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We will remember 2017 for the rise of Sam Kerr and the Matildas, the launch of AFLW and the widespread acknowledgement of Ellyse Perry as a bona fide star.

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Kick a scintillating goal, salute the crowd with a roar of exultation, slow to a trot soaking up the adulation, puff the chest out, strut, elbow bent at the side, forefinger raised, head jiggling ever so slightly as if on a coiled spring with that deity look of ‘I know I’m good’.

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There are many responsibilities that come with being a professional footballer.

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AFL-related radio content continued to innovate across new horizons last week when in what I certainly hope was a world-first, Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw and Danny Frawley had a good old chuckle while thinking about a way to murder The Age journalist Caroline Wilson.

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Wayne Carey insists he has apologised personally to Anthony Stevens for the extra-marital scandal that rocked the AFL.

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All-time Hawthorn great Sam Mitchell has laughed off Wayne Carey’s suggestion that he would struggle to find a place at another AFL club.

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Sporting scandal, stupidity and hilarity are routine yet never tiresome. Presented here is part one of some of Australia’s most treasured moments, from a proud, distinguished (yet also sometimes inglorious) sporting history.

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North Melbourne great Wayne Carey has delivered a verbal shirtfront to the AFL’s match review panel, labelling Brent Harvey’s one-week ban a disgrace.

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If you had a chance to invite any five sports people to dinner, who would you choose? What rationale would you use in choosing them?

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Gary Ablett Jr is now the best AFL player I have seen. So who would round out the top 10 players of the past 25 years?

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North Melbourne great Wayne Carey wants to see much less of the kamikaze Kangaroos this AFL season.

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AFL great Wayne Carey has questioned whether Collingwood’s soft-tissue injury problems have been caused by new coach Nathan Buckley’s tougher training regime.

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On a day when the AFL’s two newest clubs were thrashed by a total of over 200 points, there was a bit of joy to be had from Wayne ‘The Duck’ Carey’s appearance on Triple M’s The Sunday Rub.

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The Australian sporting public is, I submit, a generally forgiving bunch. We forgave Shane Warne. We forgave Wayne Carey. We even seem to have forgiven Margaret Court, inasmuch as we have not yet placed her in an institution.

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No sporting career lasts forever. It’s a sad fact that has been drilled home of late with the retirement of rugby league legend Darren Lockyer, and the perpetual talk of when Ricky Ponting should declare.

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Ranking the 30 greatest players in Australian Rules history is no easy task. Was Matthews better than Cable? Robran better than Ebert? So one and so on.

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Bandied around with too little qualification criteria, the word “elite” is tossed around far too often by the AFL’s media. But do we really know what ‘elite’ means?

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Code-hopper Karmichael Hunt has laughed off criticism from AFL great Wayne Carey. And Gold Coast Suns coach Guy McKenna is tipping Hunt will have the last laugh on all of his knockers on Saturday night.

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When I sat down to write my weekly column yesterday, I had intended to focus on the upcoming Grand Final, the biggest day on the footy calendar. Instead, though, I’ve been startled by the fallout to Chris Judd’s Brownlow Medal win this week and needed to get it off my chest.

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Gary Ablett Senior was a magician on the field for Geelong. His legend continues to live on and for good reason. He achieved so much on the field, yet one individual honour escaped him, one he could never reach, that being the Brownlow medal.

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