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I bow to your superior knowledge.

I wasn’t aware that the FFA had shareholders. You clearly have access to info not widely available

Once again, I’m sure all the changes happened with zero administrative support from the FFA – it all just happened in a vacuum, by osmosis.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

You were living in Eastern Europe when Gallop was appointed.

You won’t be aware that just prior to Gallop’s appointment, average attendances had nose-dived to 8,400. The A-League was on its knees.

In Gallop’s first year alone, they jumped by 25% and then by another 18% in his second year. We may never again see the likes of such boosts in attendances.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

His salary was nothing special when compared to the heads of other sporting organisations.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

I’m sure it all happened in a vacuum, by osmosis.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

No, that’s the most appropriate response.

Gallop’s reign was far from a disaster, and in fact, he ushered in some many positive things, including the current re-set of the governance structure.

Best of all, he negotiated a record-breaking TV deal which now looks like an absolute master-stroke.

The next person might achieve more, then again, he or she might achieve less.

There are no guarantees either way.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

We all make mistakes, but I’m one who looks at the positives.

It was Gallop who ushered in the Wanderers and the FFA Cup, and sealed a record lucrative TV deal. Looking at the complete collapse of TV ratings, locking Fox into such a lucrative long term deal now looks like an absolute masterstroke.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

When Gallop took over, A-League attendances were at the all-time low of 8,429, and the A-League was on its knees – I’m not sure how you conclude that it was about to catch the leading codes.

In Gallop’s first year at the helm, attendances jumped from 8.429 to 10.497 and the following year they jumped to 12,347. These are jumps of 25% and 18% respectively.

It is likely we will never again see such increases in average attendances.

Gallop actually saved Australian soccer from complete collapse.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

Thank goodness he returned from Eastern Europe to save Australian soccer.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

David Gallop has oversighted considerable change in Australian soccer.

He may well be remembered as its greatest ever administrator.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

UP to a few weeks back, St Kilda was still well in the hunt for finals, not sure why they would be mentioned in any discussion about priority picks.

Re the Suns, I’d be happy for them to get another first crack at any second tier mature footballer. It’s a great way to get such players into the system, and such players will be jumping out of their skin to catch the first plane to Surfers.

A priority pick for the Suns? Sorry, Saints first, please

Most teams follow a similar pattern of focusing on locking the footy in forward 50, although the Lions look a bit different.

Anyway, invariably it means putting huge numbers forward of centre to lock it in. If successful, you get a huge amount of ping ponging forward of centre and the goal square in a mass of bodies, if unsuccessful, you get two or three opposition players streaming forward and outnumbering the last line of defence.

Either way, getting so many numbers forward to lock it in and then stream back when the footy is lost requires huge amounts of energy, the ground is a bit bigger than a basketball court isn’t it?

This helps explain why things can open up in the final 20 minutes of a game, the players can’t sustain those defensive structures for the full 120 minutes, it’s physically impossible.

Footy is in a funk

These things can work out in an unpredictable ways.

Sometimes the 3rd generation has little to no interest in the birthplace of their grandparents, other times, the 3rd generation feels more attached to the old country than the 2nd generation.

New identity policy takes Australian football back to the future

The US womens soccer team has been the yardstick for nigh on 20 years now, probably longer.

They are the standard every other soccer team should aspire to meet.

I read this recently in the Dutch media, and it’s so true:

Nee jongen, voetbal is voor meisjes!

I am reminded of the end of The Lord of the Rings: the age of men is over.

When you play like the USA, you can say whatever you want

The biggest problem with an odd number of teams is that you have an extra mouth to feed but you are playing the same amount of games.

Like others above, I don’t buy the talent argument. When you create a new top tier team, that comes with new facilities, new coaches and an elite training environment, you create a scenario where those on the fringe of first team football can improve to reach the higher standard.

As a general comment, personally, in the AFL, I find 18 teams to be a lot of teams, it felt like, and still feels like, a very big jump from 16.

NRL expansion: What the NRL should do

Settle down Bt, I don’t hold much sway out there in the sports industry.

You have provided the reasoning why the women deserve equal pay.

USA untroubled against Netherlands to claim fourth World Cup

Anyway, unsurprising that the US was too good for the Leeuwinnen, who still did their country proud by making the final.

They have certainly made a splash back home, stumbled across this delightful meme:

Nee jongen, voetbal is voor meisjes!

USA untroubled against Netherlands to claim fourth World Cup

By conservatism, are you suggesting they should make decisions based on racial/ethnic considerations?

New identity policy takes Australian football back to the future

Given there were only four games for the round, they were extraordinarily low attendances.

State of Origin fatigue has officially set in

At Work
Even if it’s true thiat many people are from mixed ethinic backgrounds, why does that matter.

If you have just one Croatian grandparent, why can’t you still follow proudly a club called Croatia?

Shouldn’t clubs be allowed into the B-League on merit?

New identity policy takes Australian football back to the future

The Dutch have nothing to complain about, comprehensively outplayed.

Dutch fume as contentious VAR penalty helps USA clinch Women's World Cup again

I would vote for you if you ran as the pres of FIFA.

Football may be the world game, but we deserve better

I can recall during the 2010 WC there was a soccer fan site set up on the banks of the Yarra, and Collingwood’s Harry O’Brien and Daisy Thomas did a dribbling challenge against the Victory’s Adrian Leijer and Leigh Broxham (both recent Olyroos as the time). Harry and Daisy won the challenge with ease.

Will an independent A-League actually work?

Why shouldn’t South Melbourne return to its original Hellas name?

That’s the name they carry as the Oceania club of the century. They should be allowed to wear that name with pride.

Similarly, if the various Croatian clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra want to return to carrying the name Croatia in their name, they should be allowed to. Some of these clubs have grand histories and have been powerhouses in their respective cities.

Croatia Deakin Soccer Club, to this day, still owns a fantastic clubhouse and its own boutique stadium in the central suburb of Deakin, and have been great incubators of soccer talent, including such names as Ned Zelic, Ante Juric, Ante Milicic, NIkolai Topor-Stanley and Josip Šimunić.

The time has come for Australian soccer fans to stop feeling threatened by ethnic club names.

New identity policy takes Australian football back to the future

The US womens soccer team has stamped themselves as the best sporting team in the world. They have now won consecutive world cups, and four of the 8 womens WCs contested to date.

I hope they are successful in their current claim for equal pay, and let us hope that the Matildas follow suit in a hurry and get access to equal pay as well.

USA untroubled against Netherlands to claim fourth World Cup

Some amazing results this round, dogs in 12th and only one win out of the 8.

Also worth noting that despite games in Hobart, Gold Coast and Giants stadium, the AFL still managed average attendances of over 40k, which is extraordinary.

That’s off the back of learning that last year, the 18 clubs topped $1 billion in revenue for the first time in AFL history (that’s not counting an additional $500 million of undistributed AFL revenue).

Five talking points AFL Round 16