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Unfortunately if Maxwell didn’t get picked in the test team when Warner, Smith and Bancroft were suspended. Then he was not ever likely to be picked in the test team again. It was a golden opportunity missed by Cricket Australia to give Maxwell an extended period in the test team.
Maxwell didn’t take county contracts because of the opportunity to play for Australia A in India. He was then told to rest from the Australia A tour because the selectors knew what he could do on the subcontinent. Only for others who scored runs on Australia A tour to be picked ahead of him. He wasn’t given the same opportunities as others, and the goalposts seemed to move, which is poor management.
I am a massive fan of Maxwell but he had an average World Cup and I think he may have had a cross put through his name in all formats going forward.

Glenn Maxwell's Test career cruelled by World Cup flop

Good article Andre. I am a massive (tennis and) Fed Cup fan. Should be some high quality tennis with two current top ten players and two former Grand Slam title winners. Can’t wait. Go Aussies.

Where's the love for the Fed Cup?