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In an effort to keep the best players in the A-League on the pitch for the entire season, the FFA has decided to pause the A-League during international windows next season.

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The Red and Black Bloc has been one of the more controversial organisations in Australian sport. It seems everyone has an opinion on them and active supporters in general, but there is no denying the impact they have had on our game, positive or negative.

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Yesterday the Red and Black Bloc announced their intention to boycott the remainder of the Wanderers’ season, turning their backs – and not as part of a Poznan – on a season that has rarely caught the eye anyway.

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So, from a pulsating Melbourne Derby ten days ago, to the hollow emptiness of the split round.

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What a coincidence that after a FIFA/AFC delegation pays Australia a visit, the FFA suddenly decides it might be an opportune time to listen to fans.

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For longer than I can remember, I’ve been fighting a battle against naysayers who continually criticise the sport I love, the league I have grown to enjoy, and a club I have grown to hold dear.

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It was hard to resist the temptation to comment on the issues in Australian football throughout the course of the past week.

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Will Melbourne City ever be the biggest club in Victoria? Probably not – but they can land a hammer blow to their crosstown rivals Melbourne Victory tonight.

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Football Federation Australia chief executive David Gallop has issued a sobering reminder of the sport’s financial position, warning the grand dreams of many for the A-League are simply not affordable.

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What I would give to have been sitting in the row behind the FIFA delegates as they flew home following their Australian visit.

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International officials have finished top level talks with Australian football stakeholders but the absence of Steven Lowy at a final all-in meeting has thrown up further questions about the FFA chairman’s future.

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A-League clubs have warned FIFA Australian football is at risk of an “impending catastrophic collapse” unless its governance stalemate is settled ASAP.

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AFLX might be the most blatant act of colonisation since Australia was first settled, but football should get its own affairs in order before we point fingers.

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The A-League has finally announced that there will be two new teams come the 2019-20 season, long-awaited good news for Australian football fans.

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The wheels are finally turning at Football Federation Australia on expansion on the A-League, with two new clubs to be decided this year.

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Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle is willing to join forces with football to drive a redevelopment of the ageing Ballymore Stadium.

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“Do you think Phil is going to come out and see his shadow?” “Punxsutawney Phil!” “That’s right, woodchuck chuckers it’s… Groundhog Day!”

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Melbourne Victory beat cross-town rivals City 2-1 in a cracking Melbourne derby yesterday. The match was highly anticipated with many fans excited about a game between two fierce rivals who have delivered many exciting contests in recent times.

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In the words of the late Les Murray, football is the world game, and if statistics are anything to go by, it should be Australia’s game.

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At the halfway point of the A-League season, it is hard to ignore the general gloomy feeling surrounding Australian football.

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