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Gfinity Elite Series Standings

Azad "topguN" Orami of the Sydney Roar. (Photo: Gfinity Australia)

These are the full Gfinity Elite Series standings for the 2018 season 2, which took place across seven weeks from Saturday, November 3 until Sunday, December 17.

The competition featured five weeks of league play, before a two-week finals tournament saw individual champions crowned in all three sports.

For Season 2, Melbourne Order triumphed in CS:GO and Street Fighter V, while the Sydney Chiefs emerged champions in Rocket League.

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Gfinity Elite Series standings

CS:GO Rocket League Street Fighter V
Pos. Team W/L Pos. Team W/L Pos. Team W/L
1st Perth Ground Zero 4-1 1st Brisbane Deceptors 4-1 1st Melbourne Order 4-1
2nd Melbourne Order 3-2 2nd Sydney Roar 3-2 2nd Melbourne Avant 4-1
3rd Melbourne Avant 3-2 3rd Melbourne Order 3-2 3rd Sydney Chiefs 3-2
4th Sydney Chiefs 3-2 4th Sydney Chiefs 3-2 4th Perth Ground Zero 3-2
5th Sydney Roar 2-3 5th Perth Ground Zero 2-3 5th Brisbane Deceptors 1-4
6th Brisbane Deceptors 0-5 6th Melbourne Avant 0-5 6th Sydney Roar 0-5

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