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Former bowling great Glenn McGrath says spearhead Mitchell Johnson firing on bowler-friendly home wickets should see Australia return to World Cup glory next year.

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Michael Ennis. Jason Akermanis. Kevin Muscat. Each inspiring on the field in his own way, but would you want to model yourself, or your children, after them?

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Fast bowling is at the core of Australian cricket culture. We have produced some of the best to grace the game of cricket, from the lightning quick to the metronomically accurate; the canny and the courageous.

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He didn’t have the pace, the swagger, the chains, the moustache (though he tried at one point) or the outright hostility in a time of alpha male fast bowlers, but do we underrate Terry Alderman?

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What would you rather watch – paint drying or Test match cricket? If you’re anything like my mate Benny Gross, you’d take the paint without a second thought.

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After going down 2-0 in the 2013 Ashes series against England, Australia have numerous questions that they have to answer if they want to get back to the top of Test cricket rankings.

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It wasn’t so long ago that Jamie Siddons, Jamie Cox, Matthew Elliott, Brad Hodge, Michael Bevan and Darren Lehmann spent most or all of their careers sitting on the sidelines for the Australian Test team.

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Australia’s former fast bowler Glenn McGrath says the sacking of national cricket coach Mickey Arthur was a positive move that has boosted hopes of regaining the Ashes.

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Whenever Sachin Tendulkar retires, which one imagines will be by the end of this year, it will mark the end of an era when a group of special cricketers played the game.

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Are you wildly inspired by the seizure-inducing sparkle and fizz of the Superbowl?

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Recently on Twitter I was asked who I thought the best fast bowler was since 1970. It got me thinking, so here is what I reckon. And yes, I am expecting to be challenged significantly by all of you out there in the ‘Roar-iverse’

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I know this is about the one millionth article on the rotation policy, but after watching the second ODI in Adelaide I just couldn’t help myself.

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So those dozy Englishmen have finally done it; they have driven their best, most dynamic batsman into retirement.

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West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach’s ten-wicket haul in last week’s Port-of-Spain Test against Australia is the catalyst behind this examination of the tallest quicks in test cricket history.

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When Ryan Harris made a crucial 68 not out in Australia’s first Test against West Indies, he continued a great tradition of lower-order Australian batsmen who have scored half centuries.

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Glenn McGrath says Australia are a team on the rise and he’s predicting a four-nil Test series whitewash over India.

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Ten years ago, the best ten Australian cricketers were arguably among the best dozen in the world. More than that, the best twenty cricketers in the country were arguably among the best forty.

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Test cricket’s most successful fast bowler Glenn McGrath says a new crew of emerging Australian pacemen have both the opportunity and the promise.

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Like a gritty, determined Justin Langer innings, fans of the Australian cricket team have to be prepared to see off a turbulent short term, show some resilience and look at the bigger picture.

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Unless England wakes up from her post-Ashes victory slumber and wins today in Adelaide, the ODI series will be as dead as a dodo. So let’s move our focus from Australia to the sub-continent. As the tenth World Cup (WC) approaches, let us select an imaginary all-time great World Cup XI based mainly on statistics.

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