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Yeah I thought this to myself when I was writing the article, I was trying to look for a fancy graphic that the Fox Footy Lab uses that was using numbers but perhaps illustrated the spread of his possessions and tackles but I couldn’t get a hold of one

Matt Crouch isn't a stat-stuffer, he's a star

Yeah that’s exactly right, there’s still time though! I would love to see him hit the scoreboard alittle more often but I can’t really complain with what he’s turning out at the moment either haha!

Matt Crouch isn't a stat-stuffer, he's a star

I’m aware that the inaugural Captain of the Crows is named Chris McDermott, just a typo!

Matt Crouch isn't a stat-stuffer, he's a star

I reckon they may well hold it all the way to Draft night, it’s a gamble but maybe they will like the asset for themselves especially if LeBron is to leave and head to Los Angeles

Kyrie Irving's trade a rare win-win

Yes i heard that also, a great athlete indeed. I feel like his rise from grade cricket to earning a spot off an established keeper in Tim Ludeman on his way towards the 50 dismissal 500 run milestone is only the beginning of what we will see from Carey! Cant wait.

The 2016-17 Sheffield Shield in review

Hopefully you’ll follow up your round 1 talking points with talking points from round 2 keen to see what you found also! Cheers lad!

EPL Round 2: Five quick takes and Round 3 predictions

Agree with your call on West Brom mate, they are doing very well and teams ought to show them a lot of respect if they are to better them this season. Yes Jese will be prominent for Stoke, if they could get Berahino and him working together in conjunction with Shaqiri and Arnautovic I would almost lock them in for top 10! Keen to see what they can produce. Got to feel for Matty Ryan I feel as though Brighton may be alittle helpless for this first few weeks hopefully they can find their feet soon to help relieve the pressure on their goal!

EPL Round 2: Five quick takes and Round 3 predictions

I agree with this article in the sense that I feel everyone rights them off too easily, fortunately when it comes to phoning the perhaps more “soughtafter” delisted players they offer a situation in which the player has an opportunity to impact the team while playing for one of the bigger clubs in the competition. Add that to the fact that many a player has been found to have immeadiate impact beyond pick 30 which gives confidence that their up and coming youth stocks aren’t doomed. Think Sean Darcy pick 38 or Lewis Young pick 49 or Jack Graham pick 53 even luke Ryan at pick 66. Hawthorn are in no way off the cliff yet and your research and articulate look into it has brought this to light, love your stuff!

Hawthorn’s off season won’t be as interesting as you might think

Couldn’t agree more with alot of these, especially sayers! It’s alittle disheartening to see him so often being left aside when selection comes around. Hopefully he just continues to take wickets so they don’t have a reason to ignore him! If you are to follow this article up with a preview of the new season I would suggest that a mention of Alex Carey making an even bigger impression this year wouldn’t go astray, kids a gun!

The 2016-17 Sheffield Shield in review

Love that light hearted fun, Masterstroke!

Lessons from Darwin ahead of Bangladesh

Love seeing that you have a bunch of Crows in there, especially the inclusion of Matt Crouch. I would hope that Sauce is rewarded with the ruck position as he’s a genuine warhorse when it comes to his workload and other contributions all over the ground! Clayton Oliver is a super talent but I feel he may just be held out by the panel trying to include another forward or backman on the flanks where they have previously just inserted midfielders that couldn’t make the midfield! That was met with some criticism in recent years so they may look to rectify that this year, ripping team though mate, love it!

Predicting the 2017 All Australian team

That he did mate! A couple of my mates are tiger fans and they are rapt with him! Certainly hopes he goes on to become something special for your guys sake!

Jack Graham has proven himself after just one game

Just waiting for Hawthorn to kick along and win by 40+

Carlton Blues vs Hawthorn Hawks: AFL live scores, blog

Crows fan here, pretty filthy giving that one away, but like alot of you have said this will give them something to hink about heading into september. Hope they lift, ripping game!

Adelaide Crows vs Sydney Swans Highlights: AFL live scores, blog

Yeah mate unfortunately a tough one, was able to save myself with War Baby at good each way odds

Silly Saturday: My bank builders

The concept of this idea is so so good and in reality you would love to see it, but you have to agree with Cat it would be a nightmare especially in melbourne. Im in Adelaide and yes the Oval is brilliant but getting to the ground through Public Transport is heavily overcrowded id hate to think how Melbourne would cope.

Does a Super Saturday Round 23 have merit?

Im always hopeful that Aish will still become alot better of a player than he is, he was dominating senior footy in the SANFL as a 16 year old and just didn’t seem to progress when he was drafted.

Is the 2013 AFL draft the next 'SuperDraft'?

All of these guys have fantastic potential to be instant contributors, now I might be alittle bias but don’t rule out Frank Nitilikina from the Knicks his game perfectly suits the triangle offence and I feel they’ll look to have him involved early. Has the highest star potential of the class but also the highest bust potential according to espn analytics

Post-draft predictions for the NBA All-Rookie First Team

I Agree im all for a team in Tasmania but i feel it has to be their own otherwise its most likely destined to fail. North Melbourne haven’t lifted a cup of late but hey have a lot of proud history and its only taken a year (since they were 10-0) for everyone to shun them away.

Why Kangaroos shouldn't make the hop to Tassie

Got a good feeling about the bombers tonight!

Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers highlights: AFL live scores, blog

Yeah i love the suns aswell, not the team I support but I’ve always kept a close eye on them since Steve Nash. I really like how he can balance out your offence, Chriss and himself really have that bounce and we know Booker can shoot! Hopefully you guys can find someone solid for that 10-15 ppg and then your offence could be rolling

NBA Draft: The Lottery's concise review

Cheers dude ill give that a listen! tbh dosent sound like an atrocious trade but Porzingis has to stay!

The Knicks must nail the draft: Here's how

Swampy i might be the last bloke in Australia who has any faith in this franchise but if they carry through with that im done with them. Dolan is just looking after his bank account dosen”t care what happens around him.

The Knicks must nail the draft: Here's how

Trade is perfect, i feel like Philly should chase an experienced former all star at the two or three just to make sure things run smoothly, their young talent is better than anyone else so it worth getting a player on a vet contract to help out those young fellas

Fultz to join 'The Process' in Philly

Jockeys coming in at a more mature and experienced age without any considerations for the weight claims spells more winners for our apprentices! Will Probably be great for racing.

Racing Victoria increase apprentice jockey age among changes