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Journalist. Formula One fanatic since 1998. Half of 'Hit the Apex' podcast - formerly known as 'J&B Talk F1', in association with Roar colleague, Jawad Yaqub. You can find us on Twitter @HitTheApexMedia and yours truly @BaydenJW. I also enjoy running - eleven marathons at last count, always looking ahead to the next one!

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Mercedes’ frailties exposed at Silverstone

Mercedes' frailties exposed at Silverstone

11 Jul 2018

Mercedes’ veneer of invincibility is cracking as Ferrari continues to excel at previous Silver Arrows strongholds on the evidence of its remarks following an eventful British Grand Prix.

Structures become shackles at McLaren

Structures become shackles at McLaren

6 Jul 2018

The inevitable scalp from McLaren’s sustained malaise in the post-Honda era has been claimed, with Eric Boullier falling on his sword days ahead of the team’s home event in the British Grand Prix.

Midfield milestones galore at Austria bely differing off-track fortunes

Midfield milestones galore at Austria bely differing off-track fortunes

4 Jul 2018

As both Mercedes cars succumbed to mechanical failure in a Formula One race for the first time since 1955, three teams capitalised with dual points hauls, two of which came at milestone events – yet it’s the one which has enjoyed the most success in recent years that faces an uncertain future.

20 years an F1 fan

20 years an F1 fan

22 Jun 2018

The French Grand Prix returns to the Formula One calendar for the first time in a decade this weekend, though on a more poignant note, it coincides with the twentieth anniversary that this writer fell in love with the sport.

Judgement day approaching for Max Verstappen

Judgement day approaching for Max Verstappen

29 May 2018

As Daniel Ricciardo basks in the glory of victory at Monaco, teammate Max Verstappen returns to his Principality apartment lamenting another missed opportunity from an unforced error.

Circuit posturing F1’s new normal

Circuit posturing F1's new normal

23 May 2018

Formula One’s owner Liberty Media’s professed desire for “21 Super Bowls” is being tempered by multiple existing circuits seeking to exercise their right to renegotiate hosting fees.