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Firstly, I think it is more of a risk for the league and the star players to have the stars go home and be away from the eyes of the league. I think with the amount of testing and quarantining in the All Star bubble, that it almost completely rules out the risk of these players getting Covid.

NBA All-Stars need to prioritise their problems

Note: The Qyntel Wood’s dog fighting scandal actually happened in 2005 not 2004. Apologies.

2004 Portland Trail Blazers: End of the Jail Blazers

Thanks mate!! Really appreciate that!

2003 Portland Trail Blazers: Craziest NBA season ever?

Your correct, damn how did I get that one wrong ahah

2003 Portland Trail Blazers: Craziest NBA season ever?

Agreed, but I think his out rageous behaviour started with him dating Madona

Top ten Dennis Rodman comparisons in NBA history

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Athlete wellbeing in the time of COVID-19 - and beyond

hahah there such a fun team to research. If you want to read more I have done an article on every season prior to this one starting from 1999-2000 and am planning on doing one for the rest of that decade.

2003 Portland Trail Blazers: Craziest NBA season ever?

Thanks, that really means a lot. I was thinking about doing a article on this Celtic team for every year of the 2000’s. I would also be uploading just as many articles about the news of today’s NBA.

The mystique was dead: 1999-2000 Boston Celtics in review