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A healer main with too much to say. Just wants everyone to have fun.



Hey Dave, it’s a long time coming and I have no idea if you’ll see this message but I know an esports Cafe that is new in Sydney called First Round Esports. Good luck!

Why you should watch Overwatch Contenders

It is HUGE in Asia especially South Korea and has been for quite a while now – but we are picking up here now too. Some schools in America have started offering scholarships much like you’d see with other sports and we do have a training facility here in Sydney now – but yeah, our net is always going to hold us back in the current form. I have no doubts that esports will continue to grow here but we are definitely held back by infrastructure.

World of Warcraft's Jeramy McIntyre explains how the esport has grown

In the meantime maybe check out my article on Rocket League. It’s not super indepth but it is one of the easier esports to understand. WoW is one of the trickier ones in my opinion.

World of Warcraft's Jeramy McIntyre explains how the esport has grown

Sometimes, in practice mode, I manage to get a goal.

Find esports confusing? Rocket League could be your ticket in

Sombra is already pretty useful especially with her ultimate but she’s very situational. I think this means she’ll be chosen on a bigger variety of maps maybe? She can’t contest objectives while in stealth anymore which is a lot of what she’s used for though. Hard to say as more changes are coming.

Overwatch's newest Hero explained

How do you think you’ll go without the auto lock? Anything that kills a genji is alright with me.

Will Symmetra ever be viable?

I am so terrible at her the OP-ness feels incredibly unfair as it seems limited to everyone but me 🙁

It’s fine. This is fine.

How to deal with Brigitte

watching it right now and daaaaaamn is she op right now.

Everything you need to know about Stage 4 of Overwatch League

Hey Ando!

I agree it’s very cool and kind of exciting to see esports cropping up on more traditional sporting websites. Feels like proof of how far we’ve come! Also isn’t it crazy people still play 1.6! If it ain’t broke.

Key Overwatch terms explained

It definitely seems like most players at a pro level stick to their wheelhouse of dps/tank/heals but I think as a more casual player having a broader pool makes things a lot easier. Matching with randoms is tough if you can’t pick up someone from each category. Plans to go pro anytime soon?

Overwatch teams explained

I mostly play healers so probably Lucio. I really like his movement abilities he gives me cool Jet Set Radio vibes. Moira and Zen would follow. I really like watching cool Widowmaker plays though.

Overwatch for beginners

I actually adore Logitech mice and keyboards so I’m ok with this!

Gfinity Elite Series to commence in May; Logitech announced as major partner


It’s crazy how much some people are earning from video games at the moment and you’re absolutely correct! I know for people unfamiliar with video games watching someone else play doesn’t really make much sense. It’s like watching a sport without knowing any of the rules and never having seen a ball. – It’s very cool that you’ve taken as much of an interest as you have 🙂

The unpredictability of Overwatch League

He’s young – Hopefully he’ll learn something… eventually.

The tricky issue of etiquette in esports

That’s a really impressive improvement! Well done!

Three things I learned to improve my game from watching Overwatch League

They have really great individual players but seem to have trouble getting it together as a team. Maybe stage 1 helped with that. They also have two new players and xQc back – I think that’s really helping them.

Everything you need to know about Stage 2 of the Overwatch League

It’s not for everyone 🙂

Splatoon 2 is the esport you're missing

Yeah 2 Million on a home console in Japan is the record.

Splatoon 2 is pretty much splatoon 1 but more refined. They’ve done a really good job. Also salmon run is a PvE horde mode which is tonnes of fun to play.

Splatoon 2 is the esport you're missing

They also require the teamwork and planning usually associated with a lot of sports. They’ll try various plays from different positions in different roles. I think they’re closer to sports than anything else, hence the moniker.

Esports are just as social as traditional sports. Here's why

Oh boy, me too buddy.

Esports are just as social as traditional sports. Here's why

Having played a fair chunk of CTF now and before I can say the new mechanic to stop draws has definitely helped. I remember old CTF ended in mostly draws and I haven’t had one yet this time around.

Will the new changes make Overwatch's capture the flag mode work?

Right! Dynasty were so on fire in the first few weeks and the distance they’ve fallen is incredible. One of the commentators was saying that their captain isn’t very good at disciplining his team but I feel like it’s got to be more than that. Very curious to see what they bring for the next stage.

The Overwatch League is about to get interesting

She was definitely too necessary a pick and needed to be changed. I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) getting to see more Lucio plays. His mobility is so cool and fun to watch + environmental kills. I might also be a Lucio main… so a little biased here.

The Overwatch League is about to get interesting