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Dustin Martin’s second controversial on-field gesture in less than two years has meant a $2000 AFL fine for the Richmond star.

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Another weekend of great footy has come and gone, so who makes our Team of the Round?

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The explosive midfielder. Every team in the AFL wants one. And if you don’t have one, you’re trying to stop one.

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I said it before and will say it again. If I was not a Hawks supporter, I would be a Tigers supporter as I have always had a soft spot for them.

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Dustin Martin’s latest AFL contract negotiations with Richmond have gone a lot smoother than the last round.

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Richmond spearhead Jack Riewoldt is confident speculation around the futures of Alex Rance and Dustin Martin won’t derail the Tigers’ premiership campaign.

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While player comparisons in sport are usually fruitless, this season one player has reminded me of another champion from a bygone era. Indeed, these two players have so many similarities it’s scary.

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Dustin Martin’s decision to turn his back on Richmond will not only harm his credibility but damage the club known for having one of the best midfields in the competition.

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Richmond fans were greeted by some unwelcome news on this time last week as a rumour had spread that Dustin Martin was shopping around for a new club.

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The Greater Western Sydney Giants have decided not to pursue Richmond midfielder Dustin Martin in the upcoming AFL trade period.

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Greater Western Sydney say they are yet to make Richmond young gun Dustin Martin an offer, after meeting him in Sydney on Thursday.

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Buddy or Dusty? Dusty or Buddy? Or, hold your breath Giants supporters, could your club somehow work their accounting magic and not need to make the choice, and somehow secure both?

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When a young talented player is chosen early in the national draft, AFL player managers swarm around them and their families like bees around a honey pot.

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Richmond’s young star Dustin Martin is set to leave the AFL club for one of their rivals.

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The AFL has issued a $2000 suspended fine to Richmond onballer Dustin Martin for his handcuffs gesture during Sunday’s elimination final at the MCG.

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The Twitter accounts of AFL stars Dale Thomas, Dustin Martin and Jack Riewoldt were hacked on Wednesday, according to their respective clubs.

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With the fast paced nature of elite football these days, dual position players are now extremely important for all teams striving to play in September.

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Richmond – regularly and rightfully portrayed as the sleeping giant of the AFL in recent decades – are again beginning to stir.

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In what has been dubbed “Tiger Turmoil” by the AFL’s website, we’ve seen a fringe player sacked and a young star suspended for taking sleeping pills, drinking alcohol, and failing to attend football training.

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The Melbourne Demons horrific start to the 2012 AFL season is a result of poor recruiting decisions over the past five years and its weak development of players.

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