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Steve Mascord has covered rugby league in 15 countries and worked for most media organisations that regularly feature the sport, on both sides of the globe. He started off as an 18-year-old cadet at Australian Associated Press, transferring to the Sydney Morning Herald just in time to go on the last full Kangaroos Tour in 1994. He spent three years at Sydney's Daily Telegraph from 2006 before going freelance at the conclusion of the 2008 World Cup. Steve is the author of the book Touchstones, host of the White Line Fever podcast, partner in international rugby league merchandise start-up Mascord Brownz and proprietor of and He is married to Sarah and spends most of his time in London.



Wrong time of the year though. Super League season runs parallel to the NRL.

Can non-NRL rugby league be sold more effectively to Australians?

To say I write a column every week because I am payed to does not equal making things up, by the way.

Days of NRL raids on England's stars could be numbered

I’m glad you liked it. I wasn’t being sarcastic, just reporting the banal truth!

Days of NRL raids on England's stars could be numbered

You’re close. I am paid to do a piece a week for The Roar. This is quite simply the best I could do this week. Every week is just the most interesting thing I can think up. There is no overarching strategy except putting in a monthly invoice.

Days of NRL raids on England's stars could be numbered

I was shooting for the fire eater and the lion tamer, actually.

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

It would be where it is now – pre-season, two weekends instead of one.

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

Yes! You got me!

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality? . We will restock before the weekend.

Why rugby league has got the Great Britain Lions all wrong

No. I live in London.

The huge – and long overdue – change in Australian rugby league

Great post Papi but I care about what I care about. At 50 I’m not going to start caring about something because I am told to. I cheer rugby league against other sports the way you cheer Souths. That’s my passion.

What rugby league really means to us

No. I like the actual thing of music infinitely more than I like the actual thing of rugby league. There’s light years between them in that regard. If I could get more paid work in music right now, I suspect I’d drop this caper completely. But there was a fork in the road 30 years ago and I took the one marked “rugby league”…

What rugby league really means to us

What a lovely post. It’s not hard for a comment at the bottom of a story of mine to outshine the story – happens all the time – but this is one of my favourite examples.

What rugby league really means to us

It’s just a game mate, something to do and talk to people about. A way to fill in time before you’re filling in a grave. Winning, losing, right decision, wrong decision … what does it really matter? If it doesn’t help you enjoy life, walk away! It won’t miss you if you don’t miss it!

What rugby league really means to us

Salford rarely get more than 5000 and on a Thursday night against another poor drawing team from the other side of the Pennines – with an accident on the M62 – I was stunned there were that many there.

Huddersfield hooker 'out cold' after tackle attempt gone wrong

The Roar are free to publish or not publish the column and set any parameters they wish. I’m free to submit a column on any topic that crosses my mind. If I’m bored writing about football, I’ll write something like this.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

I’ve got no responsibility to treat these issues proportionately. I am not an NRL or rugby league roundsman anymore. I no longer have the platform to do this even if I had the inclination. I write one column a week on The Roar. It works like this: “er, what can I write about?” I even ask Twitter most weeks. If I’ve not go a new idea I go back back to a thought I had before and did not write about. That’s what happened here. I don’t HAVE to write about anything and equally there is no obligation NOT to write about anything. The privileges of poverty.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

Pay this guy my pocket money this week. My column should be a comment under this, not the other way around.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

Yes mate it’s on Sky and people in the north have parties. I am going to Belushi’s in Camden tomorrow for a watch party but will be all Aussies. It is very, very big in the league community but the general public are completely oblivious to it – they’re oblivious to rugby league generally. It doesn’t transcend the sport.

Making trouble? It's a tough job, but...

now I’ve no desire to go too far down this rabbit hole but in the case of lots of prejudice and bigotry, it’s important to consider the concept of historical debt. Women can objectify men openly whereas the reverse is less and less true because men have always done it. Black Americans can use the ‘N’ word amongst themselves but whites can’t use it at all because they’ve always been the oppressors repressed. Who is doing it is at least as important as what is being done. One of the underpinning principles of the so-called PC world is the fact that we have to repay the debts of our forebears. I am completely OK with that. It DOES NOT go both ways. We have to accept it. I think it’s quite fair.

Making trouble? It's a tough job, but...

Please. I’m SOUTHERN English. I live in London.

Now that we're thinking outside the square a little...

I left.

MASCORD: Is patriotism compulsory?

And I say do it – even if it’s wrong in a wider context – and pay for doing the wrong thing because it’s right for this sport, right now.

The money the NRL makes from its behaviour crackdown will easily finance the lawsuits

Next World Cup is government funded and has placing itself at arm’s length from the domestic game. It’s much much better funded, if you look at it per-game, than even the NRL. The World Cup wants to transcend rugby league in Britain, not be a reflection of it.

How many rugby league clubs can fill a stadium with just their own fans?

At Mascord Brownz if a big game doesn’t have a program, we offer to do one – for free. The body running the game can post them on any website they like as an eprogram but then we print them and sell them because English fans love, as they spell them, programmes! If the host organisation wants to print them up, they pay and we profit split.

Those who try to revive rugby league's neglected icons deserve congratulations, not criticism

He doesn’t own them anymore.

Super League's new administration raises its head above the parapet