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Football Federation Australian chairman Steven Lowy will relinquish his post because he is tired of political infighting at the organisation.

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Currently the A-League in particular and Aussie football in general are facing a key moment in their histories. Game attendance has decreased significantly in the last season and there’s already talk of a crisis in the competition.

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Graham Arnold has completed his first press conference as coach of Australia’s national football side, with the biggest news being that he and his newly-introduced assistants will also coach the under-23 Olyroos team.

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On July 31, the CRWG committee – formed to develop a new governance system – sent a 100-page document of recommendations to FIFA. From what we know, the document recommends four stakeholder groups totalling 29 votes.

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The A-League would be spun off from Football Federation Australia (FFA) and run independently in time for the 2019-20 season under a proposal by a FIFA-backed working group.

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Football Federation Australia chairman Steven Lowy has confirmed his board is opposed to “crucial aspects” of a report handed down by a FIFA-backed working group into how the federation’s congress should be expanded.

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In October, we will learn the teams set to join the A-League during the 2019-20 season, which gives the FFA the unique opportunity to deliver the message that they want to improve.

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Sweeping governance changes proposed for Football Federation Australia by a FIFA-backed working group appear likely to fall at the first hurdle.

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Deadline day has arrived for the panel tasked with resolving Football Federation Australia’s long-running governance crisis.

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The furore around Avondale FC covering the Italian flag on the back of their jerseys is the sort of nonsense that only the FFA could come up with.

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The FFA Cup is proof that many of the things we’re told won’t work in Australian football often do and that it’s not as difficult to change course as we always seem to think.

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In a sporting week where Tiger Woods returned to major contention, rugby league referees continued to embarrass the game and another AFL brawl on the terraces drew much attention, football seemed happy to take something of a back seat.

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Central Coast finished the 2017-18 A-League season poorly after losing 8-2 to their rivals Newcastle Jets.

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The A-League salary cap could be abolished and transfer fees finally permitted between clubs as part of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) due to come into effect next year.

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The location of this year’s FFA Cup final will be determined through a live draw, with the decision taken out of the hands of Football Federation Australia.

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Cutting costs and increasing fees – Football Federation Australia is under siege once again as the high price of running football comes under the microscope.

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If you were to walk into a supermarket and buy some fresh milk, you would find it weird if you could mutually agree with the cashier that the milk is going off today and you can have it for free.

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How do we develop better players? That is the question we must be asking after exiting the World Cup at the group stage.

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So the World Cup is in full swing and Australia have performed admirably again, getting generally positive and favourable reviews.

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As competitive, global and beautiful as the World Cup may turn out to be, the reality is that there is a mighty lot of cashing in going on as we speak.

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