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David Schout is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist covering (mostly) cricket. He has written for The Guardian, the ICC, IPL, NCA Newswire and others. You can follow him on Twitter at @david_schout.



You may well be right, but it’s been on the market since March

UPDATED: Want to watch the World Test Championship final in Australia? You might not be able to

“Ex players need to pull their heads in and focus on the cricket”. So they can’t talk about anything outside of what happens in the middle? Come on now. Nasser is one of the most respected voices in cricket and absolutely entitled to have a view.

The ECB faces tough call on Ollie Robinson

Respectfully disagree. If someone continues to tell us (and he’s done many interviews) that he’s taking accountability for himself and himself only, providing “commentary on the actions of others” is actually contradictory to that. Is it unfair that he’s copped it while others have got away scot free? Yep. But he has to wear it doesn’t he? People can make up their own minds about who knew what. Cameron doesn’t need to delve into it again, and I bet he regrets making these comments.

“Full responsibility”? Bancroft’s unease as the fall guy laid bare

You seem quite upset about this Bernie

Gambles backfire for Blues as Queensland take charge in Shield final

His wife is due I believe

Gambles backfire for Blues as Queensland take charge in Shield final

Credit here:

Lyon and Swepson the keys in Shield final

You don’t think he could bat top three? I do

Five key questions ahead of the IPL

Cheers Matt

Five key questions ahead of the IPL

Fair, but he did have a big IPL. Selectors would see him as a big part of the upcoming T20 World Cup, so think he might get the nod. Admittedly was one of the last couple I picked, so wouldn’t be overly surprised if he’s squeezed out.

Cricket Australia contract list: Who’s in and who’s out?

Maddinson can be ahead of Handscomb and Renshaw in the pecking order, yet not properly in the frame for selection. They’re not mutually exclusive.
And it’s wrong to say he was in a form slump – he in fact had made 116 in the Shield game prior to selection, and a 86 and 112 in the four one-day games just prior to that. But even with that, it was too soon to pick him in the Test XI, which was the point of the piece.

Nic Maddinson and the curse of premature selection

As referenced in the piece, the entire 2018 Lord’s Test lasted just 171 overs. I’ve had a look back, most of the discourse post-match was about how India need to improve against lateral movement – nothing about the pitch. This is a fairly stark double standards IMO. I agree re: crumbling decks on Day 1, but this pitch isn’t that. And that’s my point

The double standard of subcontinent pitch complaints

Appreciate the note John, thanks. And yep, ideally would also like to see it at least go deep into Day 4!

Five key questions ahead of the Boxing Day Test

Thanks Paul, you too! Looking forward to tomorrow 🏏

Five key questions ahead of the Boxing Day Test

I actually thought Lyon was the pick of the bowlers. I’d almost say I’ve never seen a finger spinner look so dangerous on a Day 1 Australian wicket (probably should’ve written this in the piece 😂 ) He’s taken for granted these days given he’s part of the furniture, but he’s a bowler at the peak of his powers.

Late wickets a just reward for disciplined Aussies

No, is the answer to your question – both can be true. Each time Starc turns in poor performances he is targeted to a greater level than almost anyone else in Australian cricket. His record for Australia is very, very good.

Late wickets a just reward for disciplined Aussies

Good point Dave, and yes you’re right. Seven on-sold them to to bypass the anti-siphoning laws, which to my knowledge stipulates a FTA broadcaster must simply acquire them first. So yes, while they did ‘bid’ on the ODIs and T20s (and get them), they on-sold to Foxtel immediately, which I assume was a pre-negotiation deal between the two. My point was more that if they valued them, they’d have bid and held onto them. Your point about the regulator not doing its job is spot on 👍

Channel 7 exposed as desperate and naive in cricket’s messy TV stoush

Still waiting for any evidence of what you’re claiming?
I take this issue extremely seriously and in recent weeks have spoken to mental health experts, the ACA and players about it. So once again, I urge you to go back and actually read it.

The tough call on Will Pucovski

Thanks for the considered comment, Josh

The tough call on Will Pucovski

Ah, so you haven’t read the article. Nice one 👍

The tough call on Will Pucovski

Appreciate the comment but that actually wasn’t my point. I said the prospect of months inside heavily restricted hubs will weigh on the minds of both medicos and selectors before making a decision.

The tough call on Will Pucovski

Sorry, which stars weren’t risked?

Choker tag’s short stay and the pay-off for patience: Five things we learnt from Australia’s UK tour

I get where you’re coming from but I don’t think moving Labuschagne or Smith down the order would solve the issue. They’re not power hitters who can clear men on the rope; more accumulators who pick up the odd boundary. As for Finch and Warner, you’d need a crowbar to prise them from the openers spots.
Re: Maxwell, I think he is the man in the latter overs. He has the second-highest ODI S/R of all time. His issue, of course, is that he doesn’t do it often enough

Stuck in the middle: Aussies uncertain ahead of ODI series

The thing is, shifting Labuschagne or Smith down the order won’t solve the problem. They’re not power hitters and I couldn’t personally see that working. Warner and Finch won’t budge from opening, either. The key stat to look at here is S/R, which Maxwell is second-highest of all time (here: His issue, of course, is that he doesn’t do it often enough.

Stuck in the middle: Aussies uncertain ahead of ODI series

Thanks for the note Paul, always value your input!
Yeah as I referenced, I think Langer sees number 3-6 as very much fluid. In the last T20 the Aussies played (against South Africa), Warner and Finch put on 120 for the first wicket so they bumped Wade and Marsh up and pushed Smith down. Conversely, if there’s a relatively early wicket Smith will always be 3. But yeah, the last 5-6 overs is ideal for Marsh.
Re: the broadcast rights, I think Seven are desperate to cut costs and seemingly have little to lose by going public. They’re not a long-term partner like Nine was and probably don’t feel the need to protect the relationship if they’ve already decided they won’t bid again come next rights negotiations. I’d be surprised if CA don’t offer a discount on rights like other codes have.

Australia’s UK tour takes on importance of a different kind

Erghh that old argument hey

Australian players weary, but there’s little respite in sight