A-League live scores: Melbourne City vs Wellington Phoenix

Round 14, 2018
Saturday January 6th, 7:50pm AEDT
AAMI Park, Melbourne

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    Fifth-placed Melbourne City will be looking to strengthen their position in the top six when they host bottom-of-the-table Wellington Phoenix on Saturday night. Join The Roar for live scores from the match, starting from 7:50pm AEDT.

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    Final Scores

    Melbourne City FC


    Match Complete

    Wellington Phoenix


    87'S. Galloway
    R. McCormack80'
    R. McCormack72'
    64'M. Rossi
    N. L. Brattan46'
    42'R. Krishna

    On Target
    Red Cards
    Yellow Cards

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    • Roar Rookie

      Grobbelaar said | 12:28pm | ! Report

      #TVratings #ALeague #FoxSports #MCYvWEL 36k#

      Getting over 30k at this time of year is a positive result.

      • 12:54pm
        Realfootball said | 12:54pm | ! Report

        30k who wasted their time.

        SFC and Jets apart, this has been a dire season, and City and Nix and Brisbane are the worst of the lot. All 3 coaches should be fired.

      • 1:42pm
        Nemesis said | 1:42pm | ! Report

        Do you know the ratings on Foxtel for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on Channel E!.

        Terrific quality programme, in case you’ve not watched before. Highly recommend.

        • 1:56pm
          Realfootball said | 1:56pm | ! Report

          And this comment was apropos of what, exactly?

        • Roar Rookie

          Grobbelaar said | 6:08pm | ! Report

          Ratings are generally down at this time of year, with people away, etc. Last few games of BBL have got less than 800k.

          • 7:37pm
            Nemesis said | 7:37pm | ! Report

            Yes, BBL showing signs of exhaustion. TV ratings are down 5% and year-on-year crowds are down an average of 10%. In Tasmania & Melbourne the crowds of the 3 franchises are down nearly 25%.

            Of course given the competition is now 7 years old, it’s probably time to change the format to something less demanding. I hear T/10 is being played.

            They could combine T/10 and AFLX… maybe playing simultaneously – how much fun would that be? Could even put Monster Trucks on at the same time.. I’m getting dizzy just thinking of these exciting possibilities for Casual Sports fans.

    • 11:51am
      Mark said | 11:51am | ! Report

      The Phoenix are rubbish

      Has Sam Allardyce taken charge

      In Roy Hodgson the Manager

      Has Tony Pulis been installed

      What utter utter dross the Phoenix play – they might as well be Stoke

      What moron appointed the Coach?

      Its bad enough following a team that isn’t very strong and won’t win a lot

      Its completely pointless following a team that plays the worst brand of Mourinho football there is

      And they still lose

      For a Coach that is supposed to be “Defensive” he sure hasn’t a clue how to get his team to defend

      Fire him and the idiots that appointed him

      • 12:53pm
        Realfootball said | 12:53pm | ! Report

        Unfortunately the comments apply equally to City

    • 10:39am
      j,binnie said | 10:39am | ! Report

      When watching City and listening to the commentators go on about their great 4 game winning streak at the start of the season it causes wonder when none of them care to pinpoint the important changes that have been made to the team’s system of play.
      The one obvious change in line up has seen one of the “brainier “players in their team moved back from a roving attack position into what I term (for good footballers) a lazy man’s position,that of the defensive midfielder.
      When Luke Brattan returned to City it was quite noticeable that he had shed some poundage and looked in better all round shape than when he played at Roar.
      In his “new “role” his “brainwork” showed up immediately as he probed for openings all across the opponents rearguard,and the success from his efforts began to show.
      Then came what appear to be the inevitable changes to be made and today we find Luke back in his “Roar position” with his experienced team-mates up front, crying out for good service That service was non-existent until young Arzani was brought on to fill the position that Luke held in those early games.
      What’s the problem,play Arzani as a wide man and get Brattan back to the “probing role” just behind McCormack. jb

      • 12:03pm
        Realfootball said | 12:03pm | ! Report

        Good points, jb.

        I really don’t understand City execs thinking in appointing Joyce.

        What a disappointment the club has been since the City group takeover. And endless, ongoing disappointment, with 5000 in attendance at this game.

    • 10:01pm
      Redondo said | 10:01pm | ! Report

      How is it that Arzani does not start for City? Looks better and better every time I see him.

      Joyce…what possessed City? Why, why, why…?

      • 8:05am
        Fadida said | 8:05am | ! Report

        I fear it was the Brian Marwood factor. I’m sure he knew Joyce prior to his appointment.

        An Englishman playing poor English football

    • 87'

      Scott Galloway - yellow card for Wellington Phoenix
    • 80'

      Ross McCormack scored for Melbourne City FC
    • Roar Rookie

      Grobbelaar said | 9:41pm | ! Report

      another to McCormack, and City 2-1 up

      • 9:48pm
        Bruce said | 9:48pm | ! Report

        Arzani. What an impact.

      • 9:51pm
        Bruce said | 9:51pm | ! Report

        This is better then paw patrol .

    • 72'

      Ross McCormack scored for Melbourne City FC
    • Roar Rookie

      Grobbelaar said | 9:34pm | ! Report

      McCormack squares it up, on 72 min