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That is not a bad shout. He played mostly forward from what I could gather in the last practice game with Hawthorn but maybe defence is worth a shot.

The Billy Frampton mystery continues on the other side of Adelaide

Yeah understand where you are coming from. But a Coleman Medal or All Australian selection I think will be enough for Port to give Dixon a 2 year-deal on decent coin.

Charlie Dixon: The hype finally feels real

Those players might be in a different group. The ” Emerging Leaders” Group. 😁

Jasper Pittard: From Port outcast to North Melbourne leader

Pendles for skipper of that team!

Hugh Greenwood: From rookie to midfield mainstay

I don’t think crowds are an issue at all. Membership numbers and engagement are trending in the right direction. I think the issue is they are just playing poor footy.

Put the Port Adelaide back in the Power

Ken Hinkley is a genius. Miss finals 2 out of 3 years and not won a final since 2014. Despite being under contract for 2018 somehow managed to con a contract extension.

This is a club that has missed finals 7 of the last 10 years. The ethos and standards at Port Adelaide were destroyed a long time ago. Great history and a proud supporter base but the current team is one that lets them down more often than not and 2018 is starting to tread down an all too familiar path. ” We Exist to win Premierships” Nothing but marketing spin now.

Put the Port Adelaide back in the Power

I hope this weather clears up somewhat before the game. Absolutely awful at the moment.

Port Adelaide vs Richmond: Friday Night Forecast

Not a bad read. Unless there is a miracle Jimmy Toumpas and Jake Neade should be straight-forward delistings at the end of the season.

War chest a golden opportunity for Port Adelaide

Hope he does well. United talking up he is a hard worker which is great…. but they need a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis.

Which Dzengis Cavusevic have Adelaide United signed?

Hoping Everton can put up a decent showing against Liverpool. Might be a park the bus affair.

FA Cup third round preview

There was not much alternative in the end. The nature of that loss against Arsenal had to see action taken.

Ronald Koeman is under pressure

Some very good points raised. Schneiderlin is a massive concern for me at the moment. I am still not sure what he was doing for that Brighton goal.

Lookman is going to be an absolute star and he needs more of a taste now along with Davies.

Next few weeks will also be interesting, if Koeman is still there will he give Ross Barkley and opportunity if he proves his fitness.

Ronald Koeman is under pressure

I am more interested in getting correct news rather than fast news. I certainly find myself more disengaged with the mainstream media sources than ever before as a result.

The need to break stories leads to sweeping statements and news without actually telling us anything. ” Player will leave club x, but may stay” If there is nothing to report then don’t report it.

The Ken Hinkley situation is a prime example of people having no idea what was actually going on so making up versions of events then trying to justify reporting that was 100% incorrect.

I have no issue with opinion pieces if it is something I disagree with. Maybe it is my economics background but i like evidence, I like statistics and like some type of rationale for how an opinion is reached regardless if it is the polar opposite of mine.

But sensationalist commentary for the sake of it and then nothing else doesn’t really do it for me.

Why I secretly love being part of footy's bad hot-take media

Well written Josh. I still think Dangerfield needed a break with his foot injury so the suspension provides that.

Brownlow in danger of losing its meaning

I was not originally thrilled when the rumors of a Rooney return were doing the rounds mainly due to wages but I have warmed to the idea in the last couple of weeks and now I am genuinely excited.

Everton do not expect Rooney to be the messiah, he will be one of many additions to the squad who will all have a role to play for Everton to improve. He certainly still has something to offer and he might prove a few critics wrong along the way.

Is Wayne Rooney's return to Everton a triumph or a joke?

That was a brilliant read well done.
I had the opportunity to speak with David Noble for an hour or so pre-season and I really think he will do a great job. He and Fagan are well aware of the task at hand.

It was only a few weeks ago (before the Port game) I thought Brisbane were really trending in the right direction,. Despite losing matches the average losing margin had come right down. Obviously since then things have not gone all that well.

But there is enough evidence from other clubs that shows no matter how bad things seem, the wheel eventually turns.

The long path towards putting pride back into the Lions

The money from Gui Goujie has already made this venture a success for Port.

AFL set to break ground with Shanghai showdown

He is an absolute gun.
At the time I thought Port made a good choice a couple picks before picking up Mitch Banner. Didn’t quite work out that one.

Entering the Rory Realm in Adelaide

Whenever Everton play badly it seems Lukaku is the scapegoat.

Seven takes from the weekend of EPL action

I do no quite share the same confidence in Moyes. Not only due to current performances with Sunderland and Man United but also the stint at Real Sociedad in between that saw him get sacked.

You can certainly talk about lack of resources, players, owner investment and simple bad luck with injuries and poor referee decisions against them. But I think Moyes also has to take the fair share of the blame for the current Sunderland predicament.

Moyes will be the Black Cats' saviour

That was a great read.

The ugly side of the fourth estate

Great article. The Crows are the real deal and will be around the mark at the end of the season. Obviously form and injury can cause fluctuations but all being equal they will be contending. With that being the case I am not sure I see a sport for Scott Thompson in the best 22. For all the issues around midfield depth at the start of the year I think Cameron and Milera have really stepped up and they still have Brad Crouch to come back in.

While it is a good foundation for Port the key will be consistency. I think they might have a bit of a let down this week against GWS but should bounce back at home to Carlton. Injuries are an easy excuse to trot out at times but it has been a major issue. Not only Ryder and Polec back but Hombsch who missed most of last year is so important. I might be in the minority but I still think Matt White and Angus Monfries will have a role to play at AFL level.

September Showdown: Adelaide Crows and Port Power a finals football preview in April

It is only 1 game. But the last time Port played Sydney was in wet conditions in round 20 last year, Port only kicked 4 goals for the game and lost by 11 goals. So they will certainly take the result on Saturday.

Still a lot of work to do and I am still on the fence about whether they will play finals. But they certainly will not finish 16th which many experts seem to have them pegged in for.

Is the Power finally back on at Port?

He will eventually sign a new deal once the buyout clause is agreed.

Where to for Lukaku?

Butcher is certainly no star and the fact he was not picked up probably confirms his AFL days are done. But Port would have been better of keeping him. The strange thing is his second to last game at AFL level he kicked 4 goals. Then he kicked 1 goal against the Swans the following week and was then dropped. Kicking one goal might not sound like much but that was 25% of Port’s goals for the day. It was better output than Charlie Dixon!

The five AFL coaches under the pump in 2017