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Journalist. Formula One fanatic since 1998. Half of 'Hit the Apex' podcast - formerly known as 'J&B Talk F1', in association with Roar colleague, Jawad Yaqub. You can find us on Twitter @HitTheApexMedia and yours truly @BaydenJW. I also enjoy running - eleven marathons at last count, always looking ahead to the next one!

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It’s Daniel Ricciardo’s time

It's Daniel Ricciardo's time

2 days ago

Daniel Ricciardo commences his seventh full-time season and fifth with Red Bull at Australia this weekend.

McLaren’s paradox moment

McLaren's paradox moment

9 Mar 2018

Like a pendulum, the jury on McLaren’s post-Honda era is fluctuating daily, with sentiment leaning, somewhat inexplicably, towards the latter since pre-season testing commenced last week.

F1 preseason testing is all about optimism

F1 preseason testing is all about optimism

27 Feb 2018

Formula One’s off-season purgatory is finally over, and with preseason testing starting only last night, fans can remain optimistic that this will be the year their team and that their driver will hit the jackpot.

Alonso’s WEC commitment a step forward for motorsport

Alonso's WEC commitment a step forward for motorsport

2 Feb 2018

Fernando Alonso’s commitment to a full-time World Endurance Championship campaign is encouraging for Formula One and motorsport at large as the landscape shifts in the universally connected age.

Sergey Sirotkin the fall guy as Williams' devolution continues

19 Jan 2018

As easy as it would be to direct frustration at Sergey Sirotkin following the protracted confirmation that he will complete Williams’ 2018 roster, it’s the team that deserves derision.

Can Alfa Romeo partnership revitalise Sauber?

Can Alfa Romeo partnership revitalise Sauber?

1 Dec 2017

Alfa Romeo has returned to Formula One, though it remains to be seen whether its collaboration with Sauber will bear any fruit other than a convenient marketing opportunity for both parties.