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Roughead unveiled as Hawthorn captain

Returning forward Jarryd Roughead will replace Luke Hodge as Hawthorn AFL captain despite his on-going recovery from cancer.

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Numbers game: Which AFL teams should rise or fall in 2017

Before the takes start flying, it’s prudent to take our now bi-annual clinical look at the AFL as a way of setting the scene for the season.

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Eddie Betts inks Adelaide Crows extension

Star small forward Eddie Betts has re-signed with the Adelaide Crows on a new three-year deal that will see him remain in South Australia through to 2020, the club announced on Wednesday.

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Six big questions for the AFL in 2017

And we are back! 2017 is here, my friends, and if you’re anything like me you are already brimming with excitement for a new AFL season.

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Jarryd Roughead eyeing off pre-season AFL return

Hawthorn footballer Jarryd Roughead says he is “all good to go” for 2017, even suggesting he could make a return in the AFL pre-season competition.

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No Dee-grets over tough AFL camp, despite brick to the head

Christian Salem got hit in the head by a brick.

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The simple maths problem that will define the AFL in 2017

And we’re back! The 2017 AFL season is 71 days away, so it’s the time of year when predictions are flying left, right and centre. Here are some early thoughts, with a simple maths problem at their core.

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James Hird’s father hits out at AFL officials in explosive interview

James Hird’s father Allan says there were no signs his son was on a path to ill-health and accused AFL and Essendon administrators of pursuing him as a scapegoat.

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AFL and players set to resume pay discussions as pre-season approaches

The AFL and the players’ union are set to resume pay discussions in the hopes of averting a pre-season strike.

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AFL players’ union reach out to James Hird

The AFL players’ union have reached out to former Essendon coach James Hird amid growing criticism of his treatment prior to his health crisis.

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No winners in Hird’s fall from grace

James Hird is modern sport’s ultimate cautionary tale. About power, ego, spin, agendas, QCs, money, supplements, pressure, trolls. Everything.

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AFL community reaches out to support James Hird

AFL figures have shown support for James Hird amid reports the former Essendon coach is in a mental health facility recovering from a suspected overdose.

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Xavier Richards finally finds a new club to call home

Xavier Richards’ departure from Sydney isn’t turning out the way the forward had planned.

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My AFL Christmas wish list for 2017

‘Tis the season to be really greedy and request all sorts of frivolous things.

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Social media rant not Yarran’s doing, Fremantle says

UPDATE: Shane Yarran has told Fremantle that the statements referred to in the article below were not made by him.

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Three’s a crowd: Removing the third man up is a good call

Is there anything more exciting than the AFL’s annual rule change extravaganza? The answer is yes. In fact, pretty much everything else on the calendar.

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Max Gawn of the Demons and Stefan Martin of the Lions

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The Melbourne Demons face an angry crowd

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Daisy Pearce Melbourne Demons AFL Women NWL 2016

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Hawthorn Hawks player Cyril Rioli

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Isaac Heeney Sydney Swans 2015 AFL

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Jeremy Cameron of the GWS Giants

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Richmond Tigers Trent Cotchin

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The Roar of the crowd

Your sports opinion. Write your own article
A revised attempt at an AFL conference system

As the AFL preseason continues with fantasy footy prices being released and teams tearing it up on the training tracks, my mind wanders to articles past.

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AFL Womens League: Footy’s journey into uncharted waters

It’s hard to believe as we swelter through this scorching heat, kept awake at night by blazing temperatures and nightly T20 cricket. But footy is just two weeks away.

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We love you Natty, we do

By Jenna Downer, 18 Jan 2017
We love you Natty, we do

Last season was basically devoid of superstar Nat Fyfe. But baby, he’s back.

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2017 AFL ladder predictions: The mediocre group

By AdelaideDocker, 18 Jan 2017
2017 AFL ladder predictions: The mediocre group

In December’s article, I wrote about Brisbane, Gold Coast and Carlton being the bottom three for this year’s ladder. Today, positions 15th through to 13th are up for grabs – which will be three Victorian teams.

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Collingwood’s hidden secret

By Jarryd Barca, 18 Jan 2017
Collingwood’s hidden secret

From premiers in 2010 to missing three finals series from 2014-2016, the Magpies expect nothing less than a finals berth in 2017.

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Football TV ratings for 2016

By Mister Football, 18 Jan 2017
Football TV ratings for 2016

It’s that time of year when we review the Australian TV ratings for all the football codes for the previous year.

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Can the AFL capture Asia?

By Nick Symonds, 18 Jan 2017
Can the AFL capture Asia?

If you look at AFL expansion strictly from a business perspective, overseas expansion is the next logical step.

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Some thoughts inspired by James Hird

By Craig Delaney, 17 Jan 2017
Some thoughts inspired by James Hird

Like any human pursuit worth blood, sweat and tears, sport has always been the whole world writ small. We find in it all the shades of good and evil, nobility and pettiness, generosity and selfishness.

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2017 AFL prediction: Up the Suns, down the Hawks

In just over 60 days the AFL world will rejoice after what has been an intriguing off-season.

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Elliott and Moore to lead a new era at the Pies

Collingwood heads into 2017 without brand synonymous stars Dane Swan and Travis Cloke, having left behind them a hole of on-field aggression, off-field personality and a whole lot of clear skin ready to be tattooed.

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Rating every club’s membership slogan, part 1

In alphabetical order, I’m going to offer up my semi-serious views on each of the club’s chosen membership slogans.

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Forget Australia, AFL expansion should target the whole world!

The AFL should be thinking big when it comes to both expansion of the league and expansion of the sport.

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The 2017 AFL season can’t come soon enough

No one knows what is going to happen this season. Don’t let them tell you they do.

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It’s not personal James, it’s just business

By Geoff Schaefer, 11 Jan 2017
It’s not personal James, it’s just business

Although millions of words have been written over the past four years about Essendon and James Hird, very few have alluded to what is a very simple truth.

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The footy media need to wake up to themselves

The first thing one needs to remember about James Hird is simple: he is human.

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Top ten ideas for AFL HQ

By frullens, 8 Jan 2017
Top ten ideas for AFL HQ

AFL is a wonderful unique sport, which is arguably the strongest sport in Australia. However there are two gaps which I believe administrators can address.

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Leicester City English Premier League trophy 2016

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Tom Papley Sydney Swans AFL Finals 2016

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The Doggies Almanac 2016

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Luke Dahlhaus Western Bulldogs AFL 2016

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Leicester City English Premier League trophy 2016

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Sydney Swans player James Rose (centre) competes for the ball

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Daisy Pearce Melbourne Demons AFL Women NWL 2016

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