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Good on him. I think it is funny when people complain about bowlers performing mankads as not being in the spirit of the game. However, the same people think it is ok for the non-striker to walk a considerable way down the pitch before/as the ball is being bowled.

You would have thought that after the first mankad that the batting team would have been awake to the possibility.

WATCH: The world's most ruthless bowler pulls off FOUR Mankads in one innings!

I am a big fan of Coleman as a coach. As a Rebels member I was hoping the Rebels were going to appoint him as coach.

One of the best things NSWRU have done for a while.

How new Tahs coach's 'special sauce' can bring back the glory days

Great article Mary. The Opals are one of my favourite teams.

Tessa Lavey on the importance of female role models

Boomeranga a pretty good seasons work indeed. Erin is an absolute star.

Erin Phillips is not just a star footy player

Thanks Matt for your comment. I am hoping the return of Ash Brazill and Kelsey Browne will help improve the Pies transition.

Collingwood Magpies season preview

Well done Matt. Great win.

Aussie Matt Jones wins PGA's Honda Classic

Sorry BrookvaleSouth. You make a good point.
I did include A-League and W-League as sports people may be attending but I did unintentionally overlook Melbourne City’s results.

Despite the lockdown, 2020 was a massive sporting year for Victoria

At least CEO Mark Anderson emailed members yesterday (after I submitted this article) to say “Salary cap pressure was certainly a key part of the decision.”

Collingwood: More spin than Shane Warne

Absolutely spot on Les. Amateur hour at Collingwood. No transparency, poor treatment of players who loved the club.
With the spin they are putting out they must think members and supporters are stupid. We can see right through it.

The tyranny of the Magpies

Wayne, I agree Caps are still a champion side. I just think in the clutch moments they will miss Nurse and Epoupa. Nurse often hit 10+ points in a quarter or hit clutch shots to help the Capitals over the line. Epoupa would make a steal or two and score a layup to change momentum. I am not sure KG23 can get the Caps through those clutch moments without that help and as good as Smart and Tuapaea that can’t completely fill gap left by Nurse and Epoupa.

I think the Capitals will still be in the thick of the finals action.

As I said in the article you write the Capitals off at your own peril.

WNBL season preview: University of Canberra Capitals

Mary, really enjoying your WBBL articles and this article. Can’t wait for the WNBL season to start.

Bec Cole has been brilliant since moving to Dandenong Rangers/Southside Flyers. Fingers crossed Bec gets to the Olympics one way or another.

The WNBL season is an opportunity for Rebecca Cole

Thanks for the great article Mary. Holly Ferling is one of my favourite players. I have had the pleasure of meeting Holly and had a wonderful chat with her. Awesome to see Holly has had a full pre-season.

The Stars have looked good in the 20 or so overs they have been on the field. Fingers crossed Sydney’s pesky rain stays away.

Ferling good! Holly confident the Stars can snare a WBBL top-four finish

Great article Ryan. I particularly liked your comments about Paul Kent.

Revisiting my five fearless predictions for the 2020 NRL season

In addition to my article the following squad announcements were made after I submitted my article yesterday morning:
Giants Netball have signed former Magpie and super mum April Brandley as a training partner. Giants have also announced that Claire O’Brien, Matisse Letherbarrow and Sophie Dwyer round out their 13 player squad for the first phase of Super Netball.

Sunshine Coast Lightning announced Ashlee Unie and Binnian Hunt as their 11th and 12th players.

Super Netball 2020: Season preview

Good article, thanks.

Boomers in the bubble: A preview of the Australians in the NBA restart

I was talking about pre-COVID 19 crowds.

Wessels slams talk of Rebels axing

Agree wholeheartedly with Dave, you don’t shrink to greatness.
It doesn’t make sense to effectively cut off a development pathway.
Not sure any of the Aussie teams are setting the world alight with regards to crowds. The Brumbies even struggled to draw a crowd to home finals in recent years.

The COVID-19 lockdown has effectively given RA a blank canvas, time to do what is best for Aussie rugby as a whole. In my opinion that is a comp with all 5 Aussie teams.

Wessels slams talk of Rebels axing

Daniel I agree given next week is the halfway point of the season, it is almost must win tonight for Rebels.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rebels play Deegan at 10 and To’omua at 12 (although Meakes has been good for Rebels at 12).

As others have said I would like to see Lance make the Wallabies, whether it be at 10 or on bench.

Short season means the stakes are already high for the Rebels

Unfortunately if Maxwell didn’t get picked in the test team when Warner, Smith and Bancroft were suspended. Then he was not ever likely to be picked in the test team again. It was a golden opportunity missed by Cricket Australia to give Maxwell an extended period in the test team.
Maxwell didn’t take county contracts because of the opportunity to play for Australia A in India. He was then told to rest from the Australia A tour because the selectors knew what he could do on the subcontinent. Only for others who scored runs on Australia A tour to be picked ahead of him. He wasn’t given the same opportunities as others, and the goalposts seemed to move, which is poor management.
I am a massive fan of Maxwell but he had an average World Cup and I think he may have had a cross put through his name in all formats going forward.

Glenn Maxwell's Test career cruelled by World Cup flop

Good article Andre. I am a massive (tennis and) Fed Cup fan. Should be some high quality tennis with two current top ten players and two former Grand Slam title winners. Can’t wait. Go Aussies.

Where's the love for the Fed Cup?