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Chopstick-gate never happened.

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“A 12-month suspension and a $50,000 donation to an appropriate women’s organisation seems a realistic and fair conclusion for the club, the AFL and the image of the game.” – Kevin Barlett, SEN, 8/12/15

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As one year ends, a new year dawns and so does the pressure of achieving the high expectations of the fans and media.

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How to punish Richmond footballer Dustin Martin? That question has exercised a few good minds over the past two weeks, and more than a few other kinds as well.

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Richmond star Dustin Martin has avoided criminal charges for threatening a woman with chopsticks.

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Departing slightly from the question of what Dustin Martin did to a woman in a restaurant last weekend, it would appear the AFL have once again tripped themselves up in doing what they do: attempting to gain control of a situation and engineer an outcome.

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Troubled Richmond star Dustin Martin is trying to focus on football while he awaits the outcome of a police investigation.

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AFL star Dustin Martin is now under police investigation for last Saturday night’s drunken incident at a Chapel St restaurant.

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Dustin Martin’s career is about to be dealt a serious blow in regards to one of the worst off-season incidents in recent years.

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Dustin Martin’s drunken incident is the subject of an AFL and Richmond investigation and has become a public relations debacle for the Tigers.

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The Richmond Tigers must heed the advice of Kevin Bartlett and come down hard on Dustin Martin after his abhorrent behaviour on Saturday night, or they are, in effect, saying it’s okay to intimidate and make threats towards women.

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A woman has accused wayward AFL star Dustin Martin of threatening to stab her in the face with a chopstick.

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Dustin Martin’s second controversial on-field gesture in less than two years has meant a $2000 AFL fine for the Richmond star.

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Another weekend of great footy has come and gone, so who makes our Team of the Round?

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The explosive midfielder. Every team in the AFL wants one. And if you don’t have one, you’re trying to stop one.

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I said it before and will say it again. If I was not a Hawks supporter, I would be a Tigers supporter as I have always had a soft spot for them.

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Dustin Martin’s latest AFL contract negotiations with Richmond have gone a lot smoother than the last round.

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Richmond spearhead Jack Riewoldt is confident speculation around the futures of Alex Rance and Dustin Martin won’t derail the Tigers’ premiership campaign.

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While player comparisons in sport are usually fruitless, this season one player has reminded me of another champion from a bygone era. Indeed, these two players have so many similarities it’s scary.

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Dustin Martin’s decision to turn his back on Richmond will not only harm his credibility but damage the club known for having one of the best midfields in the competition.

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