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Richmond have an AFL contract before Dustin Martin that they’re confident the star midfielder will eventually sign.

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Richmond star Dustin Martin has slammed the Australian government, branding the deportation of his father Shane as “stupid.”

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Speculation over Dustin Martin’s future is set to become an unwanted distraction for Richmond amid reports the star midfielder has put AFL contract talks on hold.

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According to reports, Dustin Martin may be the latest big-name star to put contract talks on hold, ostensibly until the end of the 2017 season. The news will come as a bitter blow to many Richmond fans, who will be quick to read between the lines.

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Yesterday we saw the beginning of a saga that is bound to be followed throughout the year, when it was reported that Richmond’s Dustin Martin has already put his contract talks with the Tigers on hold until the end of the season.

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The 2016 Brownlow Medal for the AFL’s best and fairest player has been won by Patrick Dangerfield with a total of 35 votes.

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Dustin Martin continues to rack up AFL honours in a tumultuous year, winning his first best and fairest award at Richmond.

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Richmond have been criticised for years for their moneyball approach to their list.

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Dustin Martin is different. In an era of clean cuts and jagged jawlines, he’s a raw, rugged footballing tour de force. His 2016 season to date has thrust him into the conversation as to who are the absolute best players in the competition.

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Dustin Martin’s ability to shake off the off-field critics and produce a career-best season is a testament to the character and resolve of the Tigers superstar.

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Just who is the best player in the land? If you love the game it’s a very important question.

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Last Friday night’s Richmond-Collingwood mockbuster had everything you’d want from a game of football except for a good game of football.

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Richmond used to be a laughing stock for finishing ninth all the time. Now they’re a laughing stock for losing elimination finals each year. Progress can be slow and unrewarding.

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A tumultuous off-season for Richmond star Dustin Martin unfortunately looks set to continue with news coming through on Thursday evening that his father, Shane Martin, has been detained by police in Sydney, and faces possible deportation.

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Chopstick-gate never happened.

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“A 12-month suspension and a $50,000 donation to an appropriate women’s organisation seems a realistic and fair conclusion for the club, the AFL and the image of the game.” – Kevin Barlett, SEN, 8/12/15

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As one year ends, a new year dawns and so does the pressure of achieving the high expectations of the fans and media.

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How to punish Richmond footballer Dustin Martin? That question has exercised a few good minds over the past two weeks, and more than a few other kinds as well.

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Richmond star Dustin Martin has avoided criminal charges for threatening a woman with chopsticks.

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Departing slightly from the question of what Dustin Martin did to a woman in a restaurant last weekend, it would appear the AFL have once again tripped themselves up in doing what they do: attempting to gain control of a situation and engineer an outcome.

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