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Our team was shocked when we looked at the futures market for 2018 MVP today, we honestly almost listened to Colin Cowherd making the worst NBA predictions of all time for 2018.

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The idealised vision of the Thunder emerges in flashes – a furious, frenzied squad of length, athleticism and physicality, magnetised to the rim.

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Another day, another superstar traded, and the wildest NBA offseason in recent memory continues.

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Russell Westbrook has won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for the 2016-17 season, narrowly beating the other two finalists, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard.

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In just under a week’s time in New York City, Drake will be hosting the first ever NBA Awards night.

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LeBron James has been in the MVP race almost every year since setting foot on the court, however 2017 will be the first time since 2008 that he has not featured in the top three in the race, and this may be the only year that this makes sense.

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Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson’s 56-year-old NBA record with his 42nd triple-double of the season, and broke Denver’s hearts with a buzzer-beating three-pointer for a 106-105 victory.

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This season’s MVP race has been one of the toughest to call in recent memory. In reality, there are four candidates who in any other year would be a certainty for the NBA’s most prestigious award.

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Former teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden are the frontrunners for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award this season.

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The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oklahoma on March 21 (AEDT), in what will be the most watched match of the round.

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If you haven’t picked the NBA MVP this season, you’re not alone – it will go down to the wire.

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Russell Westbrook got his 15th triple-double of the NBA season and the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Miami Heat 106-94 on Tuesday night (Wednesday AEDT) to extend their winning streak to four games.

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Russell Westbrook is putting together one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history.

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Kevin Durant gets his first chance to take on his former teammates when the Golden State Warriors host Russell Westbrook and the undefeated Oklahoma City Thunder at the Oracle Arena. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 1:30pm (AEDT).

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The NBA season has continued with plenty of action overnight including wins for the Warriors, Thunder and the Grizzlies in overtime.

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Russell Westbrook has never been afraid, and his boldness in big moments (and every other moment) has come to define him.

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Who is the best point guard in the NBA right now?

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To borrow from Robert Downey Jr, you never want to go full Russ. Preferably, you’d like to go half-Russ. Retain the version that attacks the rim, lives at the line, snares ludicrous offensive rebounds and causes defensive havoc.

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There’s a difference between being lazy on defence and being actively bad. But Russell Westbrook has a propensity to be both.

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Australian basketballer Matthew Dellavedova has put in a massive performance to guide the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 104-100 victory over the Okalahoma City Thunder.

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