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We hear a lot about the production line of talent to the Socceroos breaking down, but is the problem only going to get worse given how expensive it’s getting for juniors to play the game?

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Football in Australia is well known for its disharmony and in-fighting, going way back to the days of ‘old soccer’. Some of the decisions made and the timing of announcements can be bizarre too.

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Disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter reckons the Socceroos are “overweight” and are built more like a rugby team.

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Was this the greatest week in Australian women’s soccer history?

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It has been an absolutely remarkable week for the Matildas, who are currently in the United States competing in the Tournament of Nations against three of the top ten best female football teams in the world: Japan, the United States and Brazil.

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The intrepid footballers of one of the world’s poorest nations, Kiribati, have long been ignored by FIFA and the OFC. However, amateur football clubs in South Australia are stepping in where FIFA has fallen inexcusably short.

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The coming of AFL Womens has transformed the pre-season period. We’re now in footy season from the beginning of February.

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With a week to go until the national draft, draft boards are still changing as more players are reviewed and new rumours continue to surface.

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Veteran Mark Milligan has put the Socceroos’ improved away form in Asia down to maturity as they push to finish the year in a favourable position to qualify for Russia 2018.

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Should a transgender person be allowed to play women’s footy?

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Putting aside the learning curve distractions and the “Noddys” in the media (football journos or otherwise) who rattle the bell on their hats at the first sign of trouble in football, I have been pleased with the way this season has panned out.

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My third anniversary in the job as FFA CEO arrived on Thursday 12 November, which was very nice timing. I was back in my home town of Canberra and had the chance to mingle with the Socceroos fans at the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Kyrgyzstan.

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They’ve made Australian football history and thrust the women’s game into the national spotlight.

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There may be a degree of the unknown in what awaits the Socceroos in the first phase of qualifying for Russia 2018 after Tuesday’s draw, but there’s also a sense of anticipation that wasn’t there at the beginning of the past two qualifying cycles.

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I love autumn in Melbourne; the crisp mornings, the clear afternoon skies, the cool, clear nights, and the city’s leaves yellowing and returning to the earth.

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In March 2016 I will celebrate my 60th birthday. Next March will also be the 50th year that I have been following most sports.

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European football, be it the Champions League, La Liga, or the lesser-known leagues around the continent, is a very different breed to anything in Australia.

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Operation Happy-Talk seemed to come to a dead stop during this period. The eggballers continued to hold Zone Red, but they could not break out without being spotted.

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Sydney FC have stepped into the youth football limelight with a bold plan to create what they feel will be “Australia’s leading elite football academy”.

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Football in Australia has a rich history stretching back to the 1870s. Yet since 1955, when a professional league composed of mainly ethnic-backed clubs broke away from the local district associations, football has never been capable of making itself mainstream.

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