A-League live scores, blog: Perth Glory vs Adelaide United

Round 14, 2018
Friday January 5th, 10:00pm AEDT
nib Stadium, Perth

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    The Perth Glory are back home with the tail between their legs having suffered a veritable thumping, and host Adelaide United who will be looking to get their season back on track after last week’s surprise loss. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 10pm (AEDT).

    Last weekend for Perth was, in a word, hard. Literally, the only positive to come from their last up performance is to say they can leave it in 2017, and start this year afresh.

    It will be difficult to see how even the home comfort of NIB stadium will help a team that must have suffered some sort of psychological trauma after what Sydney did to them.

    Fortunately, or making things worse, depending on the response, Adelaide themselves may well be a bit stunned, having seen their finals push halted after a surprise loss to the strugglers from the land of bananas and pineapples.

    I genuinely don’t know what Kenny Lowe can say to his players to get them up for tonight, other than to remind them that it’s a relatively long season, a lot can happen, and at this point, they are by no means out of the finals race.

    Also, given Perth haven’t played on a Friday night at home since November 2016, they should embrace the occasion.

    Meanwhile, I would think that Marco Kurz must wonder, very deeply, what he has to do to get some consistent results from his Reds.

    To be fair, the performances are generally there, but Adelaide’s last five has been: L-W-L-W-L. So, if the pattern is consistent, at least Kurz can be more positive about getting the win, with or without Sydney doing them a favour last round.

    Tonight, I will be keeping an eye on Keogh and Castro. I would love to see them light up the park tonight.

    As for Adelaide, I love that they attack the game, and a bit of flair from Kitto, Blackwood, and Adlung would go a long way to getting the 3 points for the away team.

    I can’t tip a team coming off a 6-nil loss to win, though I’m happy to be proven wrong. However, Perth will be hurt, and while I would anticipate a response, I doubt it will be enough.

    Also, Adelaide losing may well mean that they take it out on a beleaguered purple home team. Adelaide with the better form, and ladder position, should win.

    Adelaide 3-1.

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    Perth Glory


    Match Complete

    Adelaide United


    A. Taggart94'
    85'J. Absalonsen
    71'N. Konstandopoulos
    A. G. Mayoral23'
    10'D. Adlung

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    Red Cards
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    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 12:01am | ! Report

      Full Time
      Adelaide have done the job required of them, winning in Perth against a home team that was lethargic at best, disjointed and listless at worst.

      Perth were at times more hopeful than professional, in a first half where they were on the back foot early.

      Perth lost Nichols before a ball was kicked, and whether that knocked them off balance, we will not know. However, Perth from the whistle didn’t look like a team that was in the game.

      After one or two back and forths, Adelaide broke down the right in the 10th minute, and Mileusnic, who was industrious all night, cut back to a charging Adlung, the midfielder managing to calmly and precisely send the ball into the net with a clinical first hit. Unfortunately Adlung would leave late in the first half, after suffering a lower back injury.

      Perth never seemed to recover from that early hit, though they did at times run the ball well into the attacking areas.

      Italiano looked superb, as reports rage that he will be overseas when he is legally able, and Castro carried the home side at times on his own.

      But Perth had little to offer, and Adelaide never really looked threatened.

      Perth brought on the returning Adam Taggart to start the second half, which failed to lift the home side in those initial stages. Perth simply had no drive whatsoever from the middle. For the Reds, Isaias held firm in the middle, dictating the play.

      It was no surprise that Kenny Lowe received yet another yellow card, for abusing Adelaide players, and it felt like his rage was a mere mask for a man with few ideas, as the lack of available players started to wear the coach down.

      After a somewhat energetic period from Perth, again off the back of play from the Spaniard and the Italian(o), it was entirely appropriate that the Reds extended their lead with 20 minutes to go. Konstandopoulos finished a calm strike after great lead up lay by Absalonsen.

      The second goal seemed to deflate the home side even further.

      The atmosphere was entirely summed up by a sprawling Reddy, who managed to take a ball in mid-air, but drop the ball on landing, allowing the ball to gift to Absalonsen, who scored the third, and copped a cork for his troubles.

      For Adelaide, they will hope to get some consistency out of this, and aim for back-to-back wins next up. For Perth, it’s back to a very large drawing board, with the task not getting any easier, as they face Melbourne City next up.

      Perth left the field to the sound of boos, their season slowly slipping away.

      Perth Glory: 0
      Adelaide United: 3

      • Roar Rookie

        Stevo said | 12:04am | ! Report

        Reds were good no doubt but Perth & Kenny were bad, no doubt.

        “the Spaniard and the Italian(o)” 🙂

      • 3:01am
        nevyn said | 3:01am | ! Report

        Glory certainly deserve to lose on the back of those ever present defensive lapses where the Glory defenders seem to make really odd decisions to let opponents run free into space unmarked. Reddy did drop the ball on the third but only after contact with the striker in mid-air, usually referees are so ready to protect the keeper from any contact, i was stunned he let the game play on.

        Additionally, glory just seem lost in the final third, they actually passed the ball better than I’ve seen them do for most of the season (that’s not saying much), not sure I would call it lacklustre, more clueless than anything else. if they can’t counter attack they just launch a hopeful cross into the mixer, none of which ever looked like it was going to reach a glory player.

        The teams were about as good as each other with the ball, Adelaide far superior defensively and at finishing their opportunities. Though neither side really dominated the shot creation (3 shots on target to 2).

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 11:58pm | ! Report

      Yellow Card
      94‘ – Perth look absolutely shot, and Adelaide disinterested.

      Isaias commits a nasty foul, but hopefully this clearance will end it.

      Instead, Taggart lashes out in the middle on Isaias, and cops a card for the effort.

      Just silly stuff.

      Ref: please end this.

      Perth Glory: 0
      Adelaide United: 3

    • 94'

      Adam Taggart - yellow card for Perth Glory
    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 11:54pm | ! Report

      91‘ – 4 minutes of stoppage time.

      Castro sends in an audacious free kick, that bounces harmlessly into the waiting arms of Margush.

      Perth Glory: 0
      Adelaide United: 3

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 11:53pm | ! Report

      90‘ – I really hope there’s not much stoppage time. If only to put Perth out of their misery.

      Kudos to Margush on what looks like a clean sheet for the evening.

      Perth Glory: 0
      Adelaide United: 3

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 11:51pm | ! Report

      Perth have been terrible tonight. I have to say it.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 11:50pm | ! Report

      85‘ – Absalonsen scores, as Reddy completes the comedy show, spilling the ball in the area.

      He’s grabbed the ball mid-air, but fallen over Absalonsen, and dropped the ball on impact. Absalonsen grabbed the scraps, jinked past Reddy, strewn over the ground, and sent the ball into an empty leg, albeit from a tight angle.

      Good keeper at times Reddy, but gee he likes to make the bloopers reel.

      Perth Glory: 0
      Adelaide United: 3

    • 85'

      Johan Absalonsen scored for Adelaide United