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Footy. It’s back. Welcome.

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Six months have passed since Richmond won their eleventh VFL/AFL flag at the MCG last September, and now 17 other clubs will be out to ensure they don’t repeat as premiers in 2018.

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The Essendon Bombers and Richmond Tigers are traditional rivals, playing in the important Dreamtime at the G round, but if they merged, the starting 22 would make for intriguing reading.

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Are these rare insights or the ravings of a madman? Only a season will tell.

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On top of the unique achievement of retaining every player who played in the 2017 premiership, Richmond currently has seven of their eight top 100 all-time matches played leaders competing in Round 1.

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Adelaide were a dominant force through much of 2017, renowned for posting big scores in commanding wins. They were frequently referred to as clearly the best team of the year, a comment that went unquestioned among most.

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After the Western Bulldogs fairytale of 2016, no-one could have predicted that something so special could have been not just matched, but surpassed, a mere 12 months later.

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For the second year in a row, the best team of the season fell at the final hurdle. For the Adelaide Crows, the manner of the defeat could define it for a decade. Or it could be a minor footnote in a storied premiership.

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Seventeen AFL clubs are faced with a scary prospect after Richmond completed their pre-season series – Dustin Martin and the reigning premiers can get even better.

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Match result: The Richmond Tigers showed no signs of any premiership hangover in their final JLT Community Series match, thumping North Melbourne by 70 points.

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The 2017 Adelaide Crows were like a gifted prizefighter, capable of beating teams with flurries of combinations thanks to their sublime footwork and fast hands.

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It was a war that should never have happened. A war that saw one club bankrupt and the other on the brink of extinction.

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Richmond have started their 2018 much the same way they ended their 2017 year with a big win against the Bombers in the JLT Series.

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Match result: Richmond have started their 2018 much the same way they ended their 2017 year with a big win against the Bombers in the JLT Series.

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Fresh from a victory in the last game of the year, the Tiger Army is as rampant and rapturous as it has been in a generation. But will the bubble burst as fast as it was inflated?

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If you want to win a game of AFL football, is it better to grind your opponent down by getting the little things of defensive pressure right every time, or blow them away with big, bold strokes of unbeatable superstar play?

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As the JLT Community Series approaches, speculation continues to mount about how Richmond will look to defend its premiership crown.

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It is fascinating to think that every game of AFL football every week is adding to the rich history of a league that will have been around for 122 seasons when the first game for 2018 gets underway in 39 days.

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In this third and final part I will be going through the AFLX line-ups from the clubs playing on the second night of games at Allianz Stadium on February 17.

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We love to banter and argue in pre-season, but when all is said and done, the question of “who’s going to be better?” is at the heart of every debate.

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