bit more respectful with your comments, as this is an opinion piece and just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean that I am wrong. Don’t create an environment that disencourages young people wanting to learn and gain experience.

The 12-man squad that Australia should have picked for Sydney

I think that picking Sayers would be a good Chrissie present no matter what, as a deserved Baggy Green would be respected by the cricket community. If you read more clearly, I described Maddinson’s dismissal as a shocking error due to the selectors going back on their word, as their idea of picking young players and sticking with them has been contradicted. Also, I would say he does have talent, as he has the right shots to succeed at the level. 6-7 years ago a lot of people said that Warner wasn’t good enough for test level and that he was a limited overs specialist, it may be a rare case but look where he is now. On one last night, it would be great if you could be more respectful to young authors in future, as this is an opinion based article and in turn just because you have a different opinion doesn’t make the other person incorrect in any sense.

The 12-man squad that Australia should have picked for Sydney

This article epitomises my thoughts perfectly! One of my friends who happens to love the Sri Lankan team started insulting Starc and his ‘sledging’ compared to Boult, who was apparently better just because he didn’t sledge! I almost choked on the clean oxygen before beginning my counterargument, which was how on Earth Starc sledged, especially in the final. He seemed to forget Yadav, Riaz and Southee tearing strips off us in previous games, as he also proclaimed Sangakarra as a quiet and humble player both on field and off. This article proved the decisive point as he finally had to swallow the bitter pill and admit defeat. Thank you for stating your thoughts, as many people don’t understand that throughout all of cricket’s history sledging has been accustomed. There is no competitive and high quality cricket without sledging, it is a harmless and fun part of the great game.

Sledging or spirit: Why are only Aussies in the crosshairs?

Gilchrist in the 2007 World Cup Final?

Was De Villiers' the best ODI innings of them all? I don't think so

I would still put Pattinson in that squad, when he is on song he and Cummins could rip through any batting attack.

2015 Cricket World Cup: My Australian XI and squad

It is a way to analyse the left armers waiting in the wings, as the topic makes it relevant.

Will Mitch replace Mitch, or is there another leftie waiting to swoop?

Trust me, I don’t choose the pictures. He would be at the bottom of my list.

AFL Round 21 preview

Definitely wasn’t my finest tip!

AFL Round 20 review

I wouldn’t call you crazy, I was on the verge of picking them too.

Round 18 AFL preview: Part 1

Do you mean Jack Frost, not Nick Frost?

Things have changed for the Pies and the Power

In the end those tall forwards (other than Jenkins) didn’t beat their opponents. None of Adelaide’s defenders could take Gunston either.

AFL Round 17 preview


AFL Round 16 review

That comment was for you. Now go do something with your life instead of bagging a kid’s writing.

AFL Round 16 review

No I think that Sydney would beat any other team at the moment, as North Melbourne have only played their best football in a few matches this season. Why are you here annoying a kid’s writing? I’m only 14, maybe you should go write an article for yourself and see how perfect it is. Why are you being rude to me because of my opinion? I’m allowed to have one, aren’t I? Please don’t be a person who just goes around and hates on people’s articles.

AFL Round 16 review

I tipped Port by 4 points. The margin was still right, it was just that I picked the wrong team.

AFL Round 13 review

What else could Jack Frost and Tom Langdon have done? Those two have barely put a foot wrong this season. Considering both are playing their first consistent season of AFL footy, they have surely got to be rewarded for a great season so far.

My mid-season All-Australian team


My top 10 AFL players of the past 25 years

Thanks a lot!

AFL Round 9 review

Sorry I didn’t make it clear. I was referring to the fact that there was a replay at all, as the draw the week before was more the infamous story.

Rest in peace Tom Hafey

Breust isn’t a full forward and Kennedy has had one good game against GWS. Put Hawkins in at the top because he has won two games off his own boot (two more than Roughead) and put Dawes in for Kennedy.

Who are the AFL's best full forwards?

If you had actually looked a bit more you would have seen that I wrote a preview to this round. In my review I answered the questions I asked in the preview. Of course those two games weren’t big talking points before the round because most people expected adelaide and north Melbourne to win.

AFL Round 7 review

I know that, I originally wrote Brodie Grundy but the website changed it.

AFL Round 7 review

Oh gosh that is a definite auto-correction!!

How long will Australia’s dominance last for?

Dockersfan I think that that comment is a bit rude. First of all I am absolutely not drunk considering I am only 14 years old. Secondly, the reason why I didn’t put those players is in because only Crowley and Macaffer tag week in week out. The others can run with players but don’t do it every match. I also did include Crowley in my article so maybe you need to be the one who opens their eyes mate.

Are taggers necessary in the AFL?

Gecko I am actually a 14 year old Collingwood supporter who believes that the way Brent Macaffer shut down Trent Cotchin on Friday night by holding him/putting arms around him is the wrong way to shut down a star opposition player.

Are taggers necessary in the AFL?